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Ayurveda. Why is it useful for a man to take care of his sperm like the apple of his eye?

– Darling, I had a terrible evening yesterday! Yesterday at the party, I obviously went over the champagne, and when Bob and I retired, this villain took advantage of my position! “Has he raped you?” – What are you! Much worse – he escaped! (Imported joke) 

In the first part of our study of the imbalance of certain fluids of the human body in Ayurveda, we talked about various painful symptoms in the disorder of circulation of the sputum and bile. But the Ayurveda pays special attention to yet another substance that is in the body of a man (see, while we are talking more about the strong half of humanity).  


Looking through the prism of Ayurveda to the world of men, any womanizer can sympathetically say: “Your business is a trumpet! Kapets! ” A man who does not protect his seed scatters it to the right and left, straight and back, in Ayurveda loses his masculinity, strength, and health. Such a penis carrier does not just weaken its body. His character becomes cowardly, twitching, like a hare with running eyes, who has drunk a hyena and is now dangling from it in full steam so as not to pay child support.   

According to Ayurveda, sperm is not just a biological fluid, a product of testicles. She is a mystical fluid, the brainchild of the Gods, giving life . It consists of three dimensions: Energy, Heat and Light. In fact, this combination represents the very basis of life. After all, Energy + Heat + Light = Life! Without these components, any life perishes. Tell me, if weeds will constantly drink life-giving juices from a living plant, what will happen? The plant will die! Weeds will quickly kill a beautiful aster, for example, if no one cares for a flower bed.    

Therefore, preserving the vital sexual energy in Ayurveda (Ojas) – the sperm of a man – means living longer and healthier! You should not squeeze male juices out of yourself, so to speak, like juice from tomatoes in a juicer. Losing moisture, even an apple and then – wrinkles, decays, ages. If a man keeps his seed, his ojas intact for as long as possible, then not only his body grows stronger, but his brain begins to work much more productively! Thinking becomes able to subtly notice those details that were not previously noticed. The brain finds a way out of situations from which, as it seemed before, there is no way out. The “third eye” is opened, so to speak, and the man even begins to foresee some of the events of the future. It’s about the gift of foresight!    

Without sperm loss (Energy, Heat, Light) and other body functions, they begin to strive for greater efficiency. Vision is sharpened, like a golden eagle in the skies when searching for prey on earth. Ears pick up more subtle sound vibrations, the sense of smell begins to distinguish such shades of aromas, which the representative of a strong half of humanity had never dreamed of before. In support of these data, mention should be made of special studies of men who abstain from sexual intercourse: abstinents show higher results of mental tests than ordinary men.

As we see, in Ayurveda, sexual abstinence allows a man to increase his life expectancy and its quality , including the mental component. Such an abstinence “wrinkles” like an apple, much later than an ordinary man (in other words, wrinkles will appear later), his body will age, but not as intense as that of a “squander” of sperm. The withdrawal symptoms will put on glasses on the bridge of the nose much later, and the hearing aid will be needed only in old age, or it will even be completely unnecessary! And already in his advanced years, a man will not question “As?” For every question or statement. Clear hearing, honed work of convolutions. And perhaps the brain of sexual abstinence will develop its abilities to such an extent that it will calculate the algorithm for winning the lottery, and the man will become the richest man!  

I believe that many have already appreciated what iridescent and quite logical results are the abstinence from the loss of Energy, Heat, and Light for a man in Ayurveda. More than a thousand-year-old wisdom of one of the most numerous peoples of the Earth – Indians – cannot be wrong! Women should be recognized in terms of the subject matter of this article. Although Ayurveda also encourages them to protect their female genital fluids. Do not rush a meteor into bed with your lover, but be able to control yourself, be able to calm. Do not let the man enslave himself. And – abstinence from sex. From these movements, called frictions, that ruin your aura.   

But the man will have to decide whether to go on a long abstinence or not. In principle, no one has yet died from abstinence . On the contrary, the desire to satisfy lust at any cost leads to violence, crime, falling in love, love, unwanted pregnancies, and other unexpected and inexplicable. In abstinence , there is an enlightening feature: having tried it, each penis carrier will finally be able to determine how a conscious, long-term accumulation of Energy, Light and Heat will affect its specific organism. But if you accept the provisions of Ayurveda and Brahmachapra, then also know that there is a certain danger for you, male.  

The fact is that your decision to expose yourself to prolonged abstinence may not please your girlfriend / wife / lover. And how can she protest against your steel determination? Yes, just go to a neighbor, for example. To an old friend. To your friend. To the one who does not nibble the granite of sciences. Ayurveda, yoga, brahmachapra does not study and does not want to know anything about these wonderful things. She will direct her heels (in which her legs!) To that simple guy who loves women, who is not averse to eating, drinking, not clever and does not hold sperm “for a rainy day”.

Nevertheless , a true researcher accepts a similar probability with a cold mind and a beating heart. He knows – science requires sacrifice. Like beauty . In the end, abstinence always does less harm than excess. Think for yourself: one individual is too much, for example, drinks alcohol. With busting, it is extremely redundant. And the other – abstains and blows little by little orange juice. Who is closer to the edge of the abyss? The answer, I’m sure you know. Therefore, I urge you, my friend, to go the path indicated in the article and report on the results. So we will establish the truth.    

I wish you, the reader walking along the thorny alleys of scientific daring, success in the experiment!

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