How to improve sex life with voice?

Statistics show that about 40% of couples have sex once a month or less. Why does the fire of passion fade over time and how to maintain it? The topic is very intimate and mysterious, so dim the lights and let’s talk heart to heart.

Are you satisfied with your sex life? Would you like to improve it? No rubber products to buy! In general, you do not need to buy anything, just follow the tips below.  

1. A conversation, a joint walk, or dinner before sex help establish contact between partners.

When we trust a person, we allow ourselves to relax during sex, which means we get a lot more pleasure. The sounds of our voice excite us, and even more – a joint discussion of desires and fantasies. Thus we kill two birds with one stone – share thoughts and set ourselves up for sex. According to many women, dating “with a beautiful foreplay” is much more often taken to bed.   

2. Shout out to health!

Loud moans, screams and sounds enhance desire and prolong sex. Many men complain about the “woodenness” of girls in bed. Sometimes because of constraint, sometimes because of the neighbors behind the wall, women do not voice their emotions and feelings, thereby they deprive their partners of half of the pleasure. So the Italians are not without reason considered to be one of the most loving nations, their expression of their feelings is the norm, and the neighbors do not call the police, but, as a rule, rejoice for lovers.   

3. Whispers are the secret weapon of seduction. 

No wonder the secret agents in the films whisper pleasant words to their “victims”. We have to listen to a whisper, unlike ordinary speech, which means that our attention will be one hundred percent to the phrases uttered in the ear. In addition , loud breathing in the ear can cause goosebumps throughout the body, which increases our sensitivity, which means that all sensations become brighter. 

4. Role-playing games, voice stylization.

Do not be afraid to try on different scenarios and change your voice. Trying a new image on themselves, many people can get away from a boring routine and open up in a new quality. Putting on a suit or simply imagining ourselves in unusual circumstances, we can be liberated and allow ourselves something new. So an office worker can feel like a lifeguard in the role of a fireman or feel his power, becoming a couple of hours as a policeman who caught a pretty thief. One of the best psychological reliefs is a change of activity, even for an hour.  

5. Code words and phrases.

Once, in an interview with one successful lady, I heard this advice: say the same word at the brightest moment of intimacy – and your man will eventually wait only for him. Such an “anchor,” she said, can strengthen a partner’s affection and prolong sexual relations, since we all love rituals. Such a tradition will eventually become an integral part of the pleasure that a man cannot find on the side. Having checked on my own experience, I can say that now, even pronouncing the “code word” in public places, I see how my partner’s eyes light up and he tries to get closer.    

We are all different, but the above tricks are practically flawless. Try, experiment and find what excites you and your partner the most. The joint experience of vivid emotions and new experience is the best way to strengthen and extend relationships for many years. 

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