Vagina lift or vaginoplasty. Who needs such an operation

Increasingly, plastic surgeons offer not only to change facial features, but also to correct the genitals. A vagina lift is gaining popularity among women. What is this procedure, how is it carried out? And can surgical intervention be replaced by other methods of correction?

Who does vaginal plastic surgery

Vaginal plastic is a complex surgical procedure . They have been doing it for several decades in various clinics. But earlier it was carried out only when a pain syndrome occurs or when the patient’s normal life is disturbed, today it is advertised, it is offered to be done to women for aesthetic purposes. Colporrhaphy is necessary for prolapse of the uterus, with a strong prolapse of the walls of the vagina. Such symptoms do not allow to lead a normal life, so the intervention of a surgeon is necessary. But more and more often operations are done to “improve the body”, and this is not justified. The risk of interference is too great. 

Why do plastic surgery

Many patients get a vagina lift just to be able to live a normal life. If after childbirth there is an improper healing of wounds, displacement of organs, this has to be corrected. In this case, the lady does not get pleasure from sex, feels constant pulling pain, is not able to play sports. Sometimes there are problems with urination and defecation, and only plastic helps to restore the required functions.

But colporrhaphy also helps to narrow the opening, which leads to more pleasure during sex. Allows you to grip the penis more strongly during intercourse. And this is what attracts hundreds of women.

But it is always important to understand that surgical intervention carries great risks . And before you go for it, you should try alternative methods that do not pose a threat to health. 

Laser rejuvenation of the vagina

The beauty parlors promise to stimulate the walls of the vagina and activate collagen production. With the help of a special laser, they act on the walls of the vagina, which improves blood circulation, restores muscle tone.

The procedure is delayed. The effect occurs in 2-4 weeks. Sometimes it is only noticeable after a few visits.

Laser exposure is safer than surgery . It is shown if the goal is only aesthetic. If there are no major changes in the location of the pelvic organs. And before deciding on the procedure, you should contact your gynecologist . The doctor should be financially uninterested in carrying out such an action, and it is he who will say whether it is worth doing in a particular case.  

Simple restoration of tone

If there are no serious complications, if a vagina tightening is just an attempt to correct the body for the sake of “ideal shape”, then you should use not a laser or scalpel, but a regular Kegel simulator. Exercising with it will restore muscle tone, improve blood circulation and help prevent dozens of women’s diseases.

The simplest Kegel trainer is vaginal balls . Exercises with them will allow even after difficult childbirth to restore the vagina, improve sensitivity. But complete rejuvenation will take 2 to 6 months. Vaginal balls are affordable. Their cost is from 1000 rubles, which is several times cheaper than vaginoplasty. At the same time, their use is safe, does not bear any risks, and is not associated with a difficult recovery period. 2-4 workouts per week with such a simulator will allow you to get excellent results. Modern ball models that are synchronized with a smartphone turn every activity into a game. And it’s interesting and simple. And most importantly, it is suitable for women of any age. If there is no medical indication for surgery on the vagina, then it is better to refuse such an intervention and start practicing with a vaginal simulator. The effect will be noticeable, but the process is not traumatic, but pleasant. 

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