5 awkward moments in the bedroom: how to deal with your partner

Let’s face it: real sex in life is by no means as beautiful as in the bed scenes of erotic films. We have no way to replay the scene from a new take. Let’s study the advice of the professionals so that next time no one has to be filled with shame during intimacy.

1. Wrong name

Have you ever called your partner by a different name during sex? Or did your partner suddenly call you the wrong name? Our brains are insidious and sometimes we confuse names for no apparent reason. The confusion with the names is not at all proof of the “Freudian slip.” This does not mean that the partner is in love with the other person.

There is bad advice on how to apologize if she used her ex’s name out of habit. Supposedly, you need to play with your partner’s ego and begin to assure that he is better than the old man in everything. Do NOT do this! With this behavior, you will once again fix the man on the thoughts of your ex. You wind it up. He will start to get nervous and this is unpleasant. Whoever confused the names, don’t waste time delving into psychology, just apologize or accept your partner’s apology. Do not focus on the error. There is nothing seditious in it, and Freud, in general, he was still a freak and many of his theories failed. For the future, train yourself to call your partner a neutral affectionate word (bunny, cat, sun, etc.). This will help you avoid awkwardness in the bedroom.

2. Gaziki

Doctors say that any (even absolutely healthy) person blows gas at least occasionally . Moreover, during sex, when active body movements and physical activity can release accumulated air outside. Women are especially ashamed, because they diligently adhere to the image of an ideal beauty. Have you heard the postulate “princesses don’t farts “? So, they fart . If this happened to you, then it is better to apologize to your partner and immediately forget about what happened. If the partner suddenly spoiled the air, do not scream loudly, break into the window and defiantly breathe clean air. Just say “It’s okay.” In cases where flatulence often occurs during sex, reconsider your diet. You may be drinking too much soda, coffee, or milk.

3. The ubiquitous kids

When I was 5 years old, I woke up in the middle of the night from a strange fuss behind the wall. Having decided that my mother felt bad (she oykala, aikala and puffed like an elephant), I flew like a bullet into my parents’ bedroom. I didn’t have time to make out anything special in the dark and the ancestors quickly covered themselves with a sheet while I tried to jump to the light switch. The darkness saved my psyche from trauma, but not all children are so lucky. To avoid embarrassment, always lock your bedroom doors and teach children to knock before entering. This is exactly what happy spouses do. And not just knock, but wait for permission. Well, what if the children have already entered? Well, forget about each other for a while and go to comfort the little ones. They are probably confused and perhaps even scared. 

4. Premature finish

Even the most sexually experienced people sometimes face a real nightmare for any man – premature ejaculation. Often women do not even know what dark thoughts overwhelm guys after a premature finish. Sexologist Dr. Gilda Karl recommends not to panic, but simply to postpone the second, so to speak, call, having calmed the man. Just do not get hung up and do not embarrass the man in any way. Not in words, not in facial expressions.

5. Work-related injuries

Lovemaking can be traumatic and I’m not talking about risky sex positions. Even during quiet sex, you can be injured inadvertently. For example, you can hit your head on the head of the bed, fall, pull a muscle (up to a cramp), and so on. Pain can seriously spoil the pleasure of a night of love. Do not tolerate and do not force your partner to endure discomfort – just take a break for a while to give each other first aid. Let’s say your leg cramped – ask your loved one to give you a pleasant massage. At the same time, turn the process into additional affection. You can help a guy by playing a sexy nurse . Don’t let your intimate life be overshadowed by awkward moments. And if they do , show a sense of humor and everything will work out. Love and happiness to you! 

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