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10 sex positions for those who don’t want to get pregnant

Children are the most precious, greatest blessing, the meaning of a woman’s life. And so on and so forth. Well, and the classics of the genre: “children are the flowers of life.” But you wouldn’t plant flowers without even a pot, would you? You can become parents if there are appropriate conditions for this: good living space, stable income and time for raising kids. Otherwise, we are simply obliged to protect ourselves from an unplanned pregnancy, because it is only in a fairy tale that God will give a lawn to a bunny, but in reality this lawn must be bought, plowed and sown by oneself. To avoid being in a scrupulous position, choose positions that prevent conception.

Any vaginal sex is a potential risk of getting pregnant. A simple conclusion follows from this: you need to choose those types of sex in which the man’s penis will not penetrate your “jade cave.” After talking to my friends, I was surprised to find out that many of them completely abandoned contraception, preferring alternative types of sex (up to tantric and manual) to it. Of course, we are not talking about sex with casual partners, when protection from all kinds of ailments is required. In this aspect, you cannot do without a condom. But even if you have a constant passion (not noticed in trips “to the left”), a condom will not give a 100% guarantee against pregnancy. So it’s time to pay more careful attention to other types of sex: oral, anal and manual.

Oral sex positions

Oral sex is “ numerically uno ” (as my friend said) when it comes to pleasures without consequences. Therefore, the following positions will become a reliable substitute for vaginal sex.

1. Cunnilingus

The guy won’t fertilize you with his saliva. The only (hypothetical) way to get pregnant with oral sex is if a girl after a blowjob kisses a guy, and he immediately starts Cooney . For the sake of curiosity, I asked several doctors about the possibility of such an outcome. All gave the same answer: in theory, there is a risk, but none of them in reality faced such cases. And yet (just for every fireman) this situation should be avoided.

2. Blowjob

Sperm from the esophagus will not get into the vagina in any way, although poorly educated people (who have no idea about the structure of the body) believe otherwise. Well, we are smart guys, right? Most importantly, no last kisses with cunnilingus .

3. Pose 69

A secure position will provide simultaneous mutual pleasure. And no unforeseen consequences!

Positions for anal sex

Personally, I am not among the fans of this type of coitus. No, I’m not a prude and I do n’t see anything wrong with that. It’s just that my experience convinced me that this “delight” was invented at least by the inquisitors. It’s like getting on a stake! Many women fundamentally do not agree to anal : for personal reasons of morality, or (like me) for fear of dying in bed in the most shameful way possible. However, for some, such sex gives incomparable pleasure. And it doesn’t bother such girls to diversify their intimate life with the following positions.

1. Perforator

The advantage of the posture is that the entrance to the vagina is higher than the penis, so that the flowing out sperm will not get there.

2. Iron

But in this position, the opposite is true. As soon as your partner reaches orgasm, get up and take a shower. This position is good for lovers of tight penetration.

3. Spoons

“Spoons” – not the most popular position for anal sex, because it is more difficult for a man to move in it. About dnako it sensual and tender.

4. Doggy style

The kneeling position is the leader for any kind of sex. The very mention of this pose can provoke many. To avoid sperm leakage, after intercourse we go to the shower.

Masturbation positions

Stimulation of the erogenous zones with the hand leads to a sweet orgasm more often than regular penetration sex. It is also a reliable protection for those who want to avoid conception.

1. On the edge of the bed

In this position, it is convenient for a man to caress your entire body. It is a little more difficult for a woman to satisfy her partner, but it is also possible. You just need to put one hand behind your back to stimulate his penis.

2. Spoons (no penetration)

The most comfortable positions for mutual masturbation are in the “spoon” position. However, couples often make a terrible mistake. Both girls and guys (completely without thinking about the consequences) caress each other with the same hand. This cannot be done! You caress the man with one hand, and yourself with the other. And make sure that your partner adheres to this rule as well.

3. Friction (sitting)

You can bring each other to orgasm with simple rubbing. In this position, it is necessary to press the man’s penis to his stomach so that the partner can rub her buttocks against the trunk and bridle. You don’t need to take off your linen at all.


If not, but really want to, you can pick up and vaginal positions. For example, in a standing position, when gravity accelerates the release of sperm from the vagina. Please note that they will not prevent (!) Pregnancy, but can be an additional preventive measure in combination with contraception. In such positions, always cover yourself with a condom or birth control. Enjoy each other while avoiding unnecessary problems. And let children appear in your life when you are ready to become wonderful parents for them!  

How to regain intimate desire after childbirth

The postpartum period in women can often be accompanied by a drop in interest in sex. This unfortunate situation needs urgent correction! We have studied the advice of young mothers who have successfully coped with such a misfortune.

Reasons for lack of desire

1) Hormones

Mother Nature does not care that you need intimate pleasures. What kind of sex if she has “motherhood” written down for you according to plan? And then insidious hormones wake up, commanding to move away from her husband and focus on the child. This is especially true for women who are breastfeeding. In this case, your body realizes that now is not the time to create new life. So it functions in the “feed-feed-feed” mode.

2) Parent’s employment

The baby needs you constantly. You can’t ignore crying and feed your baby to have sex – that’s understandable. But after all, there are also hours when the baby sleeps sweetly?

3) Severe fatigue

And being busy, of course, leads to fatigue. Especially at first with constant feeding, changing diapers and crying at night. It is difficult to desire a man if you fall as if knocked down, barely touching the pillow.

4) Conflicts with her husband

Here the baby is sleeping, the husband is burning with desire, and you get angry and chase your spouse away. He turns around with lamentations: “Come on, well in bystrenkomu , well shake -a- aluysta “. And in response he hears only: “I don’t want sex. Leave me alone. My head hurts”. He will be patient once, he will be patient a second time, and he will lock himself in his soul, hiding the bitter tears of men under the streams of water, while he (sorry) pays his own mind .

5) Gaps in sexuality education

The world is teeming with information about sex: wherever you look, there are billboards with half-naked girls, movies with bed scenes are shown on TV every now and then, but in reality … In reality, not so many people are familiar with the richness of sexual life. All kinds of foreplay, alternative types of sex are unknown territory, and intimate life suffers from this. Maybe it’s time to put into practice all the tips you’ve read about sex toys, role-playing games and the like?

6) quality of prenatal sex

Sex is not very good after having a baby? And before your intimate life resembled a holiday with fireworks? If not, then the reason is not in the genus x and there is no need to blame the child.

7) fear of your own body

Women are too afraid to scare off their husbands, embarrassed by postpartum changes. Yes, of course, it would be more pleasant for him to see you again slim and without stretch marks, but this does not mean that he does not love you or does not want you. For the most part, men are not as fools as women imagine them to be. They perfectly understood what they were doing and when they decided to start a family.

How to overcome barriers and return intimacy to your life

1) Analyze the problems

Take a piece of paper, a pen and write down everything that prevents you from feeling desire again. Then start solving these problems. Not immediately, of course, but you will start to move in the right direction.

2) Take care of yourself

Rounded postpartum shapes can be more than attractive. In addition, experience shows that men are attracted not so much to slender figures as to the manifestation of sexuality. Wear something sexy. The same corset will help you hide all the excess, giving the body a seductive curves.

If you really don’t look your best, try to get back into shape as soon as possible. And here many will cry out indignantly: “ But when? I’m all tired, there is no time, no strength! ” How do you want to return desire to your life if your reflection scares even you, m? I do not urge you to starve yourself with diets and carry weights, but an elementary daily exercise can work wonders. There are many videos on the network in which young mothers demonstrate how to simultaneously play with the kids and do physical exercise.

3) flirt with your loved one

Remember how tempting your first dates were? Revive that feeling in your soul . Flirt with a man, ask him to compliment you, take care of you: comb your hair, get a massage, take a bath with you and lather your body. Even fleeting passionate kisses can produce amazing results.

4) wake up your old self

Decorate the walls of your house with pictures that show you are happy, slim, and enjoying life. Let these shots be an inspiration for you. Somewhere out there – behind fatigue and vanity – your nature, full of energy, is hidden. Clean the house like you did in the old days, dancing and humming. Let your beloved see your enthusiasm again.

5) Engage in intimate exercise

Among women, wumbling is becoming increasingly popular – a system of exercises for the development of intimate muscles. It is useful for strengthening the body before and after childbirth, as well as promoting the development of sensuality. In addition, the ability to contract the vaginal muscles will allow you to bring yourself and your loved one to ecstasy. The beauty of wumbling is that you can do it at any moment, and others won’t even notice. The contractions favor improved blood flow and you will soon notice that the desire comes back with renewed vigor.

6) Apply esoteric practices

This item is suitable only for those women who are fond of esotericism . If necessary, even dance with a tambourine, if only it helps you. And spit on the opinions of others. You well? That’s great! 

7) Express love and affection

And, of course, you shouldn’t dwell only on your own problems. Take a closer look at your men – they are wasting away without your love! Be gentle, praise your chosen ones, even for little things. Inspired, they will infect you with their passion.

8) stop sulking

Women always expect Herculean exploits from men, and expectations are always at odds with reality. Of course, there are rare lazy people, but most guys honestly try (as they can), but even if they break into a cake, it will seem to us that they did not help enough. Stop nagging your chosen one for any offense. One blog post had great tips for overcoming resentment. For example, you can imagine that the end of the world is about to come and you will never, never see your loved one. All discontent will be removed as if by hand.

9) Write an erotic story

Dream about situations that fill you with desire and pour out your fantasies on paper. You can immediately destroy your opus or read it to your husband – at your discretion. The bottom line is that you wake up the imagination, regaining your former desire.

10) Watch romantic movies

As soon as there is a free hour, watch a romantic movie. And it is desirable for the husband to keep company. It will strengthen your spiritual connection and remind you of feelings clouded by parenting.
Problems with intimate life after childbirth are a common problem that affects many couples. Share your experiences with more experienced friends, experiment with the advice of experienced ones and let your intimate life be filled with desire again!

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