Why do girls become prostitutes? Kiwi liquor and baby benefits

Indeed, life is often unfair. Or so it seems to us.

For many call girls, life drove through a bulky skating rink. Others simply were not lucky and sometimes they have to go to trade the only thing that they have left in an even more or less decent condition. It’s about the body. And the body needs food. So, the third reason girls choose the profession of a prostitute may be a more severe situation:  

Lack of food

One of the masseuses, so to speak, which we drove to the next client, while drinking liquor, told me: – You see, what a beauty! What a taste!

(Then, in the 90s, everyone drank only liquor, it seems to me. After all, before that people hadn’t seen such beautiful heterogeneous bottles with creamy liquid. There was a banana flavor, strawberry, strawberry, and kiwi liquor, and a bunch of different shades. In the stalls they stood in whole ranks, like soldiers on the parade ground. The bottles beckoned with aroma, glamorous design, romance.)

She picked up a colorfully decorated container with a taste of kiwi. Holding this miracle of the foreign industry in her hands, she opened herself up and said that if she had not done what she is doing now, her child would have nothing to eat. And she would not have been able to drink such a wonderful liquor.   

The girl herself is from a small town in the Ivanovo region. Single mother, benefits such that “a couple of packs of the cheapest diapers are enough.” So I had to send my feet to the capital, otherwise in her town you can “hang out with hunger”. The meaning of her words was this. And so – in Moscow – she massages, tasty, according to her, eats, drinks beautiful drinks. Yes, he sends money home to a mother who is sitting with a child. I asked if our “masseuse” was satisfied with the current situation. She answered , in my opinion, sincerely, not “drawing” that “yes, I am satisfied.”       

Finding the Prince on a white horse (Mercedes)

Directly to me about one more reason – the fourth – not one of the masseuses spoke, but, involuntarily catching the conversations of the girls among themselves, I realized that there was a logic in this. Her I would call “Prince on a white horse.” Overseas prince and a foreign horse . I confidently declare that part of the formation of Russian prostitution (no, more – CIS) was influenced, unwittingly, by a Hollywood sweet couple – Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. It was they who created on the screen (and then in the hearts of the girls) a modern fairy tale about a Cinderella prostitute. They did this in 1990 in the movie Beauty.      

Yes, the Americans made the film in Hollywood unusually touching, sincere, fashionable. Gere struck women’s hearts with kindness, beauty, nobility. After a prostitute, he finally rolled on a long limousine. This is so romantic! How heartbreaking it is! Indeed, “Pretty Woman” is one of the masterpieces of world cinema. If our prostitute, performed by Elena Yakovleva from Interdevochka Pyotr Todorovsky, ends in a very disgusting way, then Julia Roberts gets her portion of indescribable happiness in Beauty in the person of Richard Gere!   

Gets a Prince! And why are our “night butterflies” worse than foreign ones? Nothing! And then they will give a head start. So, let me remind you that at that time everyone already had VCRs, and our prostitutes revised Beauty pretty much many times, willingly substituting themselves in the place of Julia Roberts. They were waiting for the same Prince on a white horse (in a limousine). Overseas. Sober. Beautiful. Rich. Noble. It’s a shame that several other princes came across on our soil. 

Once I drove a miniature girl from Ukraine to a client for a massage. Delivered on time. Chin Chin. We ring the door of the apartment. Stirring, someone through the peephole looks at us for a long time. Finally, the door opened. Both I and the girl from Ukraine nearly collapsed on the threshold. Almost the entire opening was occupied by the shoulders of a man. I am rather big, but this one looks at me from above. We went into the house. This giant drills the masseuse with his eyes. Ah yes the prince on a white horse! Only a black man! 

It looks like a real King Kong! I was so polite with him in English, indulged, examined the apartment, explained the rules to him. He half listens to my instructions, and more and more strives for a miniature fair-haired Ukrainian to grab his paws with his talons. And everything is so polite, but persistent, pushes me to the exit. And I am in this fight – like an infantryman against the engine of a tank! It only remained for me to throw it with hats. In general, he supplanted me (although I myself would have left), and Peter and I (the driver) went to the office. But when the time came to take our Ukrainian woman, I was even a little worried if King Kong had crushed her so that all the juices flowed out of her.    

No, everything seems to be normal. Saying goodbye to the black giant, our lady even smiled at him. And he – to her. I then asked her if I could not resist: would she want to give up her craft after such exotic orders? It was in the office, we sipped Martini. So the shameless woman grinned at my curiosity and said that she had inspired herself that she was massaging not a black giant unknown to her, but an ordinary white hero, who had only a great tan. I rounded my eyes in surprise, and so listlessly asked, saying, where are the heroes sunbathing today? – In Africa, Misha! In Africa! – was the answer to me.     

Only many years later, when I reread my notes, I remembered the Ukrainian little inch and realized that she had defended herself psychologically. Inventing that a huge and frightening black babe is just a tanned white man. No, not just a man. A very tanned prince on a white horse. So, the dream is to lasso the prince, as Julia Roberts of Richard Gere lived in the hearts of some of our girls of easy virtue. In general, many of them are not devoid of romanticism, although the number of burnt cynics in this business is huge.   

Shish knows him

Another reason why some girls go to the “night butterflies” and which I directly ran into is called “the shish knows him.” A driver by the name of Shishkin worked in our massage parlor. The office staff between them gave him the nickname “Shish.” If someone said that “Shish on Sevastopol”, then this meant that the driver Shishkin left for Sevastopol Avenue. I asked Shish if he was interested in the question “Why do girls go to the panel?”. He replied that this didn’t make him much, but his personal salary was very interesting. Therefore, the reason “shish knows him” lies in a more philosophical field of knowledge.  

Girls really can not or often simply do not want to give an answer to the question of what pushes them to bed with unfamiliar men. Sometimes I molested our workers with this riddle, and I was “sent.” True, one girl said: “Shish knows him!” Such representatives of the most ancient profession from the series “Shish knows why!” Are very rare. They are distinguished by distraction, calm, simplicity. And the uncertainty of goals in life. “I don’t know, ” is their favorite answer to questions. 

These damsels really sometimes don’t know why they went to the panel, and not to the factory, say, or to the farm. “Shish knows him!” – that’s the whole story. 

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