How to become a sex blogger?

The blogger’s success always depends on the chosen topic. And sex bloggers are few in Russia today. People are not always ready to discuss such sensitive issues. But it makes the niche very attractive to the brave. How to talk about sex without hesitation? How to make a successful sex blog that allows you to make money?

Theme selection

Any blog starts with choosing a topic. And “sex” is a good decision. Since many adult stores today are happy to start cooperating even with beginners. Advertising of intimate goods is prohibited in the country, so promotion often takes place through social networks. And sex bloggers are supported in every possible way.

There are many ways to talk about sex. It is important to tell a young audience about anatomy, first sexual experiences, self-determination. Educational content is essential in Russia, as sex education is not taught in educational institutions. There is a more adult audience who wants to learn more about sex experiments, revealing sensuality. They already know the basics, they are more interested in how to talk about sex with children, how to diversify their usual sex, how to have more pleasure at any moment. Sex is a very multifaceted topic. It is associated with psychology, physiology. And you can choose a narrower area where there are no bloggers at all. And it will help you get ahead quickly.

How to become a successful blogger

There are two types of content that make a blogger successful. These are useful and entertaining content. If you combine them correctly, it will turn out interesting. Finding balance is the main task. Bloggers today work at different sites. You need to choose your own, make materials just for it.

  • Instagram. Looking for beautiful images and short notes. 
  • Yandex Zen. Long, useful materials. 
  • YouTube. Videos of different lengths. Completely different genres are suitable. 
  • In contact with. Various content, including videos, texts. 
  • Facebook. Various content. Mostly photos, texts, videos. 

There are many more sites that publish materials. Studying successful channels will determine the form of content. And you can combine several directions at once, this increases engagement.

You need to study the topic. The more new information, the higher the professionalism. There is a lot of talk and writing about sex today. There are special courses and you can even get a sexologist education that will help make your blog brighter. But there is another way – personal research. The story about their own experiences is also very interesting to viewers and readers.

Interaction with the audience. You should always seek contact with your subscribers so that they regularly see your content. Polls, games, contests are an important part of a blogger’s job. You need to learn how to engage the user so that he is happy to communicate with you.

How to promote your site

Promotion methods for each social network are different. There are ads everywhere , but the format can be different. It is important to understand that 18+ content may not always be advertised. There are limitations on the topic, but they can be circumvented. Announcement by other bloggers. Other experts in this area are ready to help and tell subscribers about new bloggers. Barter, paid posts – all this can be negotiated. Mutual PR without payment. Other bloggers can talk about you in exchange for advertising their sites to your clients. You need to select people with similar coverage. Mentioned on television, radio, in the meticulous media. This is a great way to get ahead at no cost. And she should not be missed if the chance comes along.   



How to make money for a blogger?

Blogging is not easy. But if you manage to create a unique channel, it brings good income. The path is real, it is accessible to everyone. And in everything becomes even easier. The store supports sex bloggers by offering them unique terms of cooperation. The affiliate program is available even for beginners, and it guarantees a 15-20% payout on any sale made through your channel. Even a beginner blogger can make money!

Being a blogger is fun and profitable. And the sex theme is perfect for promotion. According to statistics, today only 6% of adults in Russia use sex toys. In Europe, 60% already buy these products. The audience will gradually increase, and it will be bloggers who will contribute to this.

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