UFO flew in. Should I wait for sex with aliens?

The media reported on the appearance of UFOs in the sky over Ireland on November 9 , 2018. At the same time, the media claim that UFO activity is noted in different places of the world. What it was in Ireland – a meteorological probe, an alien spacecraft from the planet Nibiru or another aircraft, no one can say for sure.    

Often with the advent of UFOs in the press, information appears about the sexual harassment of aliens to people. The unbridled fantasy in humans has no boundaries, and it is useless to deny the possibility of a person’s sexual relationship with aliens, because there are some witnesses who themselves saw something, heard something or had sexual contact with humanoids themselves.    

For a long time, sex with aliens was perceived by scientists (and law enforcement officers) as the frank nonsense of a sick person, but over time, some Western scientists began to doubt the delusionality of such statements. And they began to make attempts to study this phenomenon, which, in my opinion, continues to remain the same delirium of the sick consciousness, as was previously thought. 

Logic suggests that aliens whose space technology is perfected and allows them to overcome the vast distances of intergalactic space, there is no need for sexual contact with people. Why, when in the universe millions of stars? To breed new reptilians? I see no reason in such conjugations of highly developed civilizations with our civilization, which is much lower in its development.

The statements of women that they had sex with aliens made them doubt the mental health of representatives of the weak half of humanity, who allowed themselves to bring out such personal information to the public. But times are changing and what used to be a secret of intimate relations between the sexes, in the light of recent years, is made public for public discussion.

The first to venture to publicly report a case of sex with aliens, as one would expect, is a representative of the United States , a people who, as we know, have a special mentality. The following statements about sex with aliens began to come from European women. And now there is information that sexual relations with aliens have already appeared in Russia , and almost every 5th woman had sex with humanoids.        

Ufologists record all such statements, trying to build some kind of regularity, but I have not heard about any event that they brought to their logical end. And almost all cases of ufologists have some flaws that do not allow to consider their information reliable. In one case they didn’t do analyzes, in the other they didn’t see the reliability of the information, in the third they didn’t document something, in the fourth they still didn’t do anything … Therefore, there can be no talk of a scientific approach.

It would seem that there is some discrimination when aliens have sex exclusively with women, however, as it turned out, men are also victims of alien sexual claims. But they testify that they had sex with creatures similar to earthly women. We can judge this by films in which the roles of aliens are played by actresses Lilia Aleshnikova or Kim Basinger.   

At the same time, women have sexual partners similar to the heroes of the movie about Star Wars. We don’t know how aliens reproduce, scientists don’t say anything about the mechanism of humanoid reproduction, but in science fiction films sometimes it comes to artificial insemination. In films, aliens say that they reproduce by budding, cloning, and other methods that exclude physical contact with each other.  

In one of the films, an alien shows her earthly partner unusual sex when they touch each other with the sole of their feet. In the movie “The Destroyer”, the hero played by Sylvester Stallone, at the time of her desire to have sex, her partner put on a helmet with wires – for contactless sex. But all the alien ladies certainly enjoy natural physical sex. 

On these cases of contactless sex, I would like to draw attention to – both on the variants of virtual and astral sex, which some “spiritual” teachings practice in our time. Some areas of yoga allow you to develop the sensory abilities of the body for such self-awareness in the environment. For this, a person has sensory organs – this is sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste.   

These features always exist, and I don’t understand why so far no one has made any assumptions about the constant contact of our planet with alien civilizations. And it would be interesting to draw such an analogy. How does antique sex with deities, for example, differ from sex with aliens? And also, how did aliens behave in medieval times? 

In ancient times, there was temple prostitution associated with the cult of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, described by Herodotus (Clio 181−182), when each Babylonian once in her life should sit in the sanctuary of Aphrodite and surrender (for money) to a stranger.

There is also a description of a huge tower on which a large temple is erected, in which there is a large, luxuriously cleaned bed and next to it is a golden table. It is on this bed that one woman spends the night, whom God chooses for himself from all the local women, and God himself sometimes visits the temple and spends the night on this bed. 

The same, according to Herodotus, seems to be happening in the Egyptian Thebes. And there, in the temple of Zeus of Thebes, some woman also sleeps. Both of these women do not communicate with mortal men. The soothsayer , the priestess of God in Lycia, also sleeps in the temple , and when the god appears, the priestess is locked with him at night in the temple.    

Thus, we see that in ancient times people in a certain way adapted to the appearance on the earth of alien and other representatives of the unknown. But in the Middle Ages, things were somewhat different.

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