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What prevents women from negotiating with men?

When do you have problems communicating with men? When active courtship ends and cohabitation begins. Claims, disputes, quarrels arise, here it is necessary to talk, solve problems, negotiate, but this way of communicating with men is not in a hurry to master the young ladies, why?

And why do girls need to agree with young people and what, if, as a rule, he is first interested in a relationship. The psychology of communication is simple: whoever wants more, he spins. What does a girl need to make a guy interested? It is unlikely that he is overwhelmed by the desire to know her rich inner soul world, although as a supplement to the body a good soul world will not hurt.   

Therefore, the young women to attract attention do not exhibit positive personal qualities, but what attracts male attention better is the body. All women’s clothing, cosmetics, fashion, created clearly for this. It can be formulated as follows: if a girl is good at herself, then everything that is needed for successful negotiations with a man at the first stage of communication has grown.   

Young people, when they are interested in a girl, are instructed to agree, for example: on a date, on pastime, what we will do, on entertainment, on seeing off, etc. The young lady may be capricious at the same time, demand variety and options so that she had the opportunity to choose the best. This way of communication continues until sex and cohabitation, marriage.  

Woman attracts attention with her body

If the guy didn’t make sex very well, didn’t live up to expectations, then, as a rule, the young man disappears, and she begins to ask hysterically where he disappeared, why he doesn’t call, does not write. He got what he wanted, as a result of his negotiations with her, now he has nothing to agree with the young lady about.

If all is well with sex , and the girl is not particularly harmful, then cohabitation or marriage is possible. It’s getting more and more complicated, you don’t have to agree on sex yet, and if you suddenly need to, then such a marriage is unlikely to be long, but many problems arise, starting with simple everyday ones and ending with financial ones. Now the girl in a couple relationship needs to use the skill of negotiating with a man, a simple stamping of her foot and the requirement “want” no longer works. But it doesn’t work, because there is n’t either skill or desire.      

There is no skill, because no one ever teaches girls to negotiate and negotiate with boys. The position is simple: what else will I agree with him, is he stronger, let him work himself.

Hysteria – emotional hooliganism that does not solve the problem 

There is no desire, because attempts do not lead to the desired result. Throwing a tantrum, she thinks she is negotiating, but in reality she is just emotionally disorderly. After which he concludes: it is useless to negotiate with him. 

What to do? No matter how disgusting, start to be interested in a man. Young ladies rarely do this. Is it true that girls are interested in men as such, and not as a source of realization of their romantic desires? 

Here is a typical situation. The guy comes up and, saying “The most beautiful girl in the world”, gives a bouquet of flowers, and then leaves. What will be in her head? For example, a stream of romantic delirium: “what did he want, and it’s also suitable, how romantic, cool, he probably …” That is, a mixture of speculation is launched that has nothing to do with the young man. She composes a hundred times more romantic fantasies than he could tell in reality. The guy does not need to do anything else, the young lady in an inflamed imagination will try everything with him, from an innocent meeting in a cafe to wild debauchery in front of her former young man. 

If the “flower grower” is no longer suitable, then there is a chance from the coveted man to become a villain, a scoundrel, a womanizer. Of course! And why she gave flowers, she already imagined everything , dreamed, and he decided not to realize her dreams. Or maybe the young man has nothing to do with it? 

When a man takes a step, the woman will come up with a sequel to him, which the man did not even think about.

Most likely, it is, but to admit to oneself is a fool herself, it is simply impossible. And if you do not fantasize, but think about it? What does he really want? His thoughts, aspirations, hobbies? How to ask about this, what question to ask? I wonder what will answer? Or not interested? 

Girls, ask yourself questions

  • Manifested Are you interested in hobbies of your men? How, how? Just asking, participating? 
  • Do you know his business, business? What does he do? Do you understand this? Can you advise something sensible and substantive? Can you at least discuss his problems? 
  • What are his views on family and family life? What does he think, what are his duties, rights?
  • What does he think is annoying in your behavior?

Of course, there are more questions than I wrote. The main thing is the desire to ask them and the ability to calmly, reasonably talk, discuss, find common ground, that which unites. Such negotiations bring together and make living together comfortable and joyful. Try, if, of course, interesting. 

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