Why do women cheat on men?

There is an opinion that women are monogamous creatures, they are created for the family, their destiny is to raise children and protect the family hearth. But this does not mean that they are not capable of treason. And I do not presume to talk about how monogamous women or polygamous men are by nature. I just want to figure it out: what is the reason for female adultery? So, the options may be as follows: 

1. For the sake of a career

This is rare, but occurs. Imagine: your girlfriend works in some solid company and has a good position, receives a stable salary. And everything seems to be fine and she likes everything until one day … her boss does not invite her to dinner in a good restaurant. And here courtship begins, flowers, champagne and unambiguous hints. If a girl is all this unpleasant, then, as a rule, she has one way out – to quit . But what if you don’t feel like losing your job? Yes, you have to make such sacrifices. 

By the way, if at a new place of work she voices that sympathy on the part of the authorities was the reason for dismissal, then they treat her as a job seeker with distrust: “they say, she herself is guilty: she didn’t act like that, she didn’t dress like that”. But you never know what was there! And who cares to find out! 

And then one day you see your woman in company with another man. But she assures you that only business relations connect her with him. Alas, it is true that they have purely business sex on Fridays.

2. Because of money and gifts

The girl dreams of a beautiful life. She expects a huge bunch of roses from you, and you bring her three tulips. He wants to spend an unforgettable vacation with you in Paris, and you can only offer a trip to Sochi. At the same time, she does not cease to assure you that she loves. She loves only you!

Not only! She loves a beautiful life no less. Even if the director of this “Sweet Life” does not promise her anything serious. Who guarantees you that next time she won’t run to him as soon as he waves her a brand new bunch of crispy bills. Do not immediately call her a whore. We do not blame men for the fact that they like only beautiful women. We could also come up with some kind of insulting nickname for them, such as “Puppet.”  

Someone is in love only with beauty, someone with beautiful and expensive things. But in essence – this is one and the same, and his name is a minority of the soul. When people see only the shell and do not notice the main thing. And as men sometimes sleep with women only because of beauty, so women with men – for the sake of money. It should be noted that women will not always sleep with a man just because he is handsome, he must have something else besides this, for example, charm, intelligence or money.    

3. Out of revenge

Yes, there are such vengeful persons. And if you think that yours is not like that, just try to compliment her friend, and you will see how she begins to flirt with your friends. Are you scared? Now imagine what will happen if you change her and she convicts you of this. Yes, she can take revenge in the same way. She can do it in such a way that you will never know about her betrayal, although all your friends and her will already be in the know. It’s a shame! What did you expect ?! 

4. Due to sexual dissatisfaction

Are you sure you know how much sex your woman needs? Well, let’s say how many times a week she wants it. Does she always tell you this? Or are you the initiator of sexual relations? Do you know where she likes to do this and what excites her the most? What kind of poses and caresses do she like? Tell me honestly, hand on heart or below, whether you know all the sexual fantasies of your soul mate. Talk Do you about sex in bed?  

If you did not answer at least one question in the affirmative, you have cause for concern. Are you aware that women can simulate an orgasm? No, this simulation doesn’t give anyone much pleasure. But the fact is that this is one of those serious reasons why women can cheat on men. 

In women’s lips, it sounds like: “In life, he is a very good person, but in sex – no!” He himself is sad to admit it. After all, they live not with first-class lovers, but with good husbands. And they sleep just with the first. 

5. Everything is tired!

Your woman may end up in bed with another man because you just got her. No, she loves you and continues to love you. But she was simply tired of your eternal nit-picking, your unpredictable character, your exaggerated demands on her as a wife and mistress.

And she doesn’t want to do this the way you want to, and she’s already tired of repeating it to you, because you don’t hear her and continue to insist on her. She is tired of satisfying you always and in everything. She wants someone to finally hear and satisfy her. And believe me, she has a right to it. Therefore, if not you, then it will be someone else.

And do not think that nobody needs it and is not interested. Because one day you yourself may be out of work. Then you will have time to think: “Why did she do this?” And this betrayal does not mean at all that she did not like sex with you. Liked it! You are just too complicated for her. You have too many rules and principles.

6. “Ups! I did it again! ”

In other words: by accident. She can change simply because she went over a little with a drink in the bar, then some pretty young man offered to give her a lift to the house …

How she ended up in his bed, she no longer remembers, like everything that came afterwards. She just feels lonely and miserable, despite the fact that she has you.

Think about it, maybe you just do not pay attention to it? Maybe you are too busy working to be with her. You pay off money from her and say: “Honey, here’s your credit card! Have fun and do not deny yourself anything! Just don’t call me, I have a conference in the morning, then … and then … and in the evening I will be busy too! And tomorrow I’m flying on a business trip to Novosibirsk. No, well, why do you need to fly with me, it ‘s cold there, you’ll still get sick. I will call you! Do not miss!” 

Well, what else can she do? She seems to be your woman. And at the same time by itself. So she solves her problems as she can.  

7. She was seduced

Imagine you have been together for a long time and know each other well. You perfectly understand her, and she – you. You have studied each other so much that you don’t even have anything to talk about. Although no, this is not true! You simply don’t need to talk about something, because the train of your thoughts is quite clear to your soul mate, it can even compose dialogues on your behalf. 

You have already ceased to amaze each other. You, as a man, relieved yourself of the obligation to care for a woman: to give her flowers, to meet her from work, if she was late, to give her compliments … She got used to it and believes that everything is in order – you have a stable relationship. 

But then one day she meets a man who begins to show her signs of attention: he is so gallant. And all this is so exciting, full of emotions and unpredictable. And she rushes into this pool with her head. No, this does not help her “refresh” her relationship with you. She just wants new novels, new emotions and feelings. Women are generally emotional creatures, and they cannot live long in a gray room with four walls. If you stop surprising her, then someone else will do it. 

From all the above reasons, a very simple conclusion can be drawn. If you want your woman to never cheat on you , then: 

 – support her in her work – help her find this job, get on her feet or start her own business so that her success does not depend on the whims of her superiors; 

 – give her gifts, she loves it, albeit not an expensive trinket, but still nice;

 – try not to change her, and if this happens, then do everything so that she does not know about it;

 – Satisfy her in bed;

 – do not get it in the details, you do not need to paint her whole life on schedule and set conditions;

 – pay attention to her, just be near her, communicate – it is important for her; 

 – look after her, as on the first day of your acquaintance.

And yet, judging by a recent survey I conducted, women believe that one reason for adultery is clearly not enough. But when a whole cart and another small cart of dissatisfaction is typed in – here they can already go all out. 

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