Sex with foreigners: the pros and cons that you need to know about

Perhaps only the lazy did not discuss the behavior of loving foreign fans during the 2018 World Cup and our local beauties. Russian men somehow immediately took hostility with competitors and began to express their dissatisfaction by all means. However, there were those who defended our ladies, urging the moralists to leave them alone – they will figure it out. But one thing is for sure: overseas cavaliers forced Russian women to reconsider their attitude to local men. And we decided to find out what are the pros and cons of sexual relations with foreigners and whether the game is worth the candle.

“Finally, I will see a real man who will look at me with an adoring look, and not with an ever-displeased face, demand that I entertain him,” Olga quickly straightened her hair, put on a shine and went to defile between foreign guests. And there were a lot of them, by the way: from hot Brazilians and Mexicans, to romantic French, sensible Argentines and helpful Japanese. Eyes run up. Olga decided that now she will find someone who will suit her in all respects.

By the way, most women met for the sake of curiosity – indeed, such beauties do not come to us every day, others in the hope that there will be an overseas prince who will appreciate their femininity and take them abroad. But both of them were definitely looking for new emotions and impressions. If we put aside the moral aspect (which some very sensitive personalities so zealously defended), then ladies, in fact, can decide for themselves with whom they get to know and start relationships. You just need to know why you are doing this and what consequences your actions will lead to.

And while many representatives of the stronger sex looked condemningly at their compatriots, our women sincerely enjoyed talking with foreigners, noting that they are much simpler, more fun and, of course, able to inspire and charm.

Pros of international relations:

As we wrote above, first you need to decide what you are looking for from this relationship. Or you just wanted to relax and have fun, feel how it is, when you do not constantly please the chosen one, while he looks around, and the man tries to make it so that you feel good. In all aspects.

The positive points include:

  1. Emancipation and desire to give pleasure to a partner
  2. Easy temper and great sex awareness
  3. The opportunity to learn something new
  4. Exchange of experience and positive emotions

Anatomically, Russian men differ from foreigners only in the size of their dignity, but this is also quite rare. This difference will be especially striking if your lover is a native of Congo or Ecuador, a native of South Korea. The average length of residents of these countries is about seventeen and nine centimeters, respectively, compared to fourteen Russian. As for the mentality – Europeans, whose sex culture is at a higher level than our men, are very well versed in such things as reciprocity and mutual pleasure. Thanks to the same sex education, European men are better aware of all the charms and consequences of unprotected sex. Therefore, the probability that a Western European man before sex will show you a certificate about the absence of sexually transmitted diseases and offer to drop into a pharmacy for condoms before falling into each other’s arms, much more than if a Russian man finds himself in the same situation.

Some believe that Russian men are too fixated on their problems and cannot boast of high achievements in terms of sex, therefore they are inferior to representatives of Latin American countries and the same Europeans. Although, of course, by and large everything depends on a particular person and it is impossible to judge everyone by one unsuccessful experience.

Specifically, the French are especially loving, with their sultry character they have sex on average about one hundred and fifty times a year. Masters in oral sex are traditionally considered Spaniards. But for romance you need to contact Italians or Argentines. Residents from Asian countries love women’s tummies, so if you are complex about the extra folds, then an affair with such a foreigner can increase self-esteem.

By the way, despite all this hype around foreign fans, there are also positive aspects. For example, a very specific example is known when a Russian woman and an Argentinean fell in love so much with each other that literally a few days after meeting he proposed to her, presented a ring, they arranged an engagement and began to collect the necessary documents for official registration, which, by the way, will be held in the homeland of the groom. But such stories, unfortunately, are not as many as we would like.

Cons of international relations:

However, if we discard the euphoria from everything that happens, then such a relationship has its own certain disadvantages.

So, for example, you cannot predict where and when you will be covered by passion, and even if you are almost immediately ready to fall into the arms of a passionate Juan or a loving Diego, where is the guarantee that you both will remember the means of protection, and even if you remember , then will you have time to use it? And although according to statistics, European men have a direct fad in matters of protected sex, all the same, one should not lose vigilance and let everything go by itself. This, incidentally, applies to any relationship – not only with Western, but also with Russian men.

In addition, the difference in views on certain issues (including in sex) may also be a minus, because, for example, what is considered the norm with them may not fit into your ideas about making love.

The language barrier is another point that can play a cruel joke with you and, under a certain set of circumstances, you may not be understood at all as planned. It’s good if the partner comes across with a sense of humor and turns all awkward moments into a joke.

In addition, not many people manage to readjust and instead of serious promising relationships, be content with only a passing hobby. Therefore, the most impressionable will hope for a continuation, which, alas, in most cases is not even intended. And you should be prepared for the fact that the same Pedro, who even today gave you compliments and promised to take you with him, will simply disappear with dawn or even switch to someone else.

Of the minuses – the language barrier. Of course, in sex it’s usually not words, and you can encourage and praise a man with standard “wow”, “super”, or just your orgasm. But, if it comes to explaining what you don’t like or especially like, pantomime and gestures make it difficult to solve the problem, unless the man is penetrating to the marrow of the bones. Another disadvantage is that you live in different countries. Of course, the chances that after the first sex you fall in love with a sultry foreigner are few, but you should not discard such an opportunity. In order not to have to suffer because of the kilometers separating you, it is better to embark on such a relationship either with confidence that you can easily let go of the situation, or with full awareness of your ability to fly for your beloved to the ends of the world (or confidence that your beloved will go to this).

Whatever it was, it is safe to say that the attitude of Russian men and women after the end of the 2018 World Cup will no longer be the same. The former took offense at the fact that they were preferred by foreign cavaliers and declared it almost a betrayal, while the latter finally realized that they could be desirable, sexual and self-sufficient.

How do you feel about sexual relations with foreigners?

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