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Benefits of using anesthetic condoms

Today, the male sex often faces an unpleasant problem in the form of premature completion of sexual intercourse. There are several ways to deal with this deficiency. One of them is the use of anesthetic condoms.

Manufacturers of such contraceptives claim that their product can cope with premature ejaculation. In this article, we will understand what long-acting condoms are, their advantages and disadvantages, and also tell you about the important aspects of using this special type of contraceptive.

Anesthetic condoms are contraceptives made from latex and have a special liquid on the inside walls. The most commonly used to delay ejaculation is 3% benzocaine . This component reduces the sensitivity of the penis, which allows you to increase sexual intercourse. The liquid begins to act a minute after putting on the condom and continues to function for 10-15 minutes.

Important! It is necessary to ensure that the component does not get on the outer walls of the contraceptive. In this situation, the sensitivity of the vagina will decrease. In addition, exposure to benzocaine can cause various ailments in a woman.

Anesthetic condoms that prolong sexual intercourse should not be used for oral sex, as there is a possibility of the substance entering the oral cavity. Such an outcome is highly undesirable.

Benefits of using an anesthetic condom

This means of prolonging sexual intercourse has its advantages:

  • simple and clear way of application;
  • an increase in the duration of sex by 40%;
  • help in 90% of cases to prolong sexual intercourse.

However, there are also negative characteristics:

  • it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions so that the liquid does not get on the outer walls;
  • prolonging the time of sex, in rare situations, penis numbness or lack of ejaculation occurs;
  • if you use the remedy often, then satisfaction from sexual intercourse may disappear;
  • allergic reactions are not excluded;
  • when the use of prolonged condoms is stopped, the duration of a man’s sexual intercourse is again reduced.

Important! In addition to the above factors, there is a different effect in different partners. Some couples are delighted with the experience of use, while others have rather negative impressions. This fact makes it difficult to make a final and accurate verdict about anesthetic condoms. The best option would be to purchase a small package and personal samples.

Condom brands

Many manufacturers of this type of contraceptive put a special label on the packaging.

Most often, the designation is the inscription Long Love. On the territory of Russia, such products are found by several manufacturers:

  • Contex ;
  • Durex;
  • Ganzo ;
  • Hussar;
  • Hansaplast .

Important! It is recommended to purchase and use products only from the above manufacturers, since these companies have been on the market for a long time and have proven themselves only from the best side.

It is not recommended to use cheap analogues. This ban is due to an increased risk of allergies.


Prolonged anesthetic condoms should not be taken as a panacea for premature ejaculation. Of course, they are able to deal with short-term sexual intercourse, but using this tool all the time will not work.

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