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How to successfully conquer women? Your male “devilish” will help

“Like an angel” – such a figurative comparison is unlikely to please men.  

“Devilishly handsome” or “damn good” is what I would like to hear from women about them. Often men are really very similar to devils – the same scary-looking …    

At the same time, some are complexing about their appearance, and some, as if nothing had happened, “storm the bastions” – they conquer women. They are not particularly worried about their own physiognomy – they are confident in themselves. We are confident in the “magical” power of male charm – in the “devilish ” and “devilish temptation.”      

But still , many men, not bothering themselves with the tedious courtship of women, sometimes do not mind to profit from “easy prey” – to possess a woman who wants to fall easily. To the delight of these men, there are plenty of such women. And they, as if spellbound, themselves go into men’s hands. They themselves readily go to bed … Easily surrender to men. Again – thanks to the mysterious masculine “devilish”.   

How to develop this mysterious “devilish” in yourself? First of all, a man needs to be able to learn the following: the right to desire a woman, the right to satisfy her and “competently” behave after intimate encounters. As soon as this knowledge and skills are acquired and mastered by a man, I dare to assure you that women will always be at his feet.   

So, let’s start in order:

Task: How to wish a woman? Solution: First of all, a man should ask himself: “What do I want: my own satisfaction or the joy of sex?” If we are only talking about self-satisfaction, then a woman is just a “device” for masturbation. In the manner of a “living” rubber doll in full size. Women intuitively feel such desires, and you have very few chances. Moreover, there is a risk of frequent failure to go directly to psychosis and aggression towards women. 

If you “have” a desire to give the joy of healthy sex to a woman, and you know how to do it, then the materialization of your desires is just around the corner.  

Task: How to satisfy a woman? Solution: There is only one rule – to do everything so that she is satisfied! The point is not so much in technology and skills, but in the desire of a man to please a woman. The man who correctly satisfied the woman is always the winner: he himself is satisfied with “satiety”, male pride at the very top, and more than enough women’s gratitude . By the way, women’s gratitude is also very tasty and appetizing. I – about the road to the heart of a man, about which only women say. 

That man who knows how to properly satisfy a woman, and thinks only in this direction, simply exudes some vibes around him, carrying this information to women. The female subconscious gives “good”, and here is the result – the woman is already attracted to you … Another term of the male devilry.  

Objective: How to behave competently after an intimate meeting with a woman? Solution: Give her the opportunity to feel completely safe. She needs to have “escape routes”. You can not pursue her, “harass” against her will, be intrusive and rude. Let her think carefully about what happened. And let herself decide the question of further relations. In you she must see tact and patient expectation … Love expectation. 

The fact that she is the mistress of the situation will play into your hands. Feeling free and relaxed, to some extent “unpunished”, a courageous and thirsty for love woman will still want exciting emotional adventures. Will want courtship and attention, and you must give her all this. Give her “new” love, as if for the first time.  

Women can endlessly love. To love to exhaustion … They are as if born for love. You must always remember this and use it. Use competently and skillfully.

The concept of “male devilry” includes adventure, courage and determination, sexual freedom and fantasies, the magical sweetness of a sinful fall for women …

Only about this – in the next article. And now – read, remember the rules and train.  

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