A man in bed: how to determine that a woman is cheating on you?

It is believed that a man “go left” is much easier than his regular girlfriend. He supposedly has fewer complexes and more justifying reasons. But, given the indisputable fact that a man does not “tumble” in bed alone, it is possible, with the minus of unmarried men, to assume that the percentage of adultery among those daughters of Eve who are bound by marriage is quite high.

Sociologists say that the number of male infidelities exceeds the female avalanche only at a fairly advanced age, when the man is in the pre-retirement and retirement age. But with whom do adult “daddies” have fun? Naturally with women 20-30 year old. So at a fairly young age the number of betrayals is about the same. In general, according to some foreign studies, about 70% of married men and 60% of married women have external connections. Or about every third couple.

But if it’s enough for women to simply determine infidelity (decreased sexual desire, lack of “combat readiness” are eloquent indicators), then how to “bite” a woman? And to do this is very important because, unlike husbands, a married woman rarely makes an affair on the side of the first person she meets. And choose a man for sexual fun seriously enough. And in about half the cases, a woman generally leaves the previous family. 

Psychologists distinguish several types of women who are internally ready for treason. Let’s briefly go over these types.

The first type – the girl was very spoiled by attention in childhood. Everything, as you know, begins in the family. If a girl always says that she is the best, most beautiful, which should always be in the spotlight , a person who will constantly crave male attention can grow out of such “mother’s pride”. And he will rush from one man to another in the hope that a new friend can finally appreciate her.  

However, sometimes “cheeky divorces” (the term from the show “Old Songs about the Essentials”) grow out of people who, by this, did not spoil their attention. And they really miss him in adulthood. So the main recipe is that everything is good in moderation. 

The second type – “petty officer in a skirt” – they are lovers who try to prove to everyone and everything that a woman is in no way inferior to a man. This is to some extent careerists who, having reached certain heights, are used to making independent decisions. Not every husband will withstand the “foreman”, and in the event of a riot on the ship, such a lady will begin to look on the side for more pliable material. Or a man who will look in the mouth of his lover (not to be confused with the dentist).   

The third type is nature seeker. She always lacks something – in the winter of summer, in the fall of spring. Take a look at how your precious woman chooses vegetables in the market. Either he takes everything that falls into his hands, or drives sellers to white heat with his exceptional pickiness. Very soon, she will discover that you are not at all the type that was built in her imagination in a romantic youth. So … That’s right, she will start the search.   

And finally, another type – a woman living by the principle: the whole world is in our hands. All her life she considers herself terribly unappreciated, requires worship, erects a pedestal, near which, in her opinion, fans should constantly crowd. And one more favorite principle: “Who praises me better than anyone, he will receive the most delicious candy!”.  

If your loved one is one of these four types, you should at least think about it.

But as often happens, most women have a little bit of everything. And therefore, to determine whether treason is planned , many men can not afford it. What Well, let’s select the basic signs that a woman you wrong.  

First: in her usual speech, a certain masculine name very often appears . It doesn’t matter who: a colleague or an old buddy. It is very difficult for a woman to hide emotions. And if some Misha, Petya, Sasha appears too often – it’s just the right time to be wary. Perhaps adultery has not yet reached, but the soil is preparing …  

Second: she really wants to change herself in something . It doesn’t matter how: a hairstyle, a perfume line, clothes, topics for conversation. Subconsciously, her nose blood needs to become seductive, attractive to a new friend, to ensure that he “wants” her. And then she will choose for herself: throw it at her feet or a little push. At first, she cannot decide how deeply flirting will be. But you must be vigilant.  

Third: home absences become much more frequent , respectively, the house and family receive much less attention. Whatever arguments your half operates, but the case when a chef increases the usual amount of work by two to three times is more an exception than a rule. If the “transport shoulder” when your companion returns from work becomes longer in time (and “traffic jams” began to happen only when she met Kolya), then it’s time to beat all the bells!  

Fourth: a change in the sexual schedule . She becomes either stressed cold, or, on the contrary , hypersexual. This is the case if her new friend, trying to rekindle the flame of passion in her, restrains the beginning of their sexual relationship. And then she will be very willing to have sex with you, imagining that in your place is her inaccessible macho!  

What to do if suspicions become too obvious? First things first, do not panic. Firewood is always easy to break! Perhaps nothing bad happened, and thus she just wants to experience your jealousy. In any case, you need to talk. Perhaps “debriefing” will bring mutual benefit. The wife will see that “far away” has entered her new hobby, and you will see that she is still the same sweet, albeit slightly capricious girl, to whom you, without a break, flew bye. Do not multiply resentment in yourself – you are not a piggy bank!