Ways to quickly get aroused for a man

It is not easy for a man to get aroused, no matter how he boasts that he is ready for sex “always, everywhere and in any weather.” And sex without previous sexual arousal is not possible; for sexual intercourse, the penis must become hard. 

Why is there no excitement

Situations where arousal does not arise at the snap of your fingers are quite commonplace. The girl may not like the gentleman outwardly, at the level of smell, because of an unpleasant voice or inappropriate behavior.

You may like it outwardly as a picture, but intuitively repulse with something, not cling. Everything is very clear here, the girl did not come up, it is customary to say “did not light up”. Therefore, there is no desire, excitement, although a man may not be aware of the reason for the coldness. 

It happens on the contrary, the girl is so attracted to that in her presence comes shyness, stupor, numbness. The young man is physically incapable of sexually attuning to bodily intercourse.

With a long family life, a man gets so used to his wife that he does not see her as a sexual object. If the wife has a low temperament, after a series of refusals, the husband no longer hopes for anything, he manages to masturbate.

This relieves tension, and desire passes for a while, marital debt is no longer required. Lack of sex life introduces disharmony in marital relationships.  

What determines the speed of excitation

In some men, the penis “stands up” for a fetish. It can be anything: an attractive smell, a hoarse voice, movements (dancing gait, the habit of crossing legs over legs), gestures, the appearance of thin ankles, dressing style (neckline, short skirts), etc.

In such men, any woman who has fetishes is arousing. Even if she is unpleasant to him outwardly, he does not like her in character or as a person. 

The main factors affecting libido:

  1. Age. Young people have a higher need for sex, the desire arises even from a glance, a light touch, and finding a sexual object nearby. A woman does not have to be familiar, loved, the main thing is to be sexy. Imagination immediately connects and promises pleasant sensations, new emotions.
  2. Sexual temperament. It can be weak, medium, strong, and determines the frequency of intimate needs. With a weak temperament, it is enough to have sex no more than 2 times a week, with a strong one – a couple of times a day or more. It’s about the peak of sexual performance.
  3. Hormonal background. Low testosterone levels result in decreased libido. Such men are tuned in to sex for a long time and they need additional stimulation.
  4. Psychological health, character traits. Psychological traumas from childhood, adolescence, even if they are forgotten, interfere with liberation at the subconscious level. Fear of failure, embarrassment of the naked body, expectation of criticism. Perfectionism can hinder quick arousal. Perfectionists, squeamish people love to create the ideal, in their opinion, environment and only then surrender to desire. Lack of a fresh bed, a shower, a smoky room, an unclean apartment, if not disgusting, then reduce arousal in people with such a character.

How to get horny for a man, the fastest methods

This question is very relevant in married couples and for timid young people who are shy due to inexperience. Sexual stimuli are called releasers.
According to the worldview, people are divided into audials – perception through sounds, visuals – visual perception is developed, kinesthetics – they know the world through touch, smell, taste. Based on this, their releasers are suitable for everyone. 

Visual stimulation

One of the most effective, it is not for nothing that there is a saying “He loves men with his eyes.” Natural arousal occurs when a man sees the object of desire in an attractive form for him, with beautiful makeup (or vice versa without it), in lace underwear, a dress with a neckline, high heels, stockings, etc. etc.

It is very easy to make a hint of this to your spouse or girlfriend, just give a lingerie, a dressing gown with a cut-out or even a sex suit for role-playing games and ask them to wear it during a date.
The porn industry will help fuel lust. For sex arousal, this option is trouble-free, it is good to use it before the expected intimate meeting.
It is often enough to look at erotic, nude photos and the penis is already on alert.

Such guys create a mood for themselves before having sex, enough pictures or turn on the imagination, fantasize about sex.


For some men, porn films are becoming a common pastime; they no longer need living women. This addiction is called pornophilia. You should not regularly masturbate to movies, replacing this with an intimate meeting.

There is no need to copy the actors’ play and portray scenes from films, if there is no mutual agreement. This usually makes the partner laugh or annoyed, as it looks unnatural.

Auditory stimulation

When there is no fetish for a specific timbre or pitch of the voice, and there are times when they fall in love with the voice, without seeing the girl herself. That means erotic sounds: whispers, groans, certain words.

Music therapy helps. Rhythm, a melody from the past associated with romantic memories, evokes erotic associations, creates mood and excitement. Such music should be played more often before intimacy.


It happens that a man, on the contrary, loses his excitement when a woman, with intimacy, includes musical accompaniment. He wants to hear his partner’s breathing in silence, her moans, so that extraneous sounds do not distract. For the same reason, desire falls when the TV is on, although at the first meetings absolutely no sounds could interfere.

Physical stimulation

Masturbation creates desire even when the man is not psychologically ready. The effect is achieved by irritation of the nerve endings of the head of the penis and a direct response of the genital centers of the spinal cord – a reflex erection.

Before intimacy, a man can excite himself by absenting himself in the shower, but not bringing masturbation to the end.


Masturbation, as in the case of porn films, can become a habit and the woman will no longer be needed.


A certain scent can cause a strong desire. These scents are called aphrodisiacs. The molecules of essential oils act through the olfactory receptors on the centers of sexual arousal, causing an erection.

But such stimulation will work only when the partner is attractive to the man, does not cause rejection. The most powerful essential oils are recognized: musk, ylang-ylang, patchouli, bergamot, rose.
Like music, there are memory smells. When romantic moments of the past come to mind, causing attraction and erotic fantasies.

A man can ask his lady to use these scents, scent the room before a meeting, apply some essential oil on his wrists or hair. A direct hint will be donated perfume, aroma lamp, candles, compositions of essential oils. 


Smells can both attract and repel a man. Even aphrodisiacs, if you go too far with them, can cause a headache, drown out arousal. When associations with a certain smell of an unpleasant woman are retained in the memory, it can be difficult to overcome them.

Another woman smelling the same will cause negativity by inertia. In such cases, you just need to ask to remove the perfume that the man does not like so much.
In some cases, I like the smell of a clean body without any soap, gel or deodorant fragrances.

Everything is decided by conversation – when a woman is interested in intimacy, she will go to a meeting, give up perfumes, strong oils, and other “fragrant” habits.

Time spent separately

The method is not for everyone. It works well for couples where people spend most of the day together. For example, they live locally and both work remotely from home. In a family where someone leaves periodically on a business trip (on watch), a rich sex life lasts longer.
During his absence, a man gets new impressions, gets bored, fantasizes about being expected at home, or simply psychologically resting from his daily household routine.

Seeing his beloved after separation, he experiences an almost instant passion. It is for this reason that couples practice separate living (guest marriage) or separate bedrooms. For some, this is a great solution to keep the relationship new for as long as possible.


If a couple quarreled before parting, this can be harmful. Negative feelings in loneliness intensify, hypertrophy (impressionable natures like to wind themselves up), leave a negative imprint. At the moment of the meeting, there will be not joy, but new claims.
Too jealous people, separation is not categorically suitable. When mutual understanding, trust has gone from the couple, feelings have cooled down, then separation is unlikely to return them.

Drug stimulation

When a man is very afraid of a “misfire”, a woman expects a sex marathon from a partner, the means for potency will help a man to get aroused. 

Synthetic drugs

PDE-5 inhibitors are considered safe and fast-acting. The most famous:

  • Viagra;
  • levitra;
  • zidena;
  • cialis, etc.

The funds are taken immediately before intercourse – in 10-15 minutes, while the foreplay lasts, they begin to act. The main thing is to do as recommended in the instructions and not to exceed the dose. The result is a long, hard erection.


Even if they are OTC products, they contain a chemical active ingredient. It will not be superfluous to consult a doctor and find out if a particular man has contraindications. When there are chronic diseases, especially in the stage of exacerbation or decompensation, it is better not to take pharmacological drugs or do it very carefully, after the permission of the doctor.

Natural preparations of animal origin

Such preparations contain biologically active substances, their composition is natural. The action is aimed at increasing blood flow in the pelvic organs, stimulating the production of testosterone, and increasing libido.

  • Spanish fly;
  • dragon tornado;
  • Australian kangaroo;
  • golden tiger, etc.

Folk remedies and herbal preparations

Healing herbs have a comprehensive effect on the entire body. Each plant has many properties, sometimes mutually exclusive. Preparations for potency contain mutually reinforcing extracts.

They almost always affect the blood flow, general tone, stimulate the nervous system, heal, cleanse the liver. For herbs, a cumulative effect is characteristic. After a course of herbal preparations, the effect lasts for weeks or even months.

Popular tableted and encapsulated drugs:

  • Alitabs,
  • Alphamen,
  • Biopoten,
  • Peruvian poppy,
  • Lexopol,
  • Libido Drive,
  • Libido Forte,
  • Potentialex,
  • Sealex,
  • Eronestil,
  • Erocaps,
  • Ginseng capsules, etc.,

Tinctures from the roots of medicinal plants

Tinctures are sold at the pharmacy, or you can make them at home. Raw materials are needed – the roots of Eleutherococcus, ginseng, kopeck (pink root), golden root (pink radiola), Chinese magnolia vine + 40-degree alcohol (vodka can be used) + honey, cinnamon if desired.

The tincture is made from one kind of root, but you can mix it. 1/3 of the crushed dry root or 1/2 of the fresh one is placed in a container, poured with vodka, kept for a month in the dark. Strain and add a teaspoon to drinks 2-3 times a day. This is the standard tincture. There are many detailed recipes and reviews on the Internet.

When insomnia occurs, take in the first half of the day, reduce the dose or temporarily cancel the tincture. In addition to potency, these plants increase immunity, performance, improve memory, normalize the psycho-emotional state.

A warning

Plants work very selectively. Each has its own weed. This feature can be traced to the example of antirheumatic fees.

For people with equally pronounced symptoms (severe joint pain, inflammation), herbs help better than pills, especially since they do not work on the stomach. But what contributes to long-term remission in one may not alleviate the condition of the other.

Toning herbs usually work on everyone, but for some it is vigor and activity, while for others persistent insomnia. Perhaps this is due to energy consumption. Physical labor, sports, remove insomnia. Therefore, the dosage of tinctures should be correctly selected for each of his own, according to the sensations. The capsules are taken as written in the instructions.


Sexual arousal in a man has a complex mechanism; it arises from a signal from the brain (smells, visual and auditory stimulation) or even from a direct effect on the genitals.

Preparations for potency increase libido if a woman likes a man or has sexual fetishes that excite him. When a woman is repulsive, attraction will not come even from drugs.
With persistent, prolonged loss of libido, you must make an appointment with a doctor. The problem can be both psychological and physical (for example, a decrease in hormone levels).

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