What attracts and what dangers does four love hold? Part 2

Defense word

Swing adherents claim that “… today, when AIDS is spreading in the world, sex cannot remain as it was before … one three-minute contact with an unknown partner or partner can cost not only your life, but also your loved one … in swinging , we come into contact with the same married or love couples … the likelihood of infection is minimized. ”  

The rational kernel in statements of this kind is definitely present. Researchers say that among those who practice “love four”, sexually transmitted diseases are practically not found.

The main argument of the opponents of swing is that sexual life ceases to be an intimate affair of two people, it does not occur against a background of deep emotional attachment, but under the influence of base instincts, becomes public. Swingers easily counteract such accusations, and life makes its own adjustments, showing that love does not always become the basis of sexual relations, good friends-friends and completely strangers do this. As a rule, sex is just satisfaction of the physiological needs of the body. And the reason for this is not swing at all, but the problems of the collision of physiology and morality, but this is another conversation. 

The next argument: swinging destroys the family. Today it is no secret to anyone that the main threat to marital relations is a fresh and monotonous sexual life, which over the years has completely faded away.

Adultery for many becomes the only possible way out of this situation. And betrayal entails lies, suspicions, jealousy and undermines relations, leading to their complete collapse. Swing , if we consider it as an attempt to get away from sexual monotony, is a kind of legalized betrayal, because this form of sex is completely free from fraud, based on respect for partners and occurs by mutual agreement and everyone arranges. Many couples who decided to swing found that not only sexual relations had improved, but their communication had become more open, the connection between the spouses had strengthened. 

What do we have, the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases is minimal, the desire for novelty and brightness of sensations is satisfied, the swing does not pose a threat to marriage, on the contrary, it strengthens relationships – so, “love four” has the right to life?  

All this, of course, sounds pretty tempting, but this form of sex has its own negative aspects.

For pleasure you have to pay

According to couples practicing swing, the nature of such contacts allows women to reach the peak of their sensuality, while men satisfy the desire for diversity by experiencing a new form of intimate relationships. At the same time, swinging is a fertile ground for the development of such sexual deviations as exhibitionism and voyeurism, awakens a woman’s homosexual attraction. 

Researchers have noticed that couples who have started such relationships do not subsequently abandon them. Swing turns into an addiction, akin to that caused by gambling and extreme sports. Swing seems to be the only normal and correct model of interaction between partners in a pair in all respects. The emotional rapprochement of spouses can become possible only under the influence of an external stimulator – another pair. 


In general, swing is an ideal choice for those who are not looking for difficult ways to establish harmonious relationships with marriage partners. Revive your sex life by letting a couple of people into a love bed – a fairly simple option that does not require much stress.  

Being in an eternal search, striving to color the faded world of marital sex with new and new colors, open unknown faces in a long-known person, even after decades of life together, is not for everyone. This requires incredible costs, both emotional and physical, for this you need to constantly work. Work on yourself, on relationships, go towards each other, without fear exposing your heart and soul, and, in spite of everything, do not give up: fall under the weight of failure, but get up and move on. 

Which way to choose is a personal decision of each person. The choice is based not only on moral and ethical attitudes, but also on individual characteristics, hidden potential and, most importantly , the mutual desire of partners.  

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