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7 safe sex positions during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a difficult time for women and many try to avoid sex during this period. However, do not forget that intimacy has a beneficial effect on the body, contributing to the production of “hormones of happiness” and strengthening the pelvic muscles, and this will subsequently have a positive effect on childbirth. Plus, intimacy during pregnancy helps couples strengthen their relationships.

We studied expert advice and selected positions that will allow you to enjoy making love while you wait for your baby to arrive.

1. Missionary

The pose is suitable for pregnancy in the first, second and sometimes third trimester, depending on how you feel.

In the position from below, the partner gets tired less, allowing the man to independently control the process.

In pregnant women in the early stages, toxicosis is often manifested. Your partner’s rhythmic thrusts may make nausea and dizziness worse. To avoid unpleasant sensations, ask your partner not to make too active movements. For back pain, it is helpful to place a pillow under your lower back. Make sure that the men are not leaning on your belly.

2. Spoons

A wonderful and safe option for any period of pregnancy. The pose is especially good in the third trimester, when the already big belly prevents you from pressing against each other in a face-to-face position.

In the “spoon” position, your partner’s hands are absolutely free, therefore, he can caress you during intimacy.

This pose is not suitable for all couples for a number of reasons. For example, penetration may not be deep enough if the partner has a rather modest penis. To help the man penetrate deeper, place a pillow or two between his knees.

3. Horsewoman

Any man loves to look at the naked body of his beloved, especially if her breasts have noticeably increased!

Being from below, your chosen one will be able to caress your body, stimulating the clitoris. Many women say that it is easier for them to achieve orgasm in the “Riding” position, since they can set the pace, and the clitoris in this position rubs against the man’s body, increasing pleasure.

Tips The
position is best for the first trimester, even if you like to squat overhead. In the last stages, it is preferable to sit down with bent knees. If the penis penetrates too deep or you get tired quickly, just lean forward a little, transferring the weight to your hands. You can put your hands on your partner’s shoulders if he lies down on a high pillow.

4. Doggy style

Ideal position for any gestation period. She is especially good in the last trimester, since a rounded belly becomes a significant obstacle to penetration in other positions.

Doggy Style reduces tension on the lower back and is a great option for back pain. Apart from that, the position on all fours is quite stable.

To avoid accidentally leaning on your stomach, place several soft pillows under it. If your penis is too big for you, you can make a love cushion by placing a small pillow between your buttocks and your partner’s belly. To avoid sharp jolts in the anterior wall of the uterus, lean not on your palms, but on your elbows – this position will change the angle of penis penetration.

5. “Scissors”

“Scissors” are variations of poses in which the lovers are face to face. One foot of each partner is between the legs of the other partner. These positions help increase clitoral stimulation and are appropriate for the first two trimesters.

An unusually sensual position for couples in love. You can look each other in the eye, kiss, and hug.

When the belly is already large, it is best to place a pillow under it.

6. “Lady’s saddle” on the side

This option resembles riding in a ladies’ saddle with both feet on the same side of the saddle.

Pleasant posture is best for the first and second trimesters. This option is designed for male dominance, which allows the woman to just lie down and completely relax.

For non-standard penis curves, try rotating your torso by changing the angle of entry. If you don’t feel enough, use wumbling techniques (by the way, it is useful for muscle training before childbirth). In the last trimester, prolonged position in this position can cause dizziness, so it is better to use it for a short intercourse.

7. Waterfall

A stable position for a woman is good in the first and second trimester. In the last stages of pregnancy, it all depends on how you feel.

In this position, you can wrap your legs around your partner’s waist and hold his hands, controlling the pace. If a man’s hands are free, he will be able to caress your body, paying attention to the clitoris.

If you are prone to fainting, lie down with your head and shoulders slightly raised with pillows.
Perhaps you also know a couple of useful tips that will allow pregnant women to enjoy intimacy with their chosen ones? Share your personal experience with us! And may your pregnancy proceed without any problems, and your loved one pleases and pamper.

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