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Delayed ejaculation in men is as serious a problem as too rapid ejaculation, and therefore the question of how to finish quickly is no less relevant. At its core, this disorder has similar causes to delayed ejaculation in women.

But a girl needs to meet many conditions to get an orgasm, while a man just needs to stimulate the sensitive head of the penis. What if the stimulation is not enough? Look for the root of the problem.

Causes of delayed ejaculation

In medicine, the term “delayed ejaculation” means a very long quality sexual intercourse, which still ends in ejaculation. A similar concept is anorgasmia – a condition when there is a full erection, a man has sexual intercourse, but neither physical discharge (orgasm) nor ejaculation occurs.

Both situations relate to disorders of the reproductive system and usually occur under the influence of a psycho-emotional disorder. In addition, the causes of delayed ejaculation include:

  • weak sexual constitution;
  • increased control of well-being (obsession with orgasm);
  • disorders of the nervous system;
  • taking certain medications.

The last two factors are physiological, that is, requiring some intervention in the health of a man. The fact that the pills prescribed by the doctor can cause such disorders is explained by the instructions for the use of the drug, and the specialist himself usually warns of such a side effect. Most often, the problem disappears on its own, as soon as the course of treatment ends, and there is no longer a need for drugs.

If long sex is due to increased excitability of nerve endings, such a diagnosis requires a detailed examination. With this disorder, delayed ejaculation is not the only sign of violations: the guy is too aggressive, easily irritated and angry because of little things, twitching of the eyes and limbs and similar pathologies can be observed.

With such symptoms, it is necessary to contact a neurologist and undergo an examination that will establish an accurate diagnosis and help correct the situation.

Psychological factors

In most cases, the problem is in the head. As statistics show, people complain about a delay in orgasm in such cases:

  1. Obsession. A man once encountered this phenomenon and with each subsequent sexual contact seeks to prevent a recurrence of the situation. As a result, constant thoughts: “Will I finish on time?” – they do not allow you to relax and enjoy the process, pushing back a pleasant moment.
  2. Fear of becoming a father. The fear that a partner will be able to get pregnant subconsciously prevents a man from ejaculating.
  3. Intra-family conflicts. If a guy has cooled off towards a woman, or a quarrel has occurred in a couple, this can reduce sexual attraction to each other.

There are a lot of other psychological reasons as well: the fear of being caught, children or relatives sleeping in the next room, problems at work, a fight with a friend – all this also affects a man’s ability to achieve orgasm.

But the phenomenon is considered a problem if the situation is not isolated. That is, if long sex happened for the first time, you should not get upset and aggravate the situation with constant thoughts about it. But with repeated repetition of problems with orgasm, it is better not to refuse the help of a specialist.

Psycho-emotional factors play a big role in the sexual life of partners. A man may not even be aware of many of them, so visiting a sex therapist and psychotherapist will be of great benefit.

What should the representatives of the stronger sex, faced with this problem, do? First of all, see a doctor. Only a specialist will help to identify the true cause of the disorder that has arisen. If the root of the problem lies in the health of the reproductive system, medical (and sometimes surgical) treatment will be required.

But overcoming “psychological” blocks can be dealt with on your own, or you can involve your beloved woman or a qualified specialist in this.

Key Recommendations

There are many recommendations on how to finish faster. Which way to choose – each man decides for himself. But you should start with an analysis of the situation.

If the delay in ejaculation arose for the first time, you need to remember what happened during the time between the last and the penultimate sexual intercourse. If serious stressful situations arose in the interval, or health problems bothered you, most likely the reason is in them. Therefore, rest or a change of scenery will be the best medicine.

Often, after a failure, men are worried about a possible repetition of the situation. You can approach the process more seriously and change the tactics of behavior in bed:

  • try to strain as much as possible, feel all the muscles of the pelvic floor;
  • slow down breathing, if possible, hold it (a minute of rare, superficial breaths, then 20 seconds of holding the breath);
  • increase concentration on your own feelings.

Sometimes, to solve the problem, it is enough to change the usual position or choose the one in which the stimulation of the genitals and erogenous zones will be maximum. Accelerate orgasm and an environment that allows you to relax or tune in a playful way.

It is very important not to think about the upcoming orgasm, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. The sexual act should be perceived as a game from which you need to get physical and moral pleasure. The fact that orgasm is not achieved does not detract from the merits of the process, because it gives a lot of pleasant sensations without ejaculation.

A man who wants to speed up a pleasant moment must definitely know the positions in which he achieves maximum physical contact with his partner. So, not to finish for a long time (if the problem does not lie in serious pathologies of the reproductive system) does not work in such positions:

  • knee-elbow;
  • man behind;
  • man from above.

But it is advisable to refuse the “rider” pose: in it you will not be able to control your feelings and movements, and there is also a risk to relax as much as possible and forget about self-control.

IMPORTANT!!! All three positions provide tight compression of the penis by the vagina and its maximum entry into the woman’s womb. And additional stimulation will be provided by the friction of the inguinal zone on the partner’s buttocks.

You can provide additional stimulation with your hands, ask your partner for oral sex, but only if such movements are pleasant for the guy and give him vivid emotions and exciting sensations. Otherwise, the stimulation will not only not work, but will also cause irritation, which can lead to loss of erection.

All these rules and tips will have an effect only in one case – the partner does not suffer from physical ailments that slow down orgasm.

If these tips are not effective enough, you can try to help the body with herbal remedies that improve spermatogenesis. But they should be appointed by a qualified specialist and only after examinations that will help to understand why the problem arose.

When specialist help is needed

There are a number of psychological barriers that cannot be overcome without the help of a doctor. Usually these are childhood and teenage traumas, a negative first experience, low self-esteem, and the like. In such representatives of the stronger sex, delayed ejaculation occurs at the first sexual contact, while masturbation always ends with profuse and bright ejaculation.

Guys who were brought up in families where intimate relationships were considered something dirty and indecent turn for help. Such men, having sex, experience a range of conflicting emotions that affect the ability to achieve orgasm. An important role is played by the first sexual experience, which is rarely successful in young men.

In addition to the conversation, in which the cause will be “extracted” and spoken out, the sex therapist will also talk about methods for overcoming the problem. The most commonly used is to gain the trust and understanding of a partner. The patient is asked to learn to satisfy himself in the presence of his beloved woman: this greatly strengthens self-confidence and helps to relax during sexual contact, forgetting about disturbing thoughts.

A woman plays an important role in solving the problem of late ejaculation. If there is no harmony and feelings, trust and understanding in a relationship, intimacy will not be bright, will not deliver the expected pleasure. In this case, the best solution would be to change the partner. A girl who can not only understand her man, but also by her actions will help him get the highest pleasure – this is the best cure for the disorder that has arisen.

Often the fear of being seen by children, parents or other people does not allow to achieve relaxation. The thought that someone will “get caught doing this” does not allow you to concentrate on your feelings and get an orgasm. The exit will be a place where no one will disturb, this will allow you to enjoy each other.

Long sex is not always bad: it is often the only way to achieve joint orgasm with a partner, since women are always a little behind in bed.

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