What is cardiostriptis or strip fitness?

Everything in our beautiful world is constantly changing, transforming and forming, and sport was no exception. Various kinds of sports have arisen and improved, and there have appeared those that it was impossible to imagine before. Among them are striptease or striptease fitness, strip aerobics, sometimes this kind of sport is also called cardiostriptease. Well, tell me, which of you have not seen a striptease? And who did it … 

This is what we’ll talk about. Imagine, after in the morning you got up, washed and put yourself in order, you begin to perform all sorts of erotic pa. And there is nothing funny here. Although it’s really difficult to try to imagine your husband’s face if he looks into the room at that moment. And we won’t, better then somehow arrange for him an enchanting performance-seduction. Just try to dance after all, in spite of the golden mountains that you will immediately begin to give. 

And now let’s figure out what gives us such an exotic sport that is becoming more and more popular. Now there are a huge number of books devoted to this burning topic, many stars captured their beautiful forms on video, so that simpler mortals would be easier to learn all the wisdom of this dance. Perhaps there is no such sports club that would not offer such a wonderful service to its wonderful visitors. And why?  

If you carefully follow the professional dancer, how she moves, what movements she performs, much becomes clear. Here you will need the strength of the hands, at least in order to pull yourself up on the pole, and the strength of the legs, and flexibility, and stretching. It becomes obvious that there is a uniform load on all the muscles of the body. If the hair had muscles, and they would be trained.   

At the same time, to achieve amazing results, you no longer have to pump the muscles of the press a second hundred times or pull all sorts of pieces of iron in the gym. You will no longer need to calculate what other biceps or triceps you need to give a load. It’s easy and dancing, if you wish, you can also have a good time (but in this case it’s better to yourself, but not out loud), moving in the rhythm of modern melodies, every woman can become better, more beautiful and sexually attractive. 

Legs, arms, abs are trained (it becomes so seductive), posture is developed, without it it will be quite difficult to walk, and even more so dance in n-centimeter heels. If someone has sedentary work and often has a backache, I can please them, and this incendiary dance will be useful for you. You will have to bend over, bend over, bend during the dance so many times that any, even the weakest, back will become flexible and trained. I’m not talking about that graceful gait that will constantly give you away on the street, and about the treacherously proudly upturned nose, and the smile of the lady of male hearts …

The only drawback of this sport, however, like any other, can only be called the need for regular training. In no case should you follow your laziness, saying that “today at work I was just tortured, there is no strength.” If they really tortured you, it’s not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of moving beautifully to beautiful music. But you will not only be satisfied with your figure, but also proud of your willpower. And how your beloved person will be proud of such beauty, I won’t even speak! It is better to verify this yourself through an investigative experiment. Such an inspiring result is achieved not only through training, but also due to the fact that once having allowed yourself to dance such a dance, you canceled all your complexes, enslavement and self-doubt. Here in the morning, going to work, count how many people you will meet, walking with their heads held high. They can be easily seen against the background of all the other homo sapiens, which, it seems, will soon fall simply from the severity of the problems that have fallen on them.

And what could be more beautiful than a beautiful woman confident in her spell? But isn’t that what we all achieve by torturing our wonderful body so that the Holy Inquisition did not even dream of this? Bringing your body to panic with depleting diets? So let’s better learn to love ourselves, our wonderful body and show this world what we are all the same worth. Go, beauties! The scene is waiting for its heroines! 

event_note March 28, 2020

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