What is the essence of the most terrible sexual addictions?

Humans are the most highly developed creatures. Compared to the other inhabitants of the third planet, we have advanced so deeply in mental development that we have now begun to complicate sex. No elephants and camels will surpass us in sexual deviations. 

Although, of course, among them there are slightly perverted individuals – those who suddenly inflate a soft palate, falling out of a gelatinous bag from the mouth when trying to earn sympathy from the opposite sex. But anyway, any tailed and ungulate is far from a person. 

The mechanisms of our reproduction are a clear and harmonious system developed by the intelligent Creator. According to psychologists, sexual images are formed in a person at the earliest diaper age, when you don’t even dream about any sex (there are things and more importantly – to learn not to fall from the pot ).  

It’s just wonderful if the first sexual image appears in the boy’s head when he sees a golden-haired girl playing with a kitten. But where is the guarantee that the program crashes will not happen at the most inopportune moment? And then this boy will suffer from plushyphilia all his life, that is, be attracted to the teddy bear that he was once presented with for his birthday.

In sexopathology, there are such strange variants of sexual frenzy that you are simply amazed. Compared with them, all kinds of lashes, collars, leather pants and other attributes of the BDSM, so mercilessly exposed by society, look like an innocent prank.


People obsessed with this ailment use the armpit for sexual intercourse. They admire the armpits and write laudatory odes in their honor. According to one axillite, a huge armpit, overgrown with thick hair, once appeared to him in a dream in the form of the Universe itself.

According to some reports, such subjects have a characteristic feature: when they go to the gym, they quietly stand behind some sportsman and inhale the smell of sweat coming from the shaggy armpit.


Adherents of this form of sexual behavior do not see the difference between the dining table and the toilet. With coprophilia, sexual arousal and orgasm are achieved by eating the partner’s excrement or observing his bowel movement.

The coprofiles believe that there is nothing wrong with their hobby, and they are deeply mistaken. Since feces contain a large number of microorganisms and fungi, this addiction harms the body, especially those people who have weakened immunity.


Adherents of merintophilia fall into ecstasy at the sight of laces, straps, handcuffs and all sorts of other means for fettering the body. It seems that their standard is Egyptian mummies wrapped in several layers of fabric. Sometimes merintophiles do just that. To enhance sexual experiences caused by a feeling of helplessness, they swaddle themselves with rubber bandages and several layers of adhesive tape, leaving only a small opening for breathing. 


Each of us has a favorite fruit, color, vegetable. And many have a tree species. Dendrophiles also love trees, though in a special way. They enjoy the contact of the genitals with the tree bark, branches and leaves. Scientists believe that the craving for sex with a birch comes from ancient druidic rituals. 


The child, whom his parents carefully put in the bed teddy bears, bunnies and cats, grew up and thought that these are the best partners in bed. In the future, the newly made plushophile will direct all his sexual energy either to plush toys or stuffed animals. 

A survey of 80 plushophiles showed that they are mostly men and their preferences vary greatly. For example, some respondents are excited only by stuffed dogs, while others are fans of almost all stuffed dogs.

Must be the Shy Fox created by British taxidermist Adele Morse – an adored idol for them. 


Ordinary people experience discomfort when they touch the contacts of a galvanic battery with the tip of their tongue. But electrophiles, on the contrary, really like this procedure. Only instead of the tongue do they stimulate more intimate parts of the body.


This is the attraction to infancy and diapers. It will seem strange, but there are many adult men and women in the world who love madly when they are given rattles, powder their buttocks with talcum powder, slap them for disobedience and feed them with milk mixtures.

Having frolic enough on all fours and putting on new diapers, they smile, laugh, have sex and feel happy.


“There is nothing more beautiful than the partner’s bitter tears, ” the dacryphil will say, and instantly aroused, imagining his crying passion. This is, indeed, a terrible deviation, given that the desired effect is achieved in a variety of ways, including physical humiliation and sadism. 


Passion for the introduction of fluid into the rectum. Adherents of this practice enjoy the bursting of the walls of the anus. Most often, an enema is filled with ordinary water, but the most “advanced” individuals use more radical options, for example , epoxy. 

So, in 2005, information portals published an article that described an unprecedented case: in a 27-year-old man, the resin hardened in the rectum in seconds after the infusion. The poor enema worker had to be hospitalized and pulled out of his body a 16-centimeter resin rod weighing 300 grams.


Many are sure that masochists tremble with happiness when street hooligans beat them or when the crowd in every possible way humiliates them, tied to a shameful pillar. This is not at all true. In ordinary life, they can have leadership and power qualities, leading hundreds of subordinates. But sexually, they like to run on a leash, receive clear slaps and kiss the owner’s legs. And even without whipping with a whip, masochists are unlikely to experience an orgasm. Such strange desires … 


This is a sexual attraction for people with disabilities. Acrotomophiles like people with amputated limbs, and an ordinary body, without physical defects, does not excite them.

In society, this deviation is viewed with great concern, believing that the acrotomophil may specifically cut off the hands and feet of his partner to make him more attractive. In fact, such cases are very rare, because people with disabilities are already enough, which is facilitated by various injuries, illnesses, birth defects , etc. 

Most doctors do not consider sexual deviations as mental disorders. However, these sexual perversions go against the accepted norms of human behavior.

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