Who more often initiates sex and why?

This issue would hardly have been discussed in the days of youth of our grandparents. If we turn to various kinds of “love” memoirs (memoirs of famous actresses, singers, socialite and so on), then a century ago, women were considered good manners to remain silent “to the last” about their sexual desire.   

So it was in fact, if you read the novels of that time or watch feature films. In society, a girl or woman did not have the opportunity to “identify” their desires in an intimate sense, so as not to seem to the strong sex to be “licentious” or even a lady of easy virtue.

The absolute norm was that the first man to speak about an intimate desire was to speak. For example, in the form of hints or more passionate kisses than usual. A woman’s direct “designation” of her desire for sexual intercourse, however, was not allowed. Of course, if the man did not communicate with a prostitute. 

Nowadays, everything has decisively changed. First of all, for the reason that young people in their relationships do not set themselves the goal of creating a family. There are many reasons. And not in the last place economic and moral factors. After all, the newlyweds must somehow live together. And if housing is problematic, then why arrange a marriage? Family for stamps in passports? Then, after a year or two, to disperse due to insoluble domestic issues? Again , a hasty marriage is fraught with the appearance of children. And now they are becoming a big burden for young mothers and dads. 

All this has come back to modern society in that many women of childbearing age do not want to marry, but want to have sexual relations without obligation. Incredible situation! After all, a woman has always sought to have her hearth, to constantly be in bed with the same man, to take care of him, to raise children. What happens then?    

In my opinion, the weaker sex simply “took away” the right from men to be the initiator of sex. Social circumstances contributed to this. Why family? To be muzzled by problems? After all, roughly speaking, a family is created including in order to have a permanent partner (partner) in bed for sex. Is not it?   

And men (let’s not suppress it) almost always, like the devil from incense, tried to escape from marriage. Why do they need everyday problems if all interests were only in sex? Marriage used to be the goal of the weaker sex, since it legally obliged a man to be a support for a woman.

I do not argue, all this (in terms of support) is valid now. Although in a very strange way. Namely: if a man does not want to start a family, then he can “pay off” by the fact that he will support the woman and be her coming husband. That is, a man only for sex. In earlier times, this was condemned in society. Now , many women themselves offer the stronger sex this option.   

Why? Everything is connected with instability in society. Most men cannot provide a woman with normal living conditions. And if a man has a hard time with work, then even more so few people dare to live together with him constantly. But the version of the coming man – just right. I didn’t like it – you can drop it and get hold of another. And no troubles!  

Is it good or bad that the weaker sex began to talk about sex without hesitation? Is it good or bad that the initiative with this increasingly comes from the ladies? I do not know what to answer these questions. But I know that this is how things began with my friends. The concept of “cast and quit” is already firmly in their colloquial speech.  

I understand that the stronger sex is not to blame. It’s just that young women quite quickly realize that in the current conditions of a large-scale crisis, finding a prince on a white horse is unrealistic. And the female body wants male affection and sex.

But the whole paradox is that the stronger sex with its stereotypes has so far remained somewhere at the level of thinking of our grandparents in terms of norms and believes that before the first sex it is necessary to look after the woman for a long time and beautifully. And this is a wasted time. Well, the admirer does not understand what the lady needs … As they say, to hell with him, we will find another and begin to act more decisively with hints of sex. 

Say that I am exaggerating the situation in relations between men and women? May be. But it seems to me that in some ways I am right. Everyone has one life. And it’s a pity, it’s a shame when the best years pass by the senses and the body. So some women try to “grab” their personal in life at least for a while. And how can you “grab”? Only one way – to lure a man to his bed with sex. And if not too smart, then be the first to take the initiative.   

As the classic said: “Oh, times, oh, morals!” But you can’t trample against the call of the body!

event_note October 3, 2019

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