What are the consequences of an early sexual relationship?

The age at which girls and boys should begin sexual life, each determines for himself. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think carefully before starting, because the problems that may arise due to early sexual relations, we also decide.

Twenty years ago, the first sexual experience in girls occurred somewhere in 18−20 years, now – in 13−15 years. The reason for this is acceleration, unhealthy relationships in the family, and coercion on the part of the partner.  

Although you need to understand that having an interest in sex life is not a reason to start it. A girl, even very physically developed, at the age of 13 remains a teenager. She has not formed either the endocrine or the reproductive system. 

Practicing doctors, obstetricians and gynecologists are best aware of the consequences of early sexual relations, unplanned pregnancies, the number of which among minors is constantly growing. There has also been a rapid increase in the incidence of sexually transmitted infections, AIDS and viral hepatitis.

Early pregnancy is a severe stress that will subsequently affect both the psychological state and sexual relationships. This is a fear of parents (how can they tell about this?), And a fear of being alone, and unrequited love, if a guy remains aloof from her problems, and uncertainty about the future. If a girl has an abortion , there will definitely be psychological problems that must be solved with the help of an experienced psychologist. The girl will subconsciously fear that pregnancy may never occur after an abortion – and this, of course , will also affect her sexual behavior. Statistics say that 25% of women after the first abortion have difficulty conceiving. No less experience and those who are afraid once again to get pregnant from an unreliable man. There can be no talk of any pleasure in bed here.    

It makes no sense to convince someone of the need for sexual education of youth, it will help to avoid so many troubles, help maintain overall health, and, above all, reproductive health. Syphilis is 5 times more common among girls aged 14-17 years old than among boys, and 2 times more common between 18-20 years old. This indicates that girls earlier than boys enter into intimate relationships, and with partners much older than them.

Unfortunately, in many families with teenage children it is not customary to talk about family planning, preventing an unplanned pregnancy, the consequences of early sexual relations, including sexually transmitted diseases. I completely disagree with this and I think that, first of all, parents should engage in the sexual education of children. Only parents, having their own wide experience, can easily and objectively tell their children about the dangers and benefits of sexual activity.

If parents do not dare to start a conversation on this topic, there are social programs to cover this topic. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine, for example, has developed a program for students in grades 8–11 of secondary schools. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is based on the questions of adolescents themselves. Among the main topics: human psychology and physiology, anatomy and physiology of the female and male reproductive systems, the psychology of family relationships, marriage law, etc. 

I hope that this program will help many people not to make the mistakes that they may regret.

event_note March 31, 2020

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