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12 best sex positions in the car

I am getting old, my back hurts and sex in the car is no longer comme il faut for me. But there was a hell of a time when I wow! And now only ooh-ooh-ooh (I moaned like an old man). We ought to share wisdom with young people, otherwise they took the fashion to be naughty in the same position.

Why do people ever have sex in a car? There are usually two reasons: a) there is nowhere else, b) it’s a fetish. Yes, yes, men have such a leap – to merge in blissful ecstasy with their beloved woman in an equally beloved car. And this fetish, to be honest, is a fairly common thing. Many girls also dream of having sex in cars. Mostly because of the love scene with Leo and Kate in the Titanic movie. Enough introductions, let’s move on to poses!

Front Seat Poses

If having sex in a car is inconvenient, then it is even more inconvenient to have sex in the front seat. But if passion seized you suddenly, there is no strength to endure to get into the back seat – go for it!

1. Face to face

Only short girls are comfortable in this position. And it is desirable that the guy has such a big car with a high ceiling. Otherwise, you’ll get a bump.

2. Back to the guy

This position is good if you crave clitoral stimulation. In order not to rest your head against the ceiling, ask the guy to tilt the chair back a little.

3. Rider with a slope

Quite a popular position for sex in the car. By adjusting the seat height, a wide range of sensations can be experienced.

Backseat poses

1. Missionary

Perhaps one of the most comfortable positions for a car. Too tall a guy can bend one leg at the knee, and the other rest on the floor. Experienced advice: girls, if you don’t want your partners to become hysterical, then take off your shoes. As soon as the heel slides across the ceiling, the men screech like a schoolgirl at the sight of a mouse. The car belongs to you, not the guy? Moreover, take off your shoes. His car was not spared , but you must take care of your car!

2. Horsewoman

And again the position of “Rider”, only this time without bending and we move back. This option is suitable for sex with a short guy, otherwise he will not know where to put his legs.

Poses on the hood or trunk

See these poses? See, yes? So … I don’t recommend it! Of course, if you really want to, then you can, but just think about all the pigeons that bombarded the car, about the cats walking on it, about all the dust and dirt that got into the hood. I’ve already discouraged you, haven’t I? Great, now let’s talk about poses. = -)

1. Slingshot

The pose got its name because the woman’s legs are raised in the form of the Latin bkva “V”, resembling a slingshot. This is a pretty comfortable and stable position for guys. But girls can be cold. It would be better to lie on a non-slip blanket.

2. Wheelbarrow

The wrong car is meant. In this version, the man holds the woman’s legs as if they were the handles of a cart. The funny position for some mysterious reasons is popular with many guys. You can go to it if you wash your car in a sexy outfit. All this is standing in a wet T-shirt, short shorts. All this bent, and here he is behind you – grab! Only on behalf of the weaker sex I will say: to crawl over the hood with your face is never erotic at all.

3. Doggy style

The guy will constantly slide, dragging his partner with him. In principle, in this position, a girl can be really good if the man is short and the car is big. Otherwise, this is the ideal position if you need to break off your license plate and wipers.

Oral sex positions

Cars and blowjobs turn on (pardon the pun) just about any man. Therefore, a blowjob in the car is sacred for them!

1. Between the seats

The partner needs to kneel in the front seats so that his “dignity” is between the backs of the seats. The girl sits down behind, bending over to the guy. By the way, this position is not bad because it allows you to control the depth of penetration of the penis.

2. In the front seat

The widespread position is fraught with unpleasant consequences. There is a chance of breaking your neck, and your back will hurt like hell the next day. But guys love this position. I recommend it exclusively for a short blow job.

3.With open door

The most comfortable position, since the participants do not have to shrink trying to fit within the car.

4. Position “69”

As a rule, men are larger than their girlfriends and less agile. Therefore , it is extremely inconvenient for them to do cunnilingus in the car. But it is not all that bad. You can have sex in 69 position on the back seat.
Do not forget the main thing: no matter how much you want, you should NEVER make love while driving. People around us should not suffer because of our irrepressible libido, do you agree? Enjoy safe (in all the sense of ) sex in the most interesting positions for you!   

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