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Vitamins for men: food or pharmacy?

Many men today are passionate about a healthy lifestyle. They go to the gym, try to follow the diet and give up bad habits. However, the modern rhythm of life often becomes a cause of overload for the male body, and this is not so much physical work as emotional stress and overwork. In such conditions, the man’s body actively consumes resources, including vitamins, and due to food it is often impossible to cover all needs. Chronic deficiency of these substances can lead to diseases, including by reducing immunity. Should I take a multivitamin, whether it will be useful special complexes for men?

Healthy lifestyle: what do they understand by it?

Often, men perceive the concept   healthy lifestyle   only as a rejection of bad habits and such nutrition as fast food, fatty and fried foods, high-calorie foods, plus regular exercise. Of course, this is a large part of a healthy lifestyle, but not all. It also includes health care with regular visits to the doctor, full prevention of various diseases, both somatic and infectious. A very important rational mode of the day, protection from stress and control over the full provision of the body with all the necessary nutrients. And with the last point sometimes there are difficulties. Modern nutrition, which is positioned as healthy, full and natural, is often unable to cover the growing needs in certain periods of life, for example, in vitamins and minerals. And often, even leading a healthy lifestyle, consuming a large amount of fresh fruit, a man does not receive all the components he needs.This is due to a change in the rhythm of life, in comparison with past centuries, and the very composition of products.

Why food does not cover expenses?

Men are increasingly busy today not with hard physical labor, but with intellectual activities. They move less and spend calories, they do not need as much food as past generations to cover nutrient requirements. Accordingly, with a smaller amount of nutrition comes and less vitamins, the volume of which in the body in the conditions of modern life should be increased, since they are spent more actively.

And the food itself has changed. Fresh vegetables and fruits became available all year round, but the conditions for their growing and storage predispose them to the fact that they decrease the amount of vitamins and minerals. The most useful fruits are grown in their traditional terrain and in the open field without the addition of stimulants and chemicals, but they are available in summer and autumn. In the remaining periods, the fruits sold in the markets and shops fully cover the deficit.   of vitamins   can not. If the diet is rich in dense food, and there are few fresh fruits in it, the deficiency of vitamins is felt even more acutely.

Vitamin deficiencies and diseases

Most men prefer meat and fish dishes, and salads and vegetables in different cooking options for them – insignificant food. And this is their mistake, since it is impossible to cover vitamin deficiency with the help of animal products, about 300-400 g of fruit and vegetable products are required per day for proper digestion and prevention of diseases. If it is less, gradual formation of hypovitaminosis is possible. Vitamin deficiency to the extent that it causes specific diseases, such as scurvy or hemeralopia, is extremely rare today. But the minimum vitamin security or vitamin deficiencies are common, and due to the stress of metabolic processes, they can contribute to certain diseases.

The first thing that comes to mind with regard to vitamin deficiency is a decrease in immunity and frequent catarrhal diseases, but this is not the only problem. Vitamin D deficiency is a matter of bone strength, vitamin A – vision and skin and hair problems. With a lack of vitamins of group B, the work of the nervous system, blood formation, and the exchange of hormones may suffer.

“Male” complexes of vitamins: why are they special?

The special complexes for men which are on sale today, promising increase of muscular strength, endurance and potency, in reality are not much different from any other. Is that the price tag. For men’s health requires a complete set of vitamins in their daily dosage. To make the complex “masculine”, they are sometimes added separate minerals that positively affect metabolic processes. But it can have a similar effect and the standard complex of vitamins, without the “male” component in the title. The balance of incoming compounds is important; they must cover the needs of the male body, while not leading to side effects and an overdose of fat-soluble components. They should not be taken all the time, there are certain preventive regimens.

Who needs it and when: weakening of immunity, stress, overload

By the way, according to some researchers, taking multivitamins can be a kind of addiction. From food, then these substances will be absorbed more difficult, because the body gets used to their subsidies in a pure form. If the instructions are violated, large doses of drugs are used, ostensibly to improve the effect, it threatens with nausea, allergies, immunity is disturbed and signs of overdose appear. Such situations are likely if the vitamins are drunk for several weeks in a row without a break. Such harmful recommendations can sometimes be found on the Internet.

Multivitamins are not necessary for all men. Usually, taking multivitamins is recommended for men who do not lead a healthy lifestyle, are exposed to unhealthy habits and severe stress, with a lack of exercise, if immunity is reduced and frequent colds. But in this case, it is worth anticipating taking multivitamins in consultation with a doctor. He will not only assess the state of health and identify possible pathologies, but also correctly select the necessary complexes that are useful in this particular situation. It is not necessary to be conducted on the advertising trick of “male” drugs, there is nothing special in them, it is possible to take the usual, low-cost complexes. A standard multivitamin course is 2 weeks of intake followed by a monthly break. Then you can repeat another two-week course.

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