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What to say during sex

Many underestimate the importance of the words exchanged between partners during sexual pleasures. But often a phrase thrown by a woman inadvertently can excite a man much more than naked charms.

  • Do intonations and words really affect the human nervous system?
  • What phrases can be exciting for men and women?
  • What to say during sexual contact with a partner?
  • Is it normal for a partner to talk during sex?

How can words be aroused?

A hint of sexual contact can be achieved not only with one word, but with quite ordinary phrases, but spoken with the right intonation. An offer, said in a whisper or with a slight hint, can excite much more than the most depraved striptease.

It happens that girls spend too much effort to bring their beloved to a state of readiness for carnal pleasures, however, they miss one important detail: it is enough to say a few necessary phrases to make the process go much faster.

The secret of how to properly arouse a man for sex is that all words should be without a touch of falsehood or overacting. Sentences should sound natural, without pretentiousness. The nature of statements can be absolutely anything: bright and passionate, depraved, naive and timid, with foul language.

You can say all the phrases in a gentle whisper, and defiantly loudly. The choice depends only on the preferences of the partner to whom all the words are directed. As mentioned above, everything should look natural, not feigned.

Offers can be very different, and their choice depends on the individual preferences of a man: on what turns him on sexually.

What should be exciting phrases

The choice of the moment when the phrases will be pronounced is also important. If you start pestering with ambiguous phrases at the wrong time, then this can only cause irritation and laughter from the opposite sex.

But what do you need to know to understand when this moment has come? This can only be felt by realizing that at the moment the partner feels free and liberated. It should not be loaded with household and other problems. It is then that any phrases will sound most natural and be perceived properly.

To catch such a moment, of course, is not always possible. But you need to try to get away from everyday worries and completely surrender to feelings and emotions, then all the phrases spoken will have the most exciting effect, while the natural voice does not need to be changed.

Men have one feature – to hear sexual overtones where it may not be. Even in the most ordinary phrase – “let’s go, let’s get down to business”, a man can detect ambiguous overtones: his eyes will passionately moisten, communication will become detached. This will mean that a wave of excitement is already overtaking him.

sensual conversations

What exactly turns men on in conversations?

What will affect a man in ordinary communication may depend solely on the personality of the partner. Some vulgar phrases can be embarrassing and make you blush, and some will be persuaded to speak frankly. Some need to whisper rude and depraved words, while others will be excited by a simple and innocent proposal.

Some young ladies believe that all men are the same: it is enough for them to hear a phrase said in a thin voice, like: “Oh, dear, I am without underwear today,” and the man will instantly have a firm erection and a desire to take the lady to bed. However, this doesn’t work for everyone. Therefore, first of all, you need to study a man as best as possible, find out all his subtleties of character and preferences.
However, all exciting options can be divided into several groups of conversations. So, what can you talk about to turn a man on?

  1. Praise his external virtues, character traits and other compliments. Many men are very turned on by the way their girlfriend begins to praise him and admire his muscles or sexual organ. Of course, everything is individual, but all the same, a man is pleased to hear compliments addressed to him. You just need to remember: in order not to cause feelings of suspiciousness and distrust, all compliments must be sincere.
  2. Recall past moments of intimacy and describe them to a man. For example, say: “Remember, last week you kept me so amazingly late for work!”
  3. With your phrases, you can make a man show his imagination. For example, say: “Imagine that we are alone on the beach, the waves are rustling, I slowly take off my swimsuit and no one can stop us!” You can say what experiments you would like to conduct in bed. For example, talk about your desire to play teacher and schoolgirl. Again, you need to remember the mood of a man so that he perceives everything adequately.

Name the man you love

It is important to take into account the fact that such phrases and proposals should go in the format of a dialogue, then there will be no awkward silences and bewilderment. And if a man picks up a word game, then you can definitely enjoy the situation completely.

But not only a calm dialogue can be successful. Some men lose their heads from how a woman is hysterical, rebellious, rude and in every possible way shows a fiery character. From such concerts, he wants to take her and calm her down. Annoyed and angry women are very exciting men.

Each person needs an individual approach, but not everyone will like the whispering of vulgarities. But innocent tenderness will have an amazing success!

What kind of words can excite?

Based on the research of sexologists, there are certain phrases to which the brain of a man reacts with a special excited surge of the hormone of pleasure. And if you use such words, you can quickly reach the goal in excitement.
Word list:

  • bed;
  • bed;
  • enjoy;
  • pleasure;
  • body;
  • to want;
  • passionately;
  • excite;
  • caress.

Topics for exciting phrases

These are the main words. The list can be supplemented with your own special words that are meaningful only for a particular situation. But such a list is enough to make an exciting phrase, for example, “Do you take care of your body the way I do it? Care for him, caress him?

All words and phrases spoken to a sexual partner should sound sincere and natural. Otherwise, they can cause confusion and irritation.

Talking during sex

Another category of phrases, sentences and words refers to those who talk during sex. After all, it is absolutely not necessary to be silent while the process of sexual intercourse is taking place, it is enough just to moan softly. To fully satisfy all the senses, you need to use the organs of hearing. Making sounds during sex and showing your emotions in every possible way is, of course, very good, but some conversation during sex can have a good effect not only on a man, but also on a woman.

What would be appropriate to talk about in bed? What is the best thing to say to a woman, and what to a man?

How can words add passion to sexual contact? So, in order for sex to turn out to be passionate and bring pleasure to both partners, you need to take care not to say too much, but to insert those very necessary phrases.

During sexual intercourse, it is best to speak in short sentences, and only on the topic of sex and caresses.

Phrases spoken in bed by a woman

A girl in bed can think about anything, but the biggest mistake will be questions that are not related to sexual intercourse. For example, it is absolutely not worth asking a man about when he will get new shoes or a coat. Also, do not come up with overly pompous and long sentences that need a long and intelligible answer. This can be left for the partner’s arousal process. It is also a mistake that a girl tells during sex about extraneous things, about her girlfriends or plans. Therefore, all that can be said is short phrases and sentences.

Many women make some mistake in composing nicknames for their men, calling them affectionately, like “bunny, cat, baby, baby.”

Let’s get down to business

In ordinary life, this can work well: men are thrilled and relaxed from this. But in bed, a man feels like a warrior, a hunter, a winner and, above all, strong, and not a “baby”. Therefore, it is better to turn to a partner with the words – “my lion”!

On the female side, it will be correct to say guiding phrases to regulate sexual contact, for example, to inform about the approach of orgasm. So the phrase will look appropriate: “A little slower, so, good!” or “Kiss my breasts, you like it!”, “Enter me deeper, sharper!”, “I love sucking your cock so much, come on, I’ll do it!”.

With such phrases aimed at performing actions, a woman stimulates a man.

It’s not bad for a man to not be shy about saying what he likes, whether it’s dirty, exciting vulgarities or just suggestive phrases for action.

Phrases spoken in bed by a man

The female brain is a strange thing. As you know, women perceive words much more subtle than men. They can be turned on even by the most unobtrusive phrase, so men should try to find the key to their partner in order to guess what she will get the most pleasure from. Therefore, if a man talks during sex, he must do it in such a way that the woman “loves him with her ears.”

First of all, any woman loves to be admired. This is especially important in bed. Compliments about her beautiful breasts, sexy thighs, silky hair, how good she is in bed – that’s what will bring real pleasure.

And in no case should you mention minor flaws like a pimple or extra wrinkles. All this can be left for another time, but not during sex.

It is important to treat a woman with respect and affection, then you can get the most amazing pleasure. For example: “What a sweet and hot pussy you have, I just want to enter you as soon as possible!” or “Your chest is divine, let me kiss it!”.

I want you

Some young ladies can start a tough and vulgar attitude and conversations. But before using such a game, you need to make sure that the girl is not offended by this, because some take rude appeals too close to their hearts. Therefore, obscene words and obscene sentences must be handled carefully and on occasion.

IMPORTANT! Compliments and admiration – that’s what helps both partners feel more confident during sex!

As in the advice for girls, men should also try to voice their desires during sexual contact. For example: “I so want to enter you from behind!”, “Lick my penis with your sweet lips!”. Such proposals will not only be able to diversify the sexual intercourse, but also add spice to the relationship. Do not limit your imagination!

If there is a desire to experiment with dirty expressions, then it is best to ask your partner directly about how she will react to vulgarities. If she agrees, then you can try throwing phrases like: “I want to spank you, you are a bad girl!” or “Suck my dick as deep as ever!”

Thus, we can conclude that each couple talks during sex and can develop certain code exciting phrases and words for themselves.

You can, of course, use what they say during sex, and other couples before it, but still, each individual will have an individual excitement. If a partner talks during sex, this feature can be channeled into a positive and pleasurable channel.

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