Features of sex after menopause: 5 facts and 3 myths

Menopause is a scary word for many women, the mere mention of which spoils the mood and raises anxiety. As is often the case, fears have given rise to many speculations unfounded by science. Today we will talk about the real problems of menopause and dispel some myths.

Scientifically proven facts about menopause

First, let’s discuss the truthful facts about menopause and its effect on your sex life.

1. Fact: you need lubricants

Many women are sexually active even after menopause, and when dryness appears, they simply use two magical means: foreplay and lubricants . By the way, doctors say that to improve blood flow with the onset of menopause, you should have more sex. A nice bonus – no unplanned pregnancy! And don’t be shy about using lubricants . Learn to apply them before menopause.

2. Fact: Sometimes it’s harder to reach orgasm

Do not be alarmed, everything is individual. However, many experts claim that their patients do indeed complain of orgasm problems. If in a young age orgasm came quickly, after 50 you will have to sweat. It is extremely important to establish a trusting relationship with your partner and ask him to devote more time to foreplay. Variety also does not hurt, because it will make sex spicy. Try role-playing games, change positions. There is no need to cry because of the passing youth. In adulthood, there are advantages – women already thoroughly know their body and understand how to increase desire. Just enjoy the process. 

3. Fact: sexual desire can be lost or intensified

It really is. Sexologists and doctors believe that in the absence of desire, hormones are often to blame, but the mental state. In other words, if a woman has got it into her head that she is old, then her desire will disappear. In cases with hormonal disruptions, it is extremely important to contact your doctor so that he can help you choose drugs and an individual diet. Healthy food and sports are the basis of youth, including in the field of sex. Some ladies begin to actively develop adrenaline, so they are drawn to sexual experiments. And at 20, sexual desire isn’t always the same, is it?

4. Fact: Sex Can Be Painful

Doctors confirm this with clinical studies. Due to the decreased production of estrogen, the vaginal walls can become thinner. Add dryness here – and now a previously pleasant intercourse brings discomfort or even severe pain. In case of mild discomfort, it is recommended to use lubricants and to avoid too intense and deep penetration of the penis. If you have severe pain, you should see your doctor and discuss taking estrogen medications.

5. Fact: I really want to caress

According to psychologists and sexologists, the growing need for affection is again associated not so much with physiology as with emotional experiences. Even a seemingly absolutely confident woman is sad because of the onset of menopause, mentally saying goodbye to youth. From this, more acutely than before, I want to feel someone’s tenderness, love, care. It is important that the partner understands these features and supports his companion by showing her signs of attention. Even gentle hugs and energizing kisses can work wonders for self-esteem and well-being.  

Menopause myths

It’s time to dispel three of the most stupid myths. The devil is not so terrible as he is painted!

1. Myth: the vagina shrinks

Not a damn thing like that. As a result of physical processes in the body, some dryness is noted, which can increase due to improper lifestyle or hormonal imbalance. But the vagina will not turn into an arid Sahara. Many of my friends who have gone through menopause have not noticed any significant changes at all.

2. Myth: You don’t need to use condoms

I was shocked by this opinion and, what is most terrible, many agree with it. It is a myth! You can refuse condoms only in one case: if you are 100% confident in your partner and know for sure that he does not sleep with others. A condom is not only protection against pregnancy, but also against STDs. The onset of menopause does not mean that the body is no longer afraid of sexually transmitted diseases, quite the opposite. Due to physiological changes, our bodies are more prone to infections. Doctors say that it is this stupid myth that has caused the number of STD infections to rise sharply after 50 years. Be careful to avoid the mistakes of dangerous sex! 

3. Myth: Appearance will age dramatically and sex appeal will disappear

I have often heard the horror that menopause disfigures women. They say that the breasts will sag, bloating will appear, wrinkles will appear, and so on and so forth. Indeed, many women blame menopause. Supposedly it was she who deprived them of their former sexuality. Damn it with two. Such ladies (sorry for being rude) eat into three throats and have long forgotten the road to the gym. There is no need to blame menopause, if she herself is lazy. With such a disregard for appearance, a 16-year-old girl will look like Baba Yaga. If after menopause you start groaning, give up on yourself, give up on diets and sports, then yes, a woman will turn into an old hag. If you monitor your diet, do at least daily exercise and do not give up sex, then after menopause, your appearance will remain gorgeous. The conclusion is simple: the main thing, girls, do not grow old at heart. Drive away thoughts of old age and enjoy life!
Menopause is not a disease, but a natural physiological process that should not be feared. Every woman should be aware of the peculiarities of menopause in order to prepare in advance for possible disadvantages and overcome them with ease. Improve your health, both physical and mental. Then your sex life will continue to be bright and unforgettable!

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