How to find the line between useful, useless and harmful sex

Sex is good for health – whoever has not written about it. And sex is dangerous to health – read at least a dermatovenerologist’s guide. Alas, the line between “useful” and “harmful” is not always easily captured.

In this article we will not consider all sorts of deviations, deviations, forced sex and frankly pathological conditions. Let’s talk about the ordinary and everyday. Normally, good sex at least improves the psycho-emotional state. This happens on a purely psychological level: it is pleasant to feel loved and desired, and the feeling of closeness is akin to the feeling of security. But at the physiological level, a process is going on: the body begins to produce the hormone serotonin, which is responsible for a good mood and helps fight stress and depression, making life happy and joyful. Each of the partners produces the hormone oxytocin, which allows you to strengthen the warm relationship in a couple.    

Useful sex

Sex, like any medicine, should be applied systematically. Then we can talk not only about momentary effects. People with regular sex life are generally healthier than people who have no sex, since not only the reproductive system is involved in the process of sexual intercourse, but also the circulatory, endocrine and nervous.  

  • Sex is a good prevention of cardiovascular disease. Due to the increase in heart rate, blood vessels dilate and blood circulation increases. 
  • Increased blood flow helps supply the brain with oxygen, which activates brain activity. 
  • Sex affects the condition of hair and nails: firstly, because of good blood supply, the nutrition of the cuticle and hair follicles is enhanced. And because of the increase in estrogen, the shine of the hair is enhanced.  
  • Sex has a positive effect on the immune system. The mechanism is not described in detail, most likely, the effect is the same as from sports, but people who live regular sex life are really less susceptible to SARS. 
  • Sex improves the condition of the skin, as it allows it to produce collagen, a substance that allows the skin to be firm and supple. In ordinary life, collagen and elastin are also synthesized by the human body, but every year this process slows down, but with intimacy it accelerates.

Useless sex

Unsuccessful sex associated with quick ejaculation or poor erection in men, frigidity in women, can cause many complexes, new stresses.  

It is usually short. And if it is long, then it causes fatigue rather than satisfaction. Such difficulties are specifically addressed at consultations with a sexologist. 

A more complicated case is when partners have a different sexual temperament. Either one will receive more sex than he needs by nature, or the second will not be constantly satisfied … Such a physiological condition cannot be corrected by psychological techniques. 

Bad sex

There are many situations when a folk tradition and even some representatives of medicine recommend abandoning sex. Should this always be done? Let’s look at the most typical horror stories:

Sex after childbirth and during pregnancy

Everything is individual here. If everything is good with health and the gynecologist gives the green light to an intimate life (there is no threat of termination of pregnancy or serious breaks after childbirth), then sex is very useful. During pregnancy , relieve excessive tension, and after childbirth, tone the muscles and accelerate the return of the uterus to normal sizes.  

Sex during the deadline or on the background of the disease

Sexologists often say that in any situation, “the regime must be maintained.” But if you decide not to give up work, then the body will still seek out a reserve in order to maintain its existence and not die from overwork. He decided to save energy on sex – and so far “does not want to.” If you continue to insist, then the situation may develop according to the psychosomatic scenario – and he will not be able to. 

Anal sex

If you follow all the rules of such sex, then it will become useful. And if “as I can,” then this can be fraught with injuries to the anus and rectum, fecal incontinence, and hemorrhoids, and sexually transmitted infections. With an exacerbation of hemorrhoids, even correct anal sex cannot be practiced, but without exacerbations, it is possible. 

Oral sex

Just not with a sore throat! The infection can go to the penis – this time. Tension during oral sex can aggravate a sore throat – these are two. With a sore throat, the nose is usually also stuffy, so the action is simply technically difficult to do – these are three. If everyone is healthy, then there can be no harm from oral sex.    

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