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10 positions for sex during critical days

To be honest, “these days” are not at all erotic and even dislike many girls. And what can we say about men? Often, guys are annoyed even by an innocent advertisement for feminine hygiene products (however, they can be understood). Pain, smell, the very sight of blood – all the accompanying shortcomings of the menstrual cycle can significantly spoil the intimacy of a couple.

If you sincerely love each other and have a sensible look at the nature of the female body, then the “red days of the calendar” will not prevent you from enjoying voluptuous sex. However, it does not hurt to choose certain positions that will allow you to relax without thinking about the “crimson rivers” on the bedding.

Recommendations for comfortable sex

Traces become the most common problem. It is worth turning on the light in the bedroom and the bed begins to resemble footage from “Bloody Chainsaw Massacre”. Solving this attack is quite simple, using a few tricks:

– use towels and sterile oilcloths to protect the surface of the bed;
– avoid positions in which the girl is on top;
– if you prefer to dominate, have sex during water procedures;
– give preference to a measured rhythm without sudden jolts;
– choose positions in which there is no strong pressure on the cervix;
– Pay attention to alternative types of sex on days of heavy discharge .

Sex positions

1. Standing in the shower

Many believe shower sex is the cleanest option during menstruation. The advantages of such sex are obvious, because the water will simply wash away all the fluids. If you don’t have a heavy discharge, your partner will probably not even notice the blood.

2. Sitting in the bathroom

You should not often resort to sex in the bathroom, as it has several disadvantages. Water is the worst lubricant in the world, detergents are contraindicated when using vaginal contraceptives, and the condom can slip off. However, sex in the bathroom is romantic and gentle, and warm water relieves pain and soothes. From time to time, it does not hurt to diversify intimate life with such variations.

3. Face to face on the side

Gravity is a major hindrance to having sex on certain lunar days. Sitting on your side will reduce the amount of blood flowing out. Among other things, positions with eye contact and hugs strengthen the spiritual bond of partners.

4. Spoons

This variation resembles the previous pose in its essence, but it is much more comfortable because it makes it easier for your partner to move the pelvis.

5. Hammer and anvil

Positions with legs raised high prevent profuse discharge, but here it is important not to get carried away with the pose for too long. Prepare a towel in advance. Before getting out of bed, squeeze it between your legs to avoid unwanted squelches.

6. On the table

If you have just furnished the apartment with new furniture, then you should not take risks and dirty the fabric of the bed and armchairs. For sex, you can adapt the table (just not the dining room!). If you are too uncomfortable, spread something soft.

7. Lying blowjob

Vaginal sex gives you significant discomfort, but you want to please your man? Oral sex is a good option. The position in this case will depend on how you feel. I recommend a dominant position, in which the girl is in complete control of the process and can stop at any moment. In other poses, dizziness and nausea associated with the lunar cycle may occur .

8. Anal sex

Anal sex is a fairly common practice during menstruation. Let’s not forget about hygiene. Even if you do not feel disgust, it is necessary to cleanse the body (make an enema, take a shower) and be sure to use a condom. Otherwise, germs can enter the male genitals. 

9. Doggy on the floor

The position in which the woman is on the floor helps to protect the sheets from unwanted stains. The main thing is that the room is not on the carpet.

10. Missionary with bent knees

The missionary position works best during the last days of the cycle. It is important to bend your legs to prevent the discharge. You can safely have sex on the bed, placing a sterile oilcloth. Such oilcloths are intended for medical examinations, are cheap and are sold in any pharmacy. With their help, you can not limit yourself in your intimate life, enjoying all the delights of love.

Tampons and sex

Some people insert a tampon by removing it before intercourse. This helps to flush out excess blood. However, this practice can cause vaginal dryness, which can lead to discomfort. In this case, a generous amount of lubricant is needed .

It is strictly forbidden to leave a tampon during vaginal sex! Movement of a man’s penis in a woman’s body can cause the tampon to damage the inner walls.

The opinion of gynecologists about the use of tampons for anal sex varies significantly. Some believe that no problems will arise, others note that the movement of the penis can disrupt the position of the tampon, which will lead to damage to the mucous membrane.
May your health be strong, then you can enjoy all the variety of mental and physical intimacy!

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