How sex helps to lose weight and why such training is not suitable for everyone

Surely you have repeatedly noted that the appearance of a constant lover has a beneficial effect on the appearance: the look burns, and the figure almost always becomes thinner. What happens to hormones when you have a regular sex life, how they help to lose weight, and why lovers of casual relationships fail to become slimmer – in the material

Wonderful transformation

A friend of mine recently suddenly found personal happiness. And this radically changed her outwardly. She was always a magnificent girl and was even proud of her forms. But lately it has plumped significantly. And for good reason: the work did not go well, and in her personal life, calm reigned for a long time, which was violated as scheduled, no more than once a year. With her natural disposition, she also actively seized on all these problems – cakes in coffee houses and numerous khachapuri. When things got worse at work, she was forced to move from Moscow back to Georgia. Servings of Khachapuri doubled, as we understand it. Plus home feasts with many relatives.

But there is no silver lining. At home, she met with a longtime fan. They had a passionate romance. A friend lost 13 kg. This is taking into account the fact that in Moscow she regularly went to exhausting training and still tried to control her diet. She abandoned everything at home, let go of what is called. And imperceptibly lost weight. It’s all about hormones!

Play hormone!

About 300–400 kcal is burned during standard hourly cardio workouts. With sex – much less. It would seem that there is nothing to compare, it is unlikely to lose weight through sex. But everything is much more complicated. Sex, to put it simply, has a cumulative effect.

Hormones are responsible for the entire process of sex, arousal, and orgasm. They, as we know, can be the cause of a sharp weight gain or loss of kilograms. However, for hormones to really have a powerful effect, their level must be stable – only regular sexual activity will help normalize the hormonal background.

“In my practice there were such examples: very often women lose weight in the first year of marriage. That is, they had a sexual life before, but it was not as stable as in marriage. It is regular sexual contacts with a regular partner, to which a woman has strong feelings, that can lead to weight loss, and feelings, especially vivid, in the first year of marriage ”.

Estrogen and testosterone. These are the main sex hormones. Estrogen is responsible for the release of lubricant in women, testosterone is a male hormone, in women in the body it is present in small quantities and is responsible for the degree of arousal in sex. 

Adrenalin. It is called the hormone of fear, stress and … sex. The greatest amount of it is produced before orgasm, when the desire to have a partner reaches a peak. The release of this hormone into the blood, as you know, has a tonic effect on the muscles, speeds up the heartbeat. And this is just necessary for weight loss. 

Oxytocin. Hormone of love, affection, motherhood and fatherhood. This hormone is responsible for affection and is produced only by those partners who have developed stable and trusting relationships. That is, with random sex with a one-time partner, adrenaline is released in any case, but oxytocin is not. Moreover, oxytocin is such a “slow-acting adrenaline,” notes Elena Buntova. Only adrenaline is released at a time, and oxytocin is produced gradually. But he is also responsible for inspiration and tones. The production of oxytocin is also enhanced during hugs and kisses. That is why sex with a loved one is more pleasant for a woman: oxytocin is produced in the uterus and causes its abundant contractions. 

Dopamine. Hormone of possession and determination. It is developed only with love and a passionate desire to possess an object. 

Endorphin. Hormone of joy and happiness. It is he who gives the lion’s share of the heady feeling of love in the first months. When a habit appears between partners, its production decreases. Endorphin is responsible for arousal. That is why at the beginning of the relationship there is not even any talk of any preludes, the hormones play themselves. But later, to achieve the same level of excitement, you need to make an effort to include imagination. And this is normal, just chemistry, and not the absence of love at all. By the way, in addition to falling in love, we get endorphins when we eat sweets. 

Full training

All these hormones, getting into the blood, tone the body: blood circulation improves, the pulse quickens, metabolic processes accelerate. However, for their full development, time is needed – the very prelude. It is during kisses and foreplay that the production of some hormones begins, the release of which leads to the formation of others, says Elena Buntova. Therefore, we can say that, as in the case of training, you need a warm-up. Roughly speaking, a six-minute sexual intercourse without emotions will not affect the general level of hormones, and, therefore, the tone of the body. But full-fledged passionate sex for 30-40 minutes can be considered a full-fledged physical activity.

For a more powerful effect, some researchers advise additional muscle tension during sex, as is done during a conscious workout. By the way, the sensations will be brighter. There are even special trainings on what poses to choose during sex and how to complicate them in order to lose weight more intensively. However, as we already understood, without affection and sincere excitement, no poses will help – then it’s better to go to the gym and play sports, it will be more honest.

“According to research, two weeks of intensive sex are equivalent to a month of regular intensive training in the gym. But for each, this process will be individual, since the production and action of hormones in each person is individual. It depends on the relationships within the couple, the brightness and fantasy in them, the duration and frequency of sexual intercourse.

Sex and oysters

There is a minus to intense sexual training: during one sexual intercourse, the body loses a daily dose of zinc. And zinc is involved in the body’s recovery process and protects it from fatigue. That is why with excessive intensity both in sex and in sports, a person can feel exhausted – and this is no longer beneficial to him. Therefore, in order to regain strength, it is advisable to have a snack with oysters (they have the most zinc), beef steak, beef liver or pecans.

Sex and oysters – agree, a wonderful recipe for weight loss!

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