Sex as in a movie: 10 tricks to borrow from adult films

If your intimate life leaves much to be desired, then pay attention to how you, say, relate to adult films or special literature. Shamefully cover your eyes at the most piquant moments and sigh, that you are certainly not like that? Then do not be surprised if after some time your partner gets bored in the relationship or even starts to look around. To avoid this, we advise you to look at the actors of the films with strawberries. Believe me, they have a lot to learn.


And this is not necessarily affection, as you might think. If you want to spend a hot night, then start preparing your partner for action right in the morning. For example, during the day throw off messages to him in which you will flirt and along the way tell what you want to do with him today. Sexologists assure that the expectation of something more is very exciting, and your chosen one will languish with impatience when he is in the same room with you. Just do not start right away with a spicy SMS! Turn it into a game that pleases both of you.

Spontaneous sex

The second point that many couples forget about is having sex not only in bed. No, of course, this is convenient, but at some certain moment it becomes boring, love joys turn into routine rather than pleasure. Try to experiment – because surely in your house there are many suitable surfaces on which you can indulge in passion. Floor, steps, table, chair, even a car – the main thing is that it is safe and comfortable for both of you.

Beautiful bedding

Bed linen also plays an important role in your intimate life. For example, did you see the actors indulge in love joys on a crushed sofa with faded sheets? The same sexologists pay attention to the fact that a correctly selected kit can tune in a romantic mood and become a beautiful addition to a magical night. Experts have nothing against silk bedding, because it gives a pleasant chill and is exciting, but with prolonged contact with the skin (during friction) you can get unaesthetic red stripes, so do not overdo it.

Sexy underwear

And even if in ordinary life you prefer sports underwear and try to avoid all these mugs and ruffles, however, at some point you can please your chosen one by putting on a playful corset, the most open bra, a belt for stockings and, in fact, the stockings themselves. Believe me, your partner will appreciate your efforts and try to do everything to give you maximum pleasure.

Adult Toys & Gadgets

Even if you have never used anything like this before, now it’s time to experiment and diversify your sex life. After all, there is nothing worse than boredom and monotony, spoiling your relationship. Therefore, do not be afraid, along with your chosen one, to look in specialized stores and choose what you like. Pay attention to special lubricants that will make your sex less traumatic, and modern gadgets that will make the process more enjoyable.

Light experiments

If you are constantly told that you need to have sex only in the dark and under the covers, then cast aside doubts and try to do otherwise. For example, if you are still embarrassed to completely naked in front of your partner and in no way agree to indulge in passion in the daytime, then at least leave the nightlight turned on. After all, according to sexologists, men start up much stronger when they see their chosen one and can read her emotions during the process. And what can they see in complete darkness, and even if you pulled the blanket over the very chin?

Reflection in the mirror

Another experiment that sexologists advise to decide is to have sex near the mirror. Be sure that your man will simply go crazy with happiness when he witnesses the process with his own eyes (after all, no adult films excite like real sex with a loved one). And do not try to draw your tummy in again or think about how you look from the outside – believe me, your partner will not be up to it, he will be completely absorbed in the process and passion.

Repeating your favorite moments

It is the actors, obeying the director’s intention, must perform everything perfectly almost from the first take. But you have a great opportunity to correct any moments or even dwell on some scenes in more detail. Experiment, train and build on success.

Partner Encouragement

Do not be silent during the process, looking inquiringly at your partner. Firstly, he might think that he did something wrong, and this can discourage him from all desire. And secondly, remember, you are turned on too, when your chosen one gently moans from your caresses and whispers all graces in his ear. Therefore, you do not be silent, but direct it, encourage and let us understand that you really like everything that he does.

Enjoying each other

This is perhaps the most important moment and the key to a long strong relationship. You really should be comfortable and safe with your partner. Therefore, if for some reason you do not want to have sex with your chosen one, do not force yourself through force. Better think about why this is happening. Perhaps the fact is that you are just tired or romance is gone and there is only one way of life left. Try to imagine what could bring passion back into a relationship – and openly tell your partner about your sexual fantasies. Maybe he, too, has long dreamed of trying something with you, but is afraid of your reaction.

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