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10 sex positions that men love

The men shared their sex preferences with us, talking about their favorite positions. You will find out the opinion of the lazy, macho and romantic. Your attention – 10 positions in sex that men love! PS All names have been changed.

1. Standing blowjob

The partner stands up straight, the partner sits down in front of his genitals, caressing them with her hands and orally.

Andrey: Numero uno is on the list of favorites! When you are sitting, and the girl is kneeling in front of you, it is also nice, but this option is better. Especially cool for a throat blowjob. Artem: Standing, sitting, lying down – I like any blowjob! The main thing is that she does it with soul and does not pose as a sufferer, as if she is doing me a favor. And you don’t need these excuses of yours “I’m not like that, I’m waiting for the tram”, “Phew, I disdain”, “I’ll only do my husband” and other heresies. Anton: Here you can move yourself, control the pace and depth. In general, I’m calm about blowjob. If the girl herself is pleased, I do not seem to, but I will not insist. 



2. Doggy style

The partner goes down on all fours, the partner enters from behind, holding her with his hands.

Andrey: This is doggy style , what else can I say? Super! Artem: A good stable position, suitable for slow and intense sex. A huge plus – you are active in it, but you do not get tired. I often practice this position, because I like to look at my friend’s ass, occasionally spanking her. Anton: A good posture is not only because of the sensations. If you just started dating, then the girl (as a rule) is still ashamed of you. In this position, she can relax, imagine Brad Pete, as a last resort. 



3. Sitting behind a girl

The partner sits on a sofa or armchair, leaning back. The partner sits on top, with her back to the partner.

Andrey: Yes, yes, yes. At the same time, I can watch TV and do not need to strain. Artem: You know, I generally love a woman’s body: stroking, massaging, pulling everything that fumbles there. And this position suits me perfectly – you can hold on to the ass and to the chest. It’s also a great option for car sex. Anton: I like to alternate poses with those dominated by a girl. I am big, my friend is petite. If she gets tired, then I can just hit her until I finish. 



4. Standing

The partner stands straight, tilting the torso forward. The partner enters her from behind.

Andrey: Standing? That’s OK too. In general, I like all the poses, I’m not whimsical. Artem: Oh, how many memories flooded right away. An excellent pose, no matter where you find yourself: in an elevator, in an entrance, in a restaurant toilet, in a shower. What? Having sex only in the bedroom is the lot of people without imagination. I am the original and not ashamed of it! Anton: I like it if you want to go as deep as possible. Unfortunately, the position is uncomfortable for couples who have a significant difference in height. 



5. Hammer and anvil

The partner lies on her back with her legs pressed to her chest. The partner lies face down on her hips.

Andrey: Is this pose really what it’s called? Damn, I like it even more now because of the name! And who comes up with them only … Artem: Cool, if you both love deeper. In general, it’s nice when a girl is flexible and can throw her legs on your shoulders – she turns on. Anton: Will you definitely change the names? Then I confess … I’m a romantic. When a violent youth passes and you want not just sex, but making love – such positions are just right. You can kiss your woman. Paul learns all passionately, but tenderly. 



6. Horsewoman

The partner lies on his back straight. The partner sits on top with her legs bent.

Andrey: Pose is fire! Especially if the girl is beautiful and hot. Artem: I had many women. No not like this. I was very INR -o-o-th female and the experience I would say that each is necessary to please a man in such a position. First, you can steer yourself. Secondly, we can rest after work and relax. And if you get tired of relaxing – grab her ass and move yourself! Anton: I am just quietly amused by women’s paraphernalia: stockings , beautiful lingerie. When the girl on you is all so smart, it’s just oh … 



7. Scorpion

The partner lies with her stomach on the pillow with her back to the partner. The partner lies down on top.

Andrey: They say that this is how you can find your G. I haven’t found it yet, but it doesn’t matter. Who seeks will always find! In general, a cool pose. Artem: Although I am not a Scorpio according to my horoscope, I adore this position. I have it straight crazy krolik- inseminator ! Otpad option for hot sex. Putting a pillow on is a topic, so it’s easier to get into the girl. Anton: Not a bad position if a girl needs additional stimulation: you can kiss her shoulders, bite her neck. By the way, the depth of penetration can be controlled by the height of the pillow . The higher, the deeper. 



8. Spoons

Partners lie on their side with their legs slightly bent. The partner is located behind.

Andrey: This is a normal posture, I approve. Only for a short time, otherwise the hand (lower) begins to numb. Artem: I love sex since the morning before work, I get attached while the girl is still sleeping. My current friend likes to wake up like this. Anton: You can caress the whole body of a woman with your hands. I recommend it if the girl has problems reaching orgasm. In this position, you can fondle her clitoris with one hand, gently massage her breasts – orgasm is guaranteed. 



9. Sitting face to face

The partner sits on a chair or bed facing the partner. She sits on top.

Andrey: Oh yes! I love comfortable poses without any acrobatic tricks there. Artem: Comfortable, pleasant, suitable for sex in the car, in the bedroom, in the sauna. If a friend has gorgeous breasts, she is tempted to lift her and dive into all this beauty with her nose. Turns on, rrr! Anton: You just fly away with your beloved woman in this position. You hug, you kiss her, you press her to you with strong hands. In my opinion, the best position is if the couple strives for simultaneous orgasm. 



10. Reverse cowgirl

The partner lies on his back. The partner sits on top, with her back to the partner.

Andrey: Otpad! I’m on rasslabone and kayfovo both. And the telly is visible. Artem: This is really one of the hottest poses. The girl wriggles on you, the penis rests against her front wall – super! Anton: Divine view before the eyes: the bend of the back, the hollow between the buttocks . Unfortunately, girls can rarely last long in this position. At times you need to give her a break, lifting her body with your hands. Do you agree with the guys’ opinion? Let your partners always stay on the same wavelength with you, giving minutes of sweet pleasure! 

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