Sex during menstruation: how is it possible

Sex during menstruation is one of the most controversial issues in sexology and gynecology. Is it possible or not? And if possible, then how to ensure the aesthetic purity of the action?

The easiest way would not be to take risks … But many feel a particularly strong desire precisely in “these” days. And since you are reading this article, then you need it. Therefore, we will understand thoroughly.

Can or not

Decide, as always, only you. But perhaps the opinions of experts will facilitate your decision.

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Obstetrician-Gynecologist at Alliance Medical Clinic

“Sex and menstruation are two incompatible things. Women unjustifiably put themselves at risk for inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages, because the skin and mucous membranes abound in many opportunistic organisms, and blood is the most favorable environment for their growth and development. During sexual intercourse, blood circulation improves uterus and appendages, therefore, bleeding may increase. ”     

“Indeed, sex during menstruation, due to excitement, can affect the amount of secretions. But the female body can’t excrete more than its norm. Just the uterus cleans faster. Sexual intercourse will help relieve menstrual pain and relieve tension in the intimate muscles. Although I agree: sex during this period – only with a condom! After all, any minor infection can infect unprotected mucous membranes. ”   

“Some girls during menstruation note increased libido, experience a much more pleasant sensation from intercourse. Thanks to sex, menstruation ends much earlier, and pain syndromes are less aggressive. However, I believe that intimacy during menstruation is more suitable for regular couples, where already trust relationships. Casual sex during menstruation can be dangerous for health and uncomfortable psychologically. “

If possible, then how

On the one hand, it’s wonderful that your passion is so strong and your libido is so high that you cannot do without sex and each other for 3-6 days. On the other hand, all this fuss with blood-stained sheets and mattresses is too much to pay for after-school sex. 

Buying disposable diapers is practical, but not romantic. Reusable oilcloths – even more so.

Putting a thick towel under your ass and washing it right after sex is a pleasure for everyone.

It is easier and more beautiful to transfer your marriage games to the shower or bath on such days – and hygienically, and the consequences are eliminated immediately.

To stay in bed you can allow menstrual burls and heart tampons (soft tampons).  

We can say many thanks to German gynecologists for the fact that they came up with special tampons for sex during critical days. They are made of pink hypoallergenic material. They are easy to enter into the vagina, however, if the discharge is not plentiful, it is better to use water-based lubricant for administration.

No strings-cords from a soft swab stick out, so you can be modestly silent about its existence, and even about the fact of menstruation. This is both a virtue and a disadvantage: the tampon is supposed to be removed for an invisible eye-slit loop. But this loop is not particularly grasped under normal conditions, and when the tampon is deeply tamped inside you, removing it is a separate painstaking work.

Menstrual burls in this regard are more humane. But also not without nuances! Most caps have a tail at the base, for which, according to the manufacturers’ idea, they can be removed. The tail is long and quite hard – many men feel it during sex. If you cut off the tail, then your bloody secret will remain with you. The extraction is not particularly complicated: the burl retains its shape in any circumstances, it can easily be grabbed onto the base. 

Best poses these days

Perhaps this is the main idea of ​​the article: the best poses these days are poses for petting and oral sex. In bed or in the shower, let the main caresses be outside the genitals.

The greatest pleasure these days can be obtained with manual sex – when a man stimulates erogenous zones throughout the woman’s body and slowly switches to the clitoris, whose caresses will lead to orgasm.

Mouthguards and tampons in these circumstances will greatly help you again, ensuring absolute cleanliness during both manual and oral sex.

In the end, caresses, kisses, gentle touches are very important components of intimate life, but in established couples there is practically no time left for them. Use 5 “forbidden” days per month to explore each other again, open new erogenous zones or activate already open ones. This is better than just sex.    

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