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What are the sexual phobias

here is such a thing as sexual fears that can poison the intimate life of partners and interfere with the realization of basic sexual desires. Let’s consider some options for the causes of such phobias, and how to cope with a dangerous mental problem. 


Sexual phobias are a mental condition in which obsessive, unreasonable feelings of fear appear associated with sexual problems. This state is expressed by a very high mental and emotional stress, often leading to a defensive reaction. A person can come up with a wide variety of excuses to avoid sexual intercourse. Such fears can lead to a complete rejection of sexual contact. 


The main cause of sex phobias is aggression from partners or even sexual perversion (various manifestations of sadism). Such aggressive, non-generally accepted actions about sex can cause various types of phobias in a sexual partner with normal views on intimate relationships. These fears will become a kind of defensive reaction to unhealthy sexual relationships in a couple. 


Types of sex phobias 

• The most common sexual initiation phobia affects 11% of patients. This is the fear of first sexual contact. • Fear in men for their potency is called medomalacuphobia . As a rule, the fear of impotence appears in the male half of humanity after 40 years. • Fear of family sex life in general – gamophobia . • Excessive fear of losing virginity can lead to vaginismus. Such fears make it impossible for a woman to have any vaginal penetration. • Fear of the naked body, both your own and your partner. Such a fear is called hymnophobia and is caused by an inferiority complex, dissatisfaction with one’s body, its beauty. • An intense fear of pregnancy and childbirth is called tocophobia . Often it is caused by the once heard stories about unsuccessful childbirth or their consequences. • Misophobia is the fear of contracting some kind of sexual disease. • The fear of wet dreams is called oneyrogmophobia . • Fear, dislike and disgust of naked genitals is mexephobia . • Parthenophobia is the fear of chaste girls by men. • From what the partner has a fear of female sexual delights, experts still have not figured out. This phobia is called vaginophobia . • Fear of an erect male member is itifallophobia . • The fear of even just talking about sex is called erotophobia .


Fears can appear suddenly and gradually intensify, last from several minutes to several days. And in such situations, it is important to separate isolated experiences from serious phobias. It is worth paying attention to systematic fears when they interfere with normal life and sexual, as well. Knowing the main signs of an unhealthy condition will help in this. • Denial of even the thought of sex; • Fear of undressing in front of a partner; • Sexual nightmares; • Feelings of fear, panic, shame or horror from their own excitement; • Unreasonable aggression towards a potential partner; • Fear, fever, discomfort with insignificant tactile contact (touch, hug, kiss) with a loved one; • Fear at the thought of sex and pregnancy despite legal marital status. Such sexual problems are very serious abnormalities. Do not be ashamed of them and try to cope alone. This can lead to negative consequences for both you and your loved ones. Your further treatment and recovery will depend on how quickly you see a specialist. 

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