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Who changes more?

Love and sex do not always complement each other well. Family traditions burst at the seams as they are torn by the sexual revolution. Marriage becomes just a cover from a society in which double morality rules today.

On the one hand, spouses demonstrate strong family relationships to relatives, friends and acquaintances , and on the other hand , they have lovers and lovers. And this is already the usual norm in most countries .   

With a curious study recently reviewed on the Internet. For several years, the international organization “Family and Sex” at the UN selectively questioned residents of a number of male and female countries aged 50 to 60 years. The category of the population was chosen so that people already had life experiences and anonymously, without embarrassment or embarrassment, could openly answer a specific question: “How many partners (partners) did you have in bed for your married life?” It was proposed to put a check mark in front of the numbers 1 , 2 or more, 5 or more, 10 or more. The survey was conducted only in European countries.

It turned out that the spouse in Germany is most often cheated . Only units ticked the number 1. Most of the respondents ticked “10 or more”. But it is in Germany – the strongest marriages. Paradox?  

No, everything is logical. Among Germans, there is an opinion that left sex strengthens marriage. Than? Apparently, there is an opportunity to compare sex and make sure that home bed is better. True, over the years it becomes monotonous. But the Germans easily solve this problem by going to the left to renew their feelings. Doctors in this country in a situation where a husband and wife are bored of sharing a bed, even recommend just trying sex on the side. For a long family life, there are several such “samples”.  

The French are even more interested in sex . They also have adultery – not a reason for divorce at all. In France, there is even such a thing as a separate trip of husband and wife to rest for sex. And this is considered absolutely normal. Moreover, the couple then share their impressions of left sex upon return. And no jealousy!   

In Poland, left-wing sex is not condemned either. On the contrary, in society there, with irony and mockery, they look at a couple who is quite happy with sex with each other until they are old. In Poland, a very peculiar concept of adultery. No one will be surprised by the announcement: “I am looking for a married couple to exchange sex with a married couple for one night.” But why exactly a married couple? Everything is very simple: because it implies immediately the mutual consent of the spouses to treason. Here we are only talking about the temporary change of one bed to another without quarrels and reproaches of infidelity.   

In Italy, the same situation. And she also does not surprise anyone. But there is one difference. It consists in the fact that the spouses recommend each other their friends.   

After analyzing the questionnaires, such a table turned out.

  • The most unfaithful spouses are Germans. 
  • They are followed by the French.
  • In third place are the inhabitants of Poland.
  • Next come the inhabitants of Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria.

Unfortunately, in the republics of the former USSR, surveys were not conducted.

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