What do we know about male virginity?

It just so happened that we admire the intactness of the girl. There is something touching and mysterious in this. Male virginity makes us wary. Women are wary of a frank confession: “Honey, I’m still innocent.” Few if any reasons may be behind this? Disease? Fear? Self-doubt? 

And if volumes of literature are written about the problem of the wedding night for a woman, then only a few have stuttered about male virginity. Meanwhile, a large half of the untouched youths torture themselves with invented myths: what if I can’t find it? suddenly fall? or vice versa – will everything go quickly? But how long should all this take? Etc. 

The first advice that I would like to give to those women who are faced with the problem of the virginity of their partner is to weigh everything and think carefully: are you ready to introduce your man into the world of pleasure? Are your intentions towards him serious ? Indeed, a man is often ready to idolize the first woman. Otherwise, your attempt may result in psychological (and sometimes physical) trauma, disappointment or further aggression. If you yourself saw sex only in pictures , then comprehending the art of the Kama Sutra will be doubly harder.      

Often a woman who takes responsibility for the sexual education of her inexperienced partner has an exceptional maternal instinct, she is patient with long-term platonic relationships and leisurely in the sequence of steps. What are the reasons for the prolonged acquaintance with sex in men?

1 reason. The rarest. These are romantic men who, like many girls, keep their virginity for the very one. Such men are looking for an invented ideal, very picky and finicky. If you correspond to their ideal , then the first time will not cause you and him any difficulties. Well, yes, he did, but at least he has no physical or psychological defects.  

2 reason. Closure. Such a nerd, no one pays attention to him for a long time. But here the caterpillar opens its wings and becomes a beautiful butterfly: a successful career, a solid bank account, a decent appearance, contact lenses. Only now I did not learn how to get acquainted with a girl … Obviously, I will have to spend many evenings with such a man in order to convince him that a woman is the same person as he is. At the first intimacy, the main thing is not to pay attention to his unsuccessful attempts. He has not forgotten the ridicule, and any of your careless smiles can be calculated as a mockery.    

3 reason. Physical inferiority. Everything happens in life. Surgery, treatment, injuries. Installation appears: I can’t, I’m sick. With such a man on the first night you need to be careful so as not to actually cause him physical pain. And if it still doesn’t work out, support him, go see a doctor with him. After all , we don’t live in the Stone Age, the doctor knows better. And the installation of hopelessness must be forgotten.   

A woman who nevertheless decided on such a desperate step will have to play the role of a leading leader and mentor for a long time. She should be ready for panic at the most inopportune moment, and for timidity, which, in turn, she needs to patiently and gently dissipate. The first night is what! Even with the most successful outcome, you have more than once to persuade the chosen one to repeat the feat.  

The main thing is that virginity is a temporary phenomenon, and not a diagnosis or pathology. Not a single statistic confirms that a virgin man is hopeless and will never be happy in marriage. On the contrary, most likely he will be grateful to you for your patience and become a faithful and loving husband.  

event_note March 22, 2020

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