What are penis lubricants

Sometimes there are problems in the sexual life of couples. For example, insufficient moisture in the vagina. An intimate lubricant for the penis will help here.

Sometimes there are situations in which there is no opportunity or desire to buy a pharmacy product, then the question arises: are homemade recipes for making moisturizing intimate products suitable?


The main task of the lubricant is to moisturize the vagina when it is dry. Not every time or not all women secrete a secret when aroused, then, in order to avoid pain, it is necessary to use a synthetic gel.

The use of gel products during an intimate act allows you to avoid injuries that may occur during dry sex and add pleasant sensations to both partners. They can be used not only in classic vaginal intercourse, but also in varieties of sex. Lubrication becomes a good help during anal contact.

Basically, their composition is safe, does not cause allergic reactions, but the perception of a woman does not exclude the appearance of itching or irritation of the vagina. Some contain antiseptics, which are able to protect against infection to a small extent.

There are gels with a smell or substances that warm up the intimate organs of partners for even more excitement. They can be considered one of the additional ways to diversify the sexual experience.

Lubricant for sexual contacts

At least once in her life, a woman has found herself in an unpleasant situation when, before intercourse or even during it, she ceases to produce natural moisture. This can happen due to fatigue or nervous strain. Because of this, it may be difficult to penetrate the penis into the vagina and get pain instead of pleasure. Men are more fortunate, but sometimes dryness can bring them an unpleasant sensation.

In addition to discomfort, microscopic wounds and cracks may appear. Through them, infections enter the body. If the relationship with a man is trusting enough, you need to discuss the issue with him before starting sexual contact. Using intimate gels to moisturize the genitals will soften the friction and impact on the vagina or penis.

Not every woman will decide to share with her partner that instead of an orgasm she gets pain and an unpleasant feeling. Absolutely do not be shy to tell a man about your feelings. Many men are unaware that their partner experiences discomfort during intercourse instead of pleasure.

Use for oral sex

Lubrication for oral sex is needed in the same way as for vaginal penetration. Even active salivation can stop for some reason, and oral sex will bring discomfort to lovers and the same microscopic injuries.

There are lubricants that have a pleasant taste and smell, you can choose them to your taste.

anal sex

In anal intercourse, the use of a lubricant is very important, since the muscles of the anus are very tight, and for many couples such contact gives the highest pleasure. The anus cannot be considered as elastic as the vagina. During penetration, you can get discomfort and injury.

Another plus of using a lubricant during such intimacy is their bactericidal properties. The rectum is the passage of the body’s waste products, and even after an enema, bacteria do not become smaller there. Moreover, the infection will be much easier to penetrate into the body of a partner if there is a microtrauma. An intimate gel is also needed at the moment when you need to adjust the time of sexual contact – speed it up or, conversely, slow it down.


The difference starts with the base, which can be water or silicone. Silicone gel is best used for anal sex or water intercourse. For example, in the shower. It does not dry out longer and is not washed off so quickly. The water base works well with classic sex. Many manufacturers have lubricantsthat guarantee an antiseptic effect.

If a person leads an active intimate life, often changes partners, gel products can save you from many consequences. Their price has risen recently, but protection from sexually transmitted diseases is worth it. Of course, the lubricant will not protect the body, but the risk of infection will decrease.

There are gels, which include components that improve blood circulation in the genitals, warming them up. For many couples, this helps to reach orgasm faster than usual. There are lubricants , which, on the contrary, have cooling properties. This can be an outlet for those who quickly come to an end in the form of ejaculation.

How to choose

There are lubricants that can be used for any kind of intercourse. It is necessary to take into account the characteristics and tastes of the partner. You should not save on the product, as cheap analogues can harm the health of both. Do not use Vaseline. Although it is the basis of many lubricants , in its pure form it violates the microflora of the female genital organs.

Is it possible to use a lubricant prepared at home

The use of such moisturizers gives only a slight stimulating and friction-reducing effect. Therefore, it makes no sense to rely too much on this species.

The most important thing is to choose components that partners are not allergic to. You can check this by applying a small amount of gel on your wrist. If after half an hour there is no reaction, you can safely use homemade lubricant .

Lubricants for sex are an important part of the sex life.

There are more ways to diversify intimacy, but many of them require preparation.

It is important to take into account such an important factor as the release of secretion by the sexual organs of the partner. You can buy a lubricant without a doctor’s prescription at any pharmacies or large supermarkets.

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