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What Your Sexual Fantasies Say

Psychologists and sexologists believe that our erotic dreams are direct signals from the subconscious. The veiled messages of our inner self can tell us a lot about our true desires, needs and inclinations. Knowing how to interpret your sexual fantasies, you can effectively and expediently use them for more excitement, or vice versa – relaxation during the period of abstinence. This knowledge will help you comprehend your true sexuality and fully satisfy intimate needs. What information do you need to have to understand these issues?
The origin of sexual fantasies

The first sexual fantasies begin to take shape during puberty. Even before the onset of sexual life, embryos of libido are formed in our minds, which subsequently add up to a complete picture of pleasant sensations and experiences associated with the opposite sex. At this stage, sympathy arises, the first tactile experience, which serves as the basis for future erotic dreams.


Many ladies at a conscious age are ashamed of their fantasies, since not all of them fit into the framework of generally accepted and normal ones. In particular, the most common sexual daydreaming scenario is rape and violent sex. These fantasies have nothing to do with desires to experience abuse in real life. Just imagined scenes add a degree of excitement and poignancy to bed experiences. But shyness and guilt for perverted desires prevent women from receiving full satisfaction from such representations. And this hides all the feelings that a dreamer could experience if she did not look back at public opinion. Such an internal conflict is fraught with depression and neuroses. In such cases, it is important to understand that fantasies cannot be criticized and judged, and no one should be held accountable for them .

Interpretation of fantasies

Only experienced specialists can interpret this or that fantasy, since many factors influence the secret meaning of sexual desires: temperament, sexual experience, character, occupation, creative component, etc. But we will consider the classic options, the subtext of which can be written about without going into details.

Sex with a stranger

If the thought of having an intimate relationship with an unfamiliar partner that you met on the train, elevator, nightclub or other places turns you on, it means that you lack the freedom in bed. Perhaps you are constrained by a feeling of shame, fear that your husband (or regular partner) will judge you for your true desires. In fact, you want to break free from the shackles of morality, go beyond the conventional framework and realize your sexuality to the fullest.
Also, the character you represent as a hero-lover can tell a lot. If this is a famous person, you secretly want to increase self-esteem and expect more from a man than he really is. If this is a former classmate – you want to return to a carefree childhood or youth. A high-ranking and domineering man in your fantasies about personifying your ambition .

Sex with a woman

Such a fantasy has nothing to do with homosexual inclinations. Don’t be ashamed of being turned on by the closeness of two women. Thus, your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that in bed you lack romance, tenderness and affection. Since women know better the nature of their sexuality and intimate sensations, they are the image of a partner from whom you expect the highest degree of pleasure.


The desire to subjugate a lover and have uncontrolled power over him is an indicator that a woman in real life sorely lacks self-confidence, a strong character, will and determination. Such fantasies more than compensate for the lack of these qualities.


In fact, voyeurism is inherent in many representatives of modern society. Only in everyday situations does it manifest itself in other forms. For example, the love of reality TV is also a form of peeping and curiosity that has remained unfulfilled.

Group sex

If your dreams of copulating with several partners at once do not leave you, this does not mean that you are a licentious woman. The reason for such fantasies is banally simple – you do not have enough male attention or society as a whole. It may also indicate a lack of sex in your life or sexual dissatisfaction with your partner.


Any fantasy associated with a public demonstration of their charms, masturbation or sex in a public place speaks of self-doubt. Perhaps in real life you are a gray mouse, you are afraid to express your opinion, lack respect and attention to your person. As a result – low self-esteem and indecision.

Should you discuss your fantasies with your partner?

It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to this question. Sexual fantasies are personal. This is not a secret to hide from your partner, but rather a tool for self-discovery. If you feel uncomfortable with having to keep your imagination a secret, you can share them with your partner. It all depends on the degree of trust and understanding between you. Otherwise, nothing criminal will happen if fantasies remain in your head, suggesting aspects to which the subconscious mind is trying to draw your attention.
Now you can easily analyze the fantasies that cause you sexual arousal. On the one hand, they will help you understand yourself, and on the other hand, they will fill the gaps in your intimate life, since such games of imagination are the most harmless and safe way to diversify sexual sensations.

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