What kind of transparent mucus is secreted in men at the time of arousal?

Pre-ejaculate comes out of the urethra of almost all healthy men, this is normal. You need to panic if its quantity, color or consistency has changed. Let’s figure out what stands out in men when excited.

Why do men lubricate?

Many people know that a woman literally flows with excitement. She secretes a natural lubricant that helps prevent cracks in the vaginal mucosa during intercourse. In men, nature has provided a similar mechanism – at the moment of complete excitement, a few drops of lubricant appear from the urethra.

It performs several functions:

  • suppresses the acidic environment in the urethra;
  • moisturizes her ducts, preparing for the passage of sperm;
  • prepares the urethra for the free flow of seminal fluid;
  • destroys bacteria.

seminal fluid is released in a small amount, it is not enough to lubricate the penis for better sliding into the vagina. Therefore, in the absence of a sufficient amount of discharge from a woman, use lubricants .

A pre-ejaculant increases a man’s ability to conceive. It is a component of sperm that increases the resistance of sperm to the acidic environment of the vagina. If the Littre and bulbourethral glands do not secrete enough of this fluid, then the guy’s chance to conceive a child is reduced.

What are the normal discharges?

The amount of lubricant released directly depends on the degree of arousal of a man. If sexual desire is strong, then its maximum amount comes out of the urethra. Normally, there is very little liquid – about 5 ml.

seminal fluid looks like , what it is:

  • transparent;
  • without smell;
  • without lumps and other inclusions;
  • viscous;
  • released without pain or discomfort.

The consistency of the lubricant can change. With repeated sexual intercourse, before ejaculation or insufficient hygiene, it becomes cloudy and more viscous. After 1-2 days, the appearance of fluid in a healthy man returns to normal.

When is discharge considered abnormal?

If you notice that the lubricant from the penis has changed its consistency or smell, then the reason for this may be the activity of pathogenic bacteria. This process is usually accompanied by symptoms:

  • discharge from the urethra appear during the day, regardless of excitement;
  • pain when urinating;
  • unpleasant odor from linen or the liquid itself;
  • the formation of mucus in large quantities;
  • yellowish or greenish pre- ejaculant color ;
  • third-party inclusions in the lubricant – clots, blood or others;
  • change in consistency to a thicker or liquid.

If you notice such changes, you should immediately contact a urologist, as this may be a sign of a developing infection.

Classification of pathological secretions

According to the composition of the selection are divided into several types:

  1. Mucopurulent : consist of the secret of the glands of the reproductive system, a small number of leukocytes and serous fluid. This type of fluid most often forms at night, yellow spots appear on the underwear, and pus is released before morning urination. The reason for the changes is the activity of bacteria: ureamycoplasma , chlamydia, Trichomonas.
  2. Purulent: consist of urethral epithelial cells, leukocytes and serous fluid. They have a strong smell and a thick consistency, they come out in drops that remain on the underwear. Such discharge from the penis is characteristic of gonococcal urethritis, which appeared against the background of gonorrhea and chlamydia.
  3. Hematorrhea : droplets of blood appear in the lubricant. They indicate an injury to the mucous membrane of the urethra. Often this appears after visiting a urologist and taking a smear for analysis, or after installing a catheter to drain urine.
  4. Spermatorrhea: A man expels seminal fluid randomly. The process occurs against the background of reduced muscle tone of the vas deferens. The condition occurs in a chronic inflammatory process.
  5. Leukocytic urethrotorrhea : Leukocytes are present in the lubricant. They appear at the moment when the inflammatory process proceeds in the exudative phase. The causes of the condition are called damage to the mucous membrane of the urethra of one of the types: thermal, mechanical, chemical or viral.

Scanty discharge is difficult to notice. They appear if you press lightly on the urethra. Such a lubricant in men dries quickly, forming a film on the head and blinding the lips of the urethra.

The main causes of pathology

The first thing a man is checked for with pathological discharge is sexually transmitted diseases. They are more likely to lead to urinary tract infections. A venereologist or urologist can accurately diagnose after an examination, obtaining the results of pathological fluid samples and several tests.

Venereal disease

Sexually transmitted diseases develop against the background of unfavorable microflora. It settles on the walls of the urethra, enters the glands and organs of the genitourinary system. The reproduction of pathogens leads to their spread throughout the body, the appearance of symptoms.

Diseases can be caused by pathogens:

Type of microorganism The ailments it causes
bacteria · gonorrhea; · syphilis; mycoplasmosis; · lymphogranuloma ; inguinal granuloma; · ureaplasmosis; · chlamydia; soft chancre.
Viruses molluscum contagiosum; · HIV; · herpes; most strains of the human papillomavirus; condyloma.
Fungi Candidiasis (thrush).
parasites phthiriasis; scabies.

It is necessary to determine the type of pathogen in order to properly prescribe treatment. Symptoms of diseases can be similar, therefore, therapy cannot be started without examination and laboratory tests .

Self-medication or improperly selected drugs lead to the fact that the disease becomes chronic. It will be difficult to completely get rid of it.

Other reasons

If you do not have sexually transmitted diseases, then you should look for a problem in the reproductive system. most often problems occur with prostatitis. With it, instead of a pre-ejaculant , prostate secretion can be released in large quantities. It is similar to the lubricant that appears at the moment of arousal. The inflammatory process increases the amount of secretion produced by the gland, as the body tries to maintain its reproductive function. The fluid helps preserve the functions of the sperm.

The reasons for excessive discharge can be:

  • inflammatory processes occurring in the reproductive system;
  • hypothermia of the body;
  • allergic reaction;
  • injury to the penis, chemical or physical.

Transparent mucus from the urethra also performs protective functions. Periodically, the body produces it in large quantities to restore the mucous membranes of the urethra. This happens after probing, taking a smear for analysis or installing a catheter.

An increase in clear discharge during ejaculation is a symptom of infertility. Do not let everything take its course, visit a doctor to get rid of the pathological process.

How is diagnosis and treatment carried out?

Hypersecretion can be a problem for a man. With it, linen gets dirty, unpleasant sensations arise and plaque forms on the head. If you are faced with this trouble, you must urgently contact a urologist. He will establish the cause of the increase in secretions and talk about ways to help get rid of them.

A healthy man needs to visit a doctor every 6 months for preventive purposes. Do not hide the existing problems at the reception, as this can lead to complications.

Diagnosis of changes in the nature of the discharge occurs according to the general plan:

  • Analysis of urine;
  • blood test for sugar, infections;
  • smear.

The liquid itself must be examined visually, and then its biological composition must be established. To do this, the doctor may, during the examination, lightly press on the head to get it out of the urethra. A drop of liquid is applied to the glass and transferred to the laboratory.

If the etymology of the man’s condition is not clear, then additional studies may be prescribed: special urine tests, radiography, ultrasound of the prostate. They help clarify the diagnosis, find the cause of the changes.

When the volume of excretion in men increases during arousal, antifungal agents or antibiotics should not be taken, considering this condition as a sexually transmitted disease. The medications taken will blur the clinical picture and it will be more difficult for the doctor to establish a true diagnosis. Only a urologist can prescribe a course of therapy and give recommendations after an examination and examination.

Is it possible to get pregnant from a pre- ejaculant ?

It has been medically proven that male lubricant contains a small number of spermatozoa. For conception, it is enough that only one of them reaches the egg. Therefore, it is recommended to use a condom from the very beginning of frictions . Otherwise, there is a high probability of becoming pregnant even with interrupted intercourse or if you are protected only before ejaculation.

With repeated intercourse, the number of sperm in the lubricant increases, so you need to use a condom from the very beginning. If you do not want to use it, before the second contact, thoroughly wash the remaining semen from the head and urinate.

A high probability of conception is present in the middle of a woman’s cycle, since at this moment ovulation occurs and the uterine wall opens. Spermatozoa during this period, even without the nutrient medium of the seed, easily get to the egg. On the remaining days of the cycle, they quickly die, as there is inappropriate acidity in the vagina.

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