If the husband is tired: how to persuade him to have sex

What if there is neither time nor energy for sex? Sooner or later, any average married couple faces this issue. What can a wife do if her husband is only sleeping in bed?

Traditionally, sexologists recommend not to refuse sex even for a while, because in the constant fuss and congestion you will very quickly get used to doing without it: there is no strength and desire to make love – well, okay, happiness is not in sex. But sex, as we know, is necessary for health and maintenance of vitality. Therefore, it would seem that it is necessary, albeit artificially, to maintain a certain physiological minimum and “force oneself” at least on weekends.    

But nowadays, due to the rapid rhythm of life, there is not enough strength for everything. Men (and women) put money in the first place in the list of priorities. And all the forces go with them there. In practice, choosing between sex and sleep, most will prefer sleep as a more energy-efficient form of relaxation. And here’s what I’ll tell you: it’s right! 

Sex through Strength

Having plowed all day and crawling from work, the man is ready to get an orgasm, only because he lay down on the bed. And then a woman appears – all such an initiative. She knows his erogenous zones and has mastered new techniques, she is looking for approaches … And her beloved just wants to lie down! Following are grievances and frequent female manipulation: “You do not love me!” First, the man tries to prove that he loves. But such “forced sex” will not suit anyone.   

How often can a man be led to such a manipulation and “prove” his love? Five times from strength, further more weighty go-aheads will go from him than “tired”. Coming home, instead of resting, he will strain even more and think about how to get rid of this sex. After some time, his body may find a way out in the form of an imaginary sexual disorder. Psychosomatics! And the man’s decision will be ready: “I can’t.”

And what does a woman feel like asking for sex forever? She too soon will get tired of taking the initiative, and she will leave this venture. That is, in the end, we get the same result: no sex. Only couples who immediately chose to sleep at least remained friends and have a chance to become lovers again. But those who tried their best to “maintain sex” are now still full of mutual insults and claims.

5 rules for sex conservation

Sexual desire is a very individual thing, and everyone has their own norm of sex per week. Do not be equal to others, it is not a fact that those around have as much sex as they voice. Live your relationship. Scientists have long proved that two sexual acts per week are enough for health and healthy relationships. This is the golden mean! More is better. Less – sound the alarm. In order to stay closer to the golden mean in any employment and any degree of fatigue, you will have to follow five rules. I will not say that simple. For a modern woman, they are at least controversial. But without them, as without sex. In the most literal sense. 1. Sexual rhythm in a relationship is set by a man. You can disagree with this, you can object. But it is so! To prove elementary: a woman can easily enter into intimacy without excitement. And can a man, not being aroused, have sex? So a woman will be much happier if she accepts this natural fact and adjusts to her beloved. 2. A man needs time to switch from problems to pleasure. Do not jump on a man who has come from work. Such female aggression (even sexual) will scare anyone, and yours is no exception. Take the initiative gently, without screaming or threatening. 3. It is impossible to get everything from a man at once: money, care, sex, attention … Accept this fact, stop hanging your expectations on a man and decide on priorities. 4. When a man sees that his woman is calm and satisfied with their life together , he himself will begin to relax and will cease to maintain a circular defense against sex onslaught. Only in a relaxed atmosphere in the family can the quantity and quality of sex be increased. 5. Fast sex has a place in life, for example, in the middle of the week. Such sex helps to relieve accumulated tension and fatigue, to recharge oneself. But so that the relationship does not wallow in the routine, at the weekend, devote time and attention to the quality of sex.

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