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You are delusional about the number of sexual partners you have had

If you had 7 partners, then you’ve had sex with 2.8 million people. This is the number of people who have become your potential partners. What does “potential partner” mean? And what does this figure affect?

What are scientists based on when they draw such conclusions?

In this case, it will be appropriate to recall the theory of six handshakes . She claims that after 5 people, you are familiar with most of the people on the planet. Even the President of the United States is only a few contacts away from you. Of course, not all of the people on this list are your relatives, but a bond can start with a boss, a classmate, or even a householder. Based on this theory, we can conclude that all people on the planet not only know each other in absentia through a chain of five links, but are also just a few handshakes from the great people who lived earlier. The bond between people is unbreakable, but many do not believe how strong it is. 

How to apply the theory to sexual partners?

If we take into account the number 7, and it is this number of sexual partners that many considered optimal, then we can conclude that the number of potential sexual partners will amount to 2.8 million people. A stunning result, isn’t it.

Why exactly 2.8 million?

Let’s say a person had 7 sexual partners, and each of them has 7 more. Using the method of simple calculations, simply multiplying the figure by itself 7 times, we get a result of 5.6 million, after which we divide it in half to exclude same-sex contacts and get just the same amount indicated earlier.

The founders of the hypothesis were the British who conduct research in this area. Having finished with the surveys and announced the results, they did not stop there, having come up with an online calculator that helps to calculate the number of direct and potential partners. To obtain the results, a scrupulous calculation is not required, it is enough just to enter the gender, age and number of sexual partners in the appropriate columns and the program will do everything on its own. If we take as a basis a 30 -year-old woman who had 7 partners , then the result will be almost 2.9 million , for a sexually active 25-year-old guy who had intimacy with 9 girls, the result will be slightly more than 485 thousand. Here’s the math, how do these numbers change life?  

Based on this, the concept of a “proven partner” simply loses its meaning and unprotected sex can cause sexually transmitted diseases. Currently, there are about 30 intractable genital infections and this number continues to grow inexorably. A condom is the only way to avoid infection and infect potential sex partners.

Why 7 partners?

Before calculating, scientists decided to find out how many sexual partners people in different countries had . A number of studies and a social survey conducted within the framework of the project, in which participants had to honestly answer about the number of their sexual partners, allowed scientists to draw the following conclusions: The French are not as loving as previously thought. Men, whose number of sexual partners has exceeded 16, are considered almost libertines, the norm for them is from 2 to 12 throughout their lives. Guys who say that they have had an intimate relationship with 1-2 girls throughout their lives are considered shy or liars, since such a figure is unlikely. 


Austrians are less picky in relationships and 15 sexual partners are considered the norm for them. Belgians are less democratic, the answer of most men varied between 4-12 partners over the past period of life. The Portuguese have more moderate sexual appetites , with an average of 2 to 10 sexual partners. Men from Spain and Great Britain gave the same answers. For Americans, the numbers are about the same – from 2 to 9 sexual partners. The same result is observed in the inhabitants of Italy and Holland. As for our fellow citizens , their survey results do not stand out from the general picture; the average Russian man boasts numbers from 4 to 9 with regard to sexual partners. To the question: “How many ideal number of sexual partners do you think?” many respondents answered: 7. The girls turned out to be a little more modest, in most cases the number of sexual partners did not exceed 4. 

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