9 misconceptions about sexual relationships

For a long time, the topic of bed relationships was banned. Men and women went to bed with only one purpose – to prolong the human race. We have already experienced the sexual revolution, we realized that sex is not only a pleasant pastime, but also a necessary factor for maintaining health. However, all kinds of prohibitions and delusions still live in the minds of most people, which does not allow them to fully surrender to all-consuming passion and be carried away on the waves of love to the heights of unearthly pleasure. These mistakes need to be corrected, and today we will try to understand the most common misconceptions. 

Misconception 1. About polygamy and monogamy

Several centuries ago, the rule was firmly rooted in society that men can have several sexual partners, while a woman had to be a model of chastity, stay at home, do housework and children. It’s not like that today. Mother Nature, creating a man and a woman, initially gave the weaker sex the opportunity to get multiple orgasms. When studying the body of the stronger sex, experts have proved that men do not have such an ability. The conclusion suggests itself: everything should be the other way around. Therefore, dear ladies, you should not strictly adhere to false stereotypes. Remember, the creator has endowed your body with such a unique ability to allow choice, and choice involves multiple partners.

Misconception 2. About ideal forms

Of course, reference beauties with ideal parameters of 90-60-90 are watching us from TV screens and pages of glossy magazines. Deep down, every girl, girl, woman dreams of being like them. But let’s not forget that all people are different. Even the models are not perfect. The perfect appearance is the result of the work of stylists, makeup artists and other specialists who are responsible for creating an impeccable image. Unlike us, men are more pragmatic in this matter. By inviting you to stay overnight, he is ready to see and accept all your imperfections. If you yourself do not distract him from the intimate process with self-criticism and complexes, focus on your shortcomings, believe me, your chance of feeling perfect will increase dramatically. At the time of sexual arousal, the opposite sex is the least concerned about the size of the waist, chest, or belly folds.

Misconception 3. About friendship between opposite sexes

“Is there a friendship between a man and a woman?” – the question is as old as the world. This topic remains unresolved to this day. The term “friendship” is a favorite of women, and many men just accept it. In essence, “friendship” is a form of interpersonal relationships that exclude physical intimacy. However, let’s not forget that “love” is a bodily, intellectual, emotional attraction. When two people of the opposite sex spend a long time in each other’s company, physical contact is simply inevitable.

Misconception 4: about the attractiveness of bad guys

Every woman has her own concept of “bad”. For some, these are arrogant men, someone dreams that her chosen one has a strong character, and someone perceives assault as a manifestation of love, etc. Psychologists, after a long study of this topic, agreed that every woman likes a certain type of man, and this statement has no scientific confirmation.

Misconception 5. About sex on the first date

Opinion polls have shown that sexual intimacy does not play a primary role. in the formation of a man’s opinion about the decency of a woman. If a lady quickly succumbed to the charisma and charm of a partner, this only increases the self-esteem of the stronger sex. As for interpersonal relationships, passionate nights are not displayed in any way.

Misconception 6. About the first sexual experience

Many representatives of the fairer sex dream that the first sexual partner will be not only the first, but also the only one until the end of days. Let’s be honest. The first experience does not always bring joy and satisfaction. Very often disappointment and disgust come and it takes quite a long time for the girl to decide on a second attempt. So why prolong your agony? Maybe look for a man who can teach you how to enjoy intimacy?

Misconception 7. About female indifference to sex

Sociological surveys conducted among representatives of the female half of society (there were no age restrictions) showed that 53% of recipients rarely had sexual intercourse with their partner. At the same time, they clarified that this does not suit them themselves. Let’s not forget about the day to day. After a working day, a woman cooks, cleans, does laundry, takes care of children, etc. When she finds herself in the bedroom with her husband, she simply does not have the strength to be active in love games. But this is not an indicator of her libido.

Misconception 8. About the mismatch of sexual needs of partners

In physics there is a law: “charges of the same name are repelled.” It can be applied to humans as well. Agree, the monotony quickly becomes boring. When partners have different sexual preferences, there is an opportunity to experiment, learn something new, etc. It is a little more difficult if two loving hearts have different temperaments. But in this case the problem is quite solvable. Talk frankly with each other and find a compromise. Otherwise, you can consult a specialist.

Misconception 9. About the ideal of sexual intimacy

Perfectionism is the pursuit of excellence. Representatives of the human race with this character trait idealize sexual intimacy. They draw a scenario of the upcoming action in their head in advance and get upset if something does not work out. Great minds have long conducted research and proved that only one intimacy out of ten is perfect (no hitch). All the rest are either just good or generally unsuccessful.
These delusions have done their job and have instilled in many generations a bunch of fears, stereotypes and complexes, depriving them of the right to choose. So maybe it’s time to get rid of them and put your needs and desires in the foreground?

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