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What is ejaculation

The ejection of seminal fluid from the urethra in men is called ejaculation. This process accompanies a full-fledged sexual act or other forms of sexual activity: masturbation, blowjob, wet dreams, etc.

But sometimes a man is faced with the fact that ejaculation does not occur or happens too quickly, there are also situations when a guy has finished without an erection. Are these phenomena pathological, and what treatment do they require?

What is ejaculation

What is the rate of ejaculation? This is a complex physiological process, the correct implementation of which involves the parts of the spinal cord and brain. The concepts of ejaculation (or evacuation , as many young men mistakenly pronounce) and orgasm are closely related, but they are different processes.

The physical and moral pleasure derived from ejaculation is an orgasm, but both phenomena occur simultaneously. Before finishing (that is, getting a physical, physiological and moral release), a man experiences tremendous excitement due to stimulation of the head of the penis and its trunk.

Stimulation is carried out with the help of frictions – movements of the penis in the woman’s vagina, mouth, hand, etc. As soon as the excitement reaches its highest point, ejaculation and orgasm occur. After ejaculation, the penis becomes softer, as the blood drains from it, resulting in a decrease in erection.

The eruption of the seed can also occur uncontrollably, without foreplay of the penis. This phenomenon is called pollution and is typical for adolescents during puberty. Pollution occurs at night and disappears with age.

Almost every third man faces certain violations of this process. The most common of these are anejaculation , i.e., orgasm without ejaculation, and premature ejaculation, before orgasm occurs.

Premature ejaculation

The situation when ejaculation occurs prematurely has several predisposing factors. If the phenomenon is of a one-time nature, the man quickly forgets about it, attributing the “nuisance” to the partner’s fatigue or inexperience. With repeated situations, self-doubt, anxiety and fear of sex arise, which negatively affects both the psychological state of a man and his physical health.

In many cases, the problem is present only in the head of the stronger sex. According to medical canons, if sexual intercourse lasts more than one and a half minutes, it is complete, and ejaculation after this time is a completely natural event.

Special cases include situations when the beginning of the outpouring of the seed occurs before the introduction of the penis into the vagina, and ejaculation half an hour after intercourse. Such cases require mandatory medical consultation and a thorough examination of the patient.

It is up to each partner to determine if there is a problem. To do this, you need to calculate the number of frictions : the outflow of sperm should occur no earlier than after 30 movements. If this number of frictions cannot be sustained, the problem is present and requires medical treatment.

Types and causes of premature ejaculation

Doctors divide the pathology into several types:

  • primary, in which the problem is present from the first sexual intercourse of a man;
  • secondary true, i.e. specific pathology;
  • secondary symptomatic as a complication of other diseases of the patient.

The main reason for the primary pathology is too high sensitivity of the head of the penis. In such patients, arousal and ejaculation can occur without their direct participation: the head rubs against tight underwear, which provokes the process.

Treatment in this case is not required, it is enough to wear the right clothes, use lubricants that slow down the process of physiological orgasm, use condoms that reduce sensitivity.

Secondary symptomatic pathology develops as a result of inflammation occurring in the organs of the urinary or reproductive systems. In this case, the alternation of a full-fledged sexual intercourse and intercourse, which ended with early ejaculation, is characteristic.

Also, “quick” sex can cause pain, burning and itching in the perineum. Treatment is determined by a specialist and usually includes antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. As soon as the primary factor is eliminated, intimate life will be restored.

Very often this phenomenon is caused by psychological disorders. A psychologist or psychotherapist will help to establish them, whose consultations will certainly form the basis of therapy.

Physiological factors of early ejaculation

The secondary true pathology is the most difficult to treat, because the phenomenon is due to the peculiarities of the physiology of the patient’s body. In addition to the sensitive head, early process can lead to:

  • short foreskin of the penis;
  • trauma of the lumbosacral spine in history (spinal cord injury);
  • osteochondrosis;
  • inflammatory processes in the organs of the reproductive system.

Often the patient’s irregular intimate life becomes the cause of the problem – the male and female bodies need a stable sex life, while the lack of sexual activity leads to the appearance of many diseases, and not only in the small pelvis .

Brain malfunctions also often provoke early “failure”, and treatment in this case requires a long and difficult one.

Usually physiological factors are eliminated with the help of medical or surgical treatment. Only the attending doctor can prescribe it, having previously examined the patient and established the true cause of the disorder that has arisen.

Therapy necessarily includes conversations with a psychotherapist, since a man’s morale is very important for successfully overcoming a problem.

The second common pathology is anejaculation

The situation when a man has no ejaculation is not uncommon. This process is influenced by many factors:

  • Unhealthy Lifestyle;
  • overwork and emotional “burnout”;
  • abuse of bad habits;
  • malnutrition;
  • diseases of the reproductive system.

IMPORTANT!!! One-time events do not cause anxiety in a man, because in this way he can prolong sexual contact and deliver more satisfaction to his partner. But over time, anxiety builds up, and the problem is aggravated by psychological factors, often destroying the life and family of the patient.

Turning to a doctor, a man can hear a diagnosis – anejaculation . This is a phenomenon in which there is no ejaculation not only during intercourse, but also during other types of sexual stimulation of the penis.

The main types of this disorder

According to the medical classification, the detected pathology is divided into three types:

  • primary;
  • secondary;
  • complete.

Primary pathology occurs as early as adolescence and is characterized by the fact that with wet dreams, ejaculation is possible, but not with a full sexual intercourse. At the same time, the patient’s sexual desire is preserved in full, there is a healthy erection, the patient is able to experience moral discharge.

Secondary pathology occurs in representatives of the stronger sex at different ages, and up to a certain point, such patients have not encountered similar phenomena. It is possible to achieve ejaculation, but for this it is necessary to make additional efforts on the part of the man himself or his partner.

The most difficult type of disease is the complete absence of sperm. This may be due to both primary and secondary types of pathology.

All three forms have their own specific symptoms. So, in the primary, a weak orgasm and falling ejaculation are observed. Usually, with this pathology, the release of ejaculate occurs in the bladder, which is due to an anomaly of the urethra. In the secondary form, orgasm is also present, but the patient practically does not feel it.

The reason should be sought in the pathology of the seminiferous tubules, which arose as a result of the development of certain diseases. The full form of the pathology is characterized by the fact that there is no ejaculation as a result of the absence of the seminal fluid itself in the body of a man.

Reasons for the development of anejaculation

Doctors divide the factors contributing to the development of this phenomenon into two types: physiological , due to the state of health and the anatomical features of the structure of the patient’s body, and psychological , which are sometimes more difficult to identify.

As the main physiological problem that prevents a man from having a full-fledged sexual contact, doctors identify anomalies and congenital pathologies in the structure of the organs of the reproductive system. That is, in the process of developing a baby in the womb, certain components of the genital organs were not formed in him, or their structure was disturbed.

As a result, the seminiferous tubules are absent or are impassable, which does not allow sperm to flow out. The next reason is retrograde ejaculation: a pathology in which sperm does not enter the urethra, but inside the bladder.

Also, the appearance of pathology is due to a number of diseases and injuries of various parts of the patient’s body that disrupt the full functioning of the reproductive system. These include:

  • injuries of the lower back and sacral spine, which led to violations of the sensitivity of the penis. This phenomenon often occurs during operations performed on the ridge or other parts of the inguinal zone;
  • violation of the integrity of the organs of the reproductive system directly: stab and lacerations, burns, exposure to low temperatures, strokes, poor-quality operations, etc.;
  • untimely cured or neglected infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, which caused severe complications, including anejaculation . Sexually transmitted diseases and pathologies of the endocrine system fall into the same category;
  • intoxication of the body caused by the abuse of alcohol, drugs, long-term drug therapy in the treatment of serious illnesses (oncology, hypertension, depression, heart and vascular diseases).

Psychological factors for the lack of ejaculation

The causes hidden in the patient’s head are the most difficult to detect, and the harm from them for the whole organism is very strong. Many diseases, including ejaculation disorders, occur against the background of constant stress, nervous overexcitation and overwork, which doctors call psychological exhaustion.

Depression and long-term moral disorders can also disrupt the healthy functioning of the reproductive system.

A special place in the psychological causes is occupied by relationships with a partner. Tension, quarrels and conflicts, ridicule by a woman of the size or skills of her man affect his self-esteem, attitude towards sex and women in general. Often the restoration of trusting relationships becomes impossible, and the best way out of the situation is to change your life partner.

A man’s attitude to sex is greatly influenced by his early sexual education, as well as the knowledge gained in adolescence. Often too strict religious or puritanical upbringing instills in the child negativity and fear of sex, which directly affects his physical abilities and health.

Coitus interruptus, which many couples use as a means of preventing unwanted pregnancy, does not have the most positive effect on the health of a partner. Such inhibition of natural processes can become irreversible and lead to anejaculative infertility.

Usually, physiology and psychology are intertwined, so the treatment of ejaculation disorders always includes both medical treatment (and, if required, surgical treatment) and psychological assistance.

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