Was there sex in the USA during Soviet times?

At a time in the Soviet Union, on one of the television programs during direct communication on the air with American women, it sounded that there was no sex in the country building communism. It turned out that citizens multiplied as if from the immaculate conception. In the studio on the side of Moscow, laughter rang out and another participant in the live broadcast immediately made an amendment: they say there is no such sex as in America.  

The word “sex” in the USSR was removed not only from colloquial speech. This word then completely disappeared in the media.  

But with sex, it was not always the same in the socialist camp. More open were relations between a man and a woman in the German Democratic Republic, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. Tourists from the USSR who visited these countries were surprised to see glossy magazines of erotic content there and enthusiastically bought cassettes with strawberries. 

But all this was seized during inspection at the airport upon return. Immoral behavior could be reported to work and at the place of study. For the storage of porn films, they were given a term of imprisonment in places not so remote.

For some reason, it was believed then that the most corrupt people in terms of sex are Americans. But it turns out that in the United States there were also very strict sex prohibitions . Incredible, but it is a fact. Need some examples?    

Back in 1930, the American film distributors adopted the so-called Public Code of Ethics. His provisions prohibited a lot of morality in films. Including sexual scenes were banned. It was strictly forbidden to show a naked body in bed or somewhere else if, according to the script, a sexual act was planned between the characters. Moreover, American censorship rigidly cut out moments from feature films where the characters were in their underwear and at the same time talked about love and feelings. Any mention of the intimacy of a man and woman outside marriage was considered a clear propaganda of sexual licentiousness. 

In the 60s of the last century, American film distributors had to slightly relax their requirements for films. But still they remained tough enough. Sexual intercourse can be removed, but with the condition that the camera will show the man and woman only partially and not below the waist. And this display was strictly regulated by the time – 10 seconds, after which they went to the side of the camera with the darkening of the frame and switching to a neutral plot.  

Closer to the 70s of the twentieth century, bans in the United States to show sex in the movies completely collapsed. This happened largely due to frank films of Hollywood, whose leadership realized that film art without sex is of little interest to American viewers.   

What happened next – we know well. Now there is practically no big difference between love American art films and pornographic films – here and there there are detailed scenes with sexual acts. The only difference is that in Hollywood, “actors” from porn studios are invited for such scenes, who temporarily become movie star understudies in intimate scenes. Doublers are usually removed from the back without showing their faces. But in some films, movie stars really had sexual contact, which was clear from their position of bodies, movements and faces at the time of orgasm. 

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