7 sex positions for those with back pain

According to statistics, eight out of ten people experienced severe back pain. However, life experience indicates that each of us at least once had unbearably aching shoulders, lower back, spine … Should we deny ourselves sex? Of course not. We have chosen positions that are safe for the back.

Back pain is uncomfortable in all areas of life. Not only do they complicate exercise and are exacerbated by a sedentary lifestyle, but they also affect the quality of sex. However, do not rush to deny yourself the pleasures that lovemaking gives. We’ve looked at lists of the safest postures for those with back pain. 

1. Missionary position

The missionary position can also cause discomfort, so it is important to take into account all the nuances: the surface of the bed, the weight of the partners, the position of the arms and legs, and so on. It is preferable to have sex on a surface that is not squeezed. Mattresses that are too springy will not work. If a woman’s back hurts, it is recommended to stretch her legs straight: do not bend them, do not throw them over the partner’s back. If a man’s back hurts, doctors advise to move slowly, transfer the weight completely to the forearms and not arch the back, keeping it straight.

2. Horsewoman

The classic version of the “Rider” position will be comfortable for a man, because he does not have to bend or bend over. However, the partner should be more careful in choosing movements. Too sharp and heavy jumps will force a man to involuntarily strain his back muscles. Be leisurely and gentle. You can also diversify sex with the pompur technique , which will completely eliminate sudden movements.  

3. Blowjob (partner is standing, partner is sitting)

This position is good regardless of who the back hurts. In both partners, the spine is in an even position. If a man suffers from pain, he should not actively move his pelvis. If a woman has pain, then you can, on the contrary, ask the man to move so that her back remains straight.

4. Cooney (partner on all fours, partner lies)

A comfortable position for both partners. Men should keep their backs straight with weight on their forearms, knees and shins. The partner’s spine is also in an even position, which helps to avoid pain.

5. Doggy style

Medical research shows that this position relieves the load from the back. The partner keeps the weight of the body, kneeling and resting against the surface of the bed with elbows or palms – the lower back does not suffer. Men who experience discomfort from a long sitting position are also advised to choose the doggy style. However, do not move too actively.

6. Spoons

Doctors do not recommend this option to those partners who have spinal injuries. It should also be avoided if pain appears when the body is in the wrong position (on the side, the spine is slightly curved). However, “Spoons” are suitable if pain occurs with sudden movements and exertion.

7. Iron

This position will be comfortable for the partner, who needs to lie straight to avoid pain. If pain occurs precisely at any bends of the spine, give up support with a pillow. Sit back with your stomach down, allowing your partner to move on their own. It is important that the man does not put all his weight on his girlfriend’s back.

Tips to Make Sex Easier for Back Pain

1. Ask your partner to massage you. Gentle movements will help develop your back, improve circulation and relieve pain. 2. Take a relaxing bath. Water procedures are mandatory hygiene before sex. Just extend it to relax your back with water. 3. Use a pain relieving ointment. However, it should be noted that before sex, you should not rub with warming ointments. They can get on sensitive areas of the skin (lips, genitals), causing a strong burning sensation for both you and your partner. 4. Use pillows if needed. If pillows relieve pain, use them. If the pain intensifies from the bending of the spine, lie down on a flat surface. 5. Put on the corset. There are special corsets that help keep your back straight. Women can replace them with stiff erotic corsets. They will not only prevent pain from occurring, but also excite the partner. Not everything is so simple with the choice of positions. Doctors say that postures should be chosen, taking into account the type of body movements that cause pain. So, for example, some may be approached by positions of active dominance with pushing forward, others are better off choosing up and down movements, and still others should limit their movements altogether, giving the partner freedom of action. It is also necessary to take into account the width of the bed of love. There are a number of comfortable positions for a narrow bed. Feel free to ask your doctor about which positions will help you avoid pain during sex. To avoid problems, be sure to consult with your doctor. I wish you health and full intimate life! 

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