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15 sex positions for those who want to get pregnant

Are you ready to become parents? It would seem – what could be simpler? However, practice shows that not everyone succeeds in conceiving a baby the first time. Of course, you can get pregnant in any position if you refuse contraception. However, there are a number of provisions that can help you achieve the desired result.

The fact is that some positions make it easier for semen to exit the vagina, while other options prevent this. Accordingly, preference should be given to positions in which the woman is below and lies. Gynecologists also recommend raising your legs immediately after your partner ejaculates.


The most common options in sex in general are positions without any frills. In them, your beloved man is above you, playing a dominant role.

1. Missionary position with legs spread

The girl lies on her back. Legs wide apart (knees can be bent). The man is on top.

The most popular position for conception. Many of us were born precisely because of the classic missionary posture.

2. Missionary position with legs closed

The girl lies on her back. The legs must be brought together, squeezing the inner side of the thighs. The man is on top.

The penetration depth is much less than in the previous case. However, bringing your legs together will allow you to block as much sperm as possible .

3. Missionary with bent knee

The girl lies on her back, bending and raising her leg. The man is located on top, turning his face to his partner.

The sensual position is just created for lovers who dream of creating a new life.

4. Doggy-style with a high pelvis

The girl takes a kneeling position, raising her pelvis high. The man enters from behind.

To further increase the depth of penetration and retain the sperm in yourself, hold the pelvis in this position, lowering your stomach on the bed.

5. Jockey

The girl lies on her stomach with her back to the man, slightly raising her pelvis. The man lies down on top, penetrating from behind.

It is recommended to place a pillow under the pubis to help the sperm flow downward.


By lifting your legs high, you increase the chances of successful conception as you hold the seed for longer.

1. A hammer on the anvil

The girl lies, clutching her bent knees. The man is on top.

All the raised legs keep the semen inside the vagina.

2. Perforator

The girl assumes the position as in the previous paragraph, but raises the pelvis. The man enters, pressing his belly against the woman.

The position of “woman from below”, raised legs, deep penetration – all this will increase the chances of conception.

3. Slingshot

The girl lies on her back, spreads and raises her legs. The man sits between her thighs.

The pose allows you to enter quite deeply.

4. Bamboo

The girl lies on her back with one leg straight up. The man settles between his thighs.

Another comfortable position for deep penetration of the penis into the vagina.

5. Upside down

The girl lies on her back, then throws her legs over her partner, leaning on the bed with her shoulders and head. The man drops to his knees.

Not very comfortable, but effective position that holds the seed in the woman’s body. The main thing is not to rush to get up from the bed after ejaculating your partner.
However, not everything is so simple. Since every woman is unique, the position of the uterus can be somewhat non-standard and an example of this is a defect with the complex name “retroflection”. Or, in simple terms, the bend of the uterus, which can be congenital, or develop as a result of diseases. If you have been trying to conceive for a long time, ask your healthcare provider to check if you have a kink. In this case, it is recommended to select positions based on the type of curvature. Various options for “spoons” will be a good choice.


1. Classic “spoons”

Both partners lie on the same side, closely hugging each other. The girl lies with her back to her partner, knees slightly bent.

This option is suitable not only for curvature of the uterus, but also for a curved penis.

2. Reverse “spoons”

Partners lie on the opposite side (for example, the girl on the left, the man on the right). The partner throws her leg around the partner’s waist.

The option will provide a fairly deep penetration.

3. “Spoons” face down

The partner lies on her stomach. The man enters from behind, tightly pressed against his whole body.

A good option for anteflexia , anteversion or hyperanteflexia – various forward bends of the uterus (towards the bladder).

4. “Spoons” with a raised leg

Both partners lie on the same side. The man enters from behind. The girl raises one leg, throwing it behind the guy’s back.

In addition to being effective at conception, the position allows you to find the G-spot, which is a nice plus.

5. At an angle

The girl lies down on the bed, spreading her legs and throwing one leg over the shoulder of her partner. The man lies on his side, entering perpendicularly.

This option is not all attributed to the position of the “spoon”. This is not important, however, as it is well suited for conceiving while bending. This position should be chosen for letterflexion (side bending). Conception is the first step in the amazing birth of a new life. It is worth approaching such an important stage after weighing all the pros and cons. Remember: no matter how passionate you may be to become a mom, it is important to consider the opinion of the man from whom you want to get pregnant. Your sexual partner has the right to be aware of your intentions, because if he disagrees, not only you will suffer, but also the unborn child. Let there be a person next to you who sincerely yearns to become the wonderful father of your baby. Love each other and be happy! 

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