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What to do when a weak erection?

Every man has a weak erection. The phallus cannot be “iron” from day to day. At some moments, the potency weakens – the penis is not firm or “falls” even before the end of the sexual intercourse.

If such cases occur sporadically, then it is too early to panic, talk about impotence, but it is imperative to identify the reasons leading to this.

Common causes of weak erection, what to do

Impotence is not considered in the article. It needs to be treated by a specialist, it is too late to engage in correction and prevention. The problem lies in the violation of blood circulation, affects the entire body, and not just the genital area. So the whole body needs to be treated.

There can be several reasons for a weakening of an erection or a temporary, incomplete decrease in potency. Sometimes it is possible to identify them only after visiting doctors – an andrologist, urologist, sexologist, psychologist.

Psycho-emotional stress

  1. Depression caused by stress at work or a difficult situation in the family – scandals, divorce, illness of children, relatives. Psycho-traumatic situations.
  2. Moral exhaustion, communication with “difficult people”, insufficient rest after that.
  3. Emotional instability due to criticism from a partner, wife, belittling of manhood, insults.
  4. Negative experiences, fear of recurrence of sexual failure.
  5. Fear that a partner or wife will become pregnant, unwillingness to have children. With obsessive fear, even a condom does not save, since a man is fixated on the fact that he can break.
  6. Obsessive fear of contracting a bad disease.

What to do?

In all these cases, it will not be superfluous to take sedatives (persen, deprim, novo-passit), light antidepressants, anxiolytics (drugs that relieve anxiety and fear): afobazol, tenoten, atarax.

Consultation and work with a psychologist, good long rest. Sports, hobbies, music, a change of scenery will help relieve stress. It is recommended to drink herbal tea with sedative herbs at night.

Taking alcohol, psychotropic drugs

If small amounts of alcohol, caffeine, and other psychostimulants give tone, improve mood, remove psychological blocks, then abuse leads to a reverse reaction. Frequent intake of stimulating drugs, caffeine instead of excitement will slow down the nervous system, reduce male abilities. Here are some of the consequences of the abuse of harmful substances, alcoholic beverages:

  1. Persistent vasoconstriction, impaired blood supply to the genitals and, as a result, a flaccid member.
  2. Decrease in the brightness of sensations, loss of potency during intercourse, inability to achieve orgasm.
  3. Beer contains estrogens, and they displace testosterone, which cannot but affect negatively the potency.

What to do?

With prolonged alcohol abuse, the temporary lethargy of the penis becomes permanent and impotence occurs. If episodic problems with erection have begun, then strong drinks, beer must be abandoned.

Frequent drinking of beer leads to the formation of female body fat. This in itself leads to an increase in female hormones – it has been proven that adipose tissue affects the production of estrogen.

A vicious circle is formed – beer has an estrogen-like effect and forms fat, and excess adipose tissue in the abdomen and thighs stimulates estrogen. This position is not good for a man’s appearance and reduces sexual function.

The man abruptly quit smoking

For long-term smokers, abrupt rejection of nicotine causes disruption in the work of all organs, since the body receives stress from its deficiency. This affects the work of the heart, endocrine and nervous systems – hormonal disorders, depression, nervousness, increased aggression are possible. The reproductive system suffers.

What to do?

It is better to endure, wait out the time and sexual functions will return to normal. When the body gets used to new conditions (without a dose of nicotine), testosterone levels, blood circulation, sensitivity of erogenous zones, penis, and libido will increase.

To reduce the negative reaction, pharmacies have remedies – sprays, tablets, anti-smoking patches, a line of nicorette. They really help someone, someone does not see a special effect. Everything is individual.

Frequent, regular masturbation

Although self-satisfaction relieves sexual tension, improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, which means the production of male hormones, it should not be abused for a number of reasons:

  1. Can develop into a habit, ordinary sex will cease to excite.
  2. Frequent irritation of the head of the penis with a hand (or sex toy) reduces sensitivity.
  3. The penis does not stand without additional habitual hand stimulation, which makes it impossible to conduct normal intercourse.

In Japan, due to the lack of time and the developed production of the most incredible sex devices, the birth rate has dropped sharply. Men are no longer eager to date a girl. You need to look after her, communicate, make efforts in bed, and there is not enough time (working day 12 hours).

The habit of getting an orgasm with the help of sex toys reduced attraction to the opposite sex, the ability to physiological sexual intercourse. It is difficult to call this process masturbation in the full sense of the word, but it can not be attributed to intimacy either.

What to do?

After masturbation, a man does not need sex from several hours to several days, depending on age and temperament. The refractory period sets in. To always be “in shape”, you need to give up masturbation. Not every man is ready for this, sometimes masturbation turns into a habit. An appeal to a sexologist, a psychologist will help.

Switching to vegetarianism, adherence to a strict diet, imbalance in nutrition

Any limitation is stress for the body. If it is necessary to lose weight, a diet cannot be avoided, but a strict restriction on food will lead to a weakening of libido and erection. For the production of male hormones, sperm, maintaining physical strength, protein, fats, and trace elements are required. In plant foods, protein and fat are mostly low.

What to do?

For a good erection, vegetarians should regularly eat nuts, seeds, legumes, olives, olives. Any diet should not severely restrict calorie intake. After a long period of abstinence from food comes “zhor” – the kilograms will not only return, but be deposited with a margin.

So that male strength does not decrease, you do not need to give up products containing protein and fats, especially after sexual intercourse. It is recommended to periodically take male vitamins with zinc, dietary supplements with male herbs such as ginseng, golden root, penny, Peruvian poppy, etc. (they increase testosterone and improve blood flow in the pelvis).

Decreased testosterone production

The amount of testosterone decreases naturally with age, the male climax sets in. There is a genetically determined low testosterone level. But it happens that young, healthy men experience a deficiency. The reasons for the decrease in the production of male hormones include:

  1. Severe obesity, diabetes mellitus.
  2. Errors in nutrition, leading to a deficiency of vitamins, trace elements, proteins, fats.
  3. Bad habits, a very sedentary lifestyle.
  4. Taking hormones, sports anabolic steroids.
  5. Radiation or chemotherapy.
  6. Chronic diseases of internal organs.
  7. Chronic stress.
  8. Side effects of a number of drugs.

What to do?

Without an analysis, it is impossible to determine whether testosterone is reduced or not, it is necessary to conduct an examination. To stimulate the production of androgens, physical activity, good nutrition, including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, are recommended. Herbal medicine or taking dietary supplements containing medicinal plants that stimulate potency, blood circulation, and hormone production. The need to take artificial hormones is determined by the doctor.

Chronic diseases, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)

Long-term chronic diseases of the heart, liver, kidneys, and other internal organs, without adequate therapy, lead to problems with blood vessels. And since the potency directly depends on the blood supply to the genitals, then with its insufficiency, a weak erection is observed.

STDs reduce potency due to the inflammatory process in the genitals, prostate. They are often accompanied by pain, which does not dispose to intimacy. Any inflammation interferes with blood circulation.

What to do?

Chronic diseases require regular follow-up and adequate treatment. When the disease is in long-term remission, compensated, a man does not face a bad erection.

It is easy to protect yourself from STDs by avoiding casual sex by using a condom. If you have the slightest suspicion of an STD, you should immediately go to the clinic and undergo an examination.

Even if there are no symptoms, but there is a possibility of the disease, you need to be checked for prevention. This can be done anonymously. An acute illness, and often symptoms may not even be in the acute phase, is treated much easier and faster than a chronic one. A striking example of this is chlamydia, which can proceed without symptoms, but lead to infertility.

How to strengthen a weak erection

After establishing the cause of episodic “misfires”, it is necessary to eliminate it – to put in order the nerves, avoid overwork, remove stress, establish nutrition, choose drugs for chronic diseases, etc.

It is not always possible to do this in full. For example: work stress will not go anywhere without changing jobs. It is not always possible to relax, sleep with small children. Night shift and shift work does not imply regular rest, fitness, or a normal daily routine. In such cases, drugs will help to increase the hardness of the penis.


The most effective, popular are phosphodiesterase (PDE-5) inhibitors. They are distinguished by efficiency and quick results. Strengthen the blood supply to the genitals. They have a minimal effect on the heart and blood vessels.

They are accepted both one-time and in courses. PDE inhibitors include pharmacological substances – sildenafil, vardenafil, tadalafil, udenafil and drugs based on them.

Hormone-based drugs, such as Andriol, restore testosterone levels. It is not advisable to take such funds on your own, they are prescribed by a doctor.

Plant-based preparations, which include herbs that increase testosterone levels, tone and improve blood circulation. There are a great variety of such drugs, some of them are sealex, erocaps, pretocaps, alicaps, pantomax, libido forte, alphamen, Peruvian maca, etc. etc.

Prevention measures

In order for a weak erection to appear as late as possible, from episodic to permanent, it is necessary to maintain physical and mental health. Undergo medical examination, medical examination, observe the work and rest regimen, get enough sleep.

If at a young age it is still permissible to work for wear and tear for some time (but definitely not desirable), then in a mature age it is no longer safe without rest and sleep. Many chronic diseases can be earned. Aging of the body, including sexual functions, will come earlier.

Regular, productive intimacy and stress management can be beneficially influenced by a change in environment. It is better to spend your vacation far from home – traveling, at the dacha, buying a ticket to a country sanatorium / dispensary.

Summer time spent in nature: tanning, swimming, walking in the woods, is not in vain. The body is tempered, strengthened, vitamin D is produced. Such rest helps to avoid colds and asthenia in winter, and supports sexual activity.

Morning exercises, fitness, are the best training for male endurance in sex, accelerate blood flow. Planned, course intake of complex male vitamins and dietary supplements prolongs sexual youth. It is a good prevention of age-related erectile dysfunction.

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