11 summer sex fantasies that diversify your married life

How to spend the last month of summer so that it is pleasant to remember and even a little ashamed to tell? Summer is a favorable time for the realization of the most daring sexual fantasies, which you will never dare later, in leggings. We have selected 11 sultry fantasies for you: they will help diversify the intimate life of marriage and will make this summer special for the two of you.

1. Take the children to the country

Perhaps the main erotic fantasy of young parents is to be alone and not be afraid that the child will hear or see you. Summer is an ideal time to take children for a week to grandparents: they will stay outdoors, you will have the whole apartment at your disposal and remember what it feels like to stop holding back and tidying up all the time. You can again afford sex on the kitchen table or while watching a movie on the couch, as it was when you were just two.

2. We go to the country ourselves

The opposite, but no less pleasant option – regardless of whether you have children. If there is, leave them for the weekend with relatives or allow them to spend the night with friends, having agreed with their parents. And have yourself a romantic weekend: dinner by candlelight on the veranda, sex on the beds with pre-dousing each other with a watering hose. Beauty is the same!

3. Sex on the beach

Surely you drank such a cocktail, but have you had such sex at least once in your life? Or have you only seen this in the movies? Someone will grumble about “sand in shorts,” but everything is in your hands: take a blanket, and preferably two, to cover yourself with the second. And choose a beach away from prying eyes. Moreover, there is its own charm both in the daytime beach and in the night.

4. Roadside picnic

Of course, you should not choose the nearest roadside. It’s better to go somewhere in the wild, to nature. In a place where you definitely will not meet accidental witnesses. Take a blanket with you, more goodies – and just enjoy each other’s company. The gentle sun and solitude will do their job.

5. Two in a boat

First of all, a boat is romantic. Secondly, it’s a little dangerous, because there is a risk of overturning, which means it is an additional portion of adrenaline. In addition, a man will be pleased to demonstrate his strength and dexterity in handling oars. After all, sometimes it happens that a woman dominates in the family, and in the boat this role is definitely for the man. Again, it is not at all necessary to carry out an act from and to, for vivid impressions a prelude is enough. And you can always continue in a more convenient place.

6. The bend of the yellow guitar

Romantic gatherings around the fire, intimate conversations and affection in a very unusual environment – in a tent. Unlike the night beach, here you can: A – do not rush anywhere, because you can spend the night right there in the tent, B – drink some champagne, because you don’t have to immediately drive, C – do not hold back screams! Finding a completely deserted place in a clearing in a forest or in the mountains is easier than on a beach.

7. In the locker room

And this is an option for extreme people: to go together to a dressing room on the beach and … If you do not have a full-fledged act, then just caress each other and cheer up with passionate kisses, why not?

8. Step on the gas

Sex in the car is, on the one hand, a classic. But classics are more likely for teenagers who have nowhere else to retire. For a couple of spouses, this can be a refreshing adventure. And, of course, it is most convenient to do this in the summer. After all, you do not have to take off each other’s underpants, leggings and winter boots. Again, you can go further away without fear that the car will get stuck in the snow or stall and freeze.

9. I sit high, I look far

This fantasy excites the blood of everyone. After all, hitting the roof is already a memorable adventure. No wonder now there is even such a service as an organized date on the roof with a romantic dinner. But you can organize it yourself. The hardest part is finding a suitable and safe roof. And then – everything is like in a movie.

10. Summer car cinema

No, what are you, we do not urge to have sex right in the car in a summer cinema in the midst of a crowd of people: dense tinting has long been banned, and you hardly have curtains like in a minibus. But even without disturbing the steam in the neighboring cars, you can afford some nice liberties. In the end, summer car theaters came up with exactly that.

11. “I am today without panties”

A typical phrase, but have you tried its effect on yourself? The best time to check your husband’s reaction to this provocative statement is in the summer. And it would be nice to immediately invite him to make sure of this, whether you are in the car, at lunch in a cafe or on a walk in the park. However, be careful: gynecologists do not recommend long walks without underwear, especially in dusty weather, so as not to damage the vaginal microflora. Fantasies are fantasies, but to realize them you always need a base of good health above all!

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