Point G: can the “pleasure button” ruin the EU?

The beginning of 2010 was marked by a big scandal between the two leading countries of the European Union. On New Year’s Eve, scientists at Queen’s College London University summed up their many years of work and stated that Point G, discovered in 1950 by German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg, was nothing more than a myth! The “Pleasure Button”, which has been so stubbornly sought by women for 60 years, a chicken that lays golden eggs to owners of glossy magazines … The money that sexologists and editors have earned on Point G is comparable only to selling sections of the lunar surface.

After drinking sparkling champagne on New Year’s Eve, French researchers furiously began to defend the “pleasure button.” “You just don’t know how to look for it!”, – scientists from the banks of the Seine shaved off the British. And they even convened a special scientific conference, during which they tried to prove that, firstly, 60% of French women have this “point”, and secondly, to deny the opposite – this means to sign in dense totalitarianism and that Protestant, Anglo-Saxon temperament deprives English women of the opportunity to use this wonderful tool to diversify their sex lives …  

The British went further. They published their study in the journal Sexual Medicine, where they explained that they examined 1804 women aged 23 to 83 years. Moreover, the selection was not random: only twins underwent research. If the point G exists in at least one twin, then it probably should be in the second. After all, twins have the same genotypes. The mysterious button was found in very few women, but this could happen due to varying degrees of “well-read”. After all, someone had heard about it before, it was “easier” for them to recognize such a feature. The more ignorant, no matter how they fought, could not find anything in themselves. 

The French laughed this study. In response, the English gentlemen accused the French of depravity and inability to arouse a woman, without resorting to red wine, from which the fair sex “blows down” …

Once upon a time, the Trojan War began because of a pretty woman named Elena. It seems that in the enlightened XXI century, the “showdown” may not begin because of a woman, but because of a small point, which may or may not be in the daughters of Eve.

On the side of the French, Italians and Americans came forward. The European neighbors immediately cited Emmanuel Gianini from the University of Aquila, who developed a special ultrasound scan that confirms whether this patient has this point and whether it will function as evidence of a study . Of course, Emmanuel failed to find about two thousand beauties who wanted to become “experimental rabbits.” Only 20 people agreed. At the same time, point G was found in 9 women, in 11 it was completely absent.   

Americans, known around the world as “fighters for justice”, got involved in an intellectual fight, without resorting to special evidence. But this is understandable: American women are too “emancipated” and after watching the series “Desperate Housewives” you can occupy yourself for an hour or two with a search for point G. 

What is this mysterious point? Where to look for her? 

Let’s start with a short story about her discoverer. Ernst Grafenberg was born on September 26 , 1881 in German in Adeleben, in Lower Saxony. He graduated from the medical faculty and received a doctorate in Munich. Conducted research in ophthalmology. At some time, this became of no interest to him. Since 1910, Grafenberg began to specialize in the issue of pregnancy in gynecology, having opened his small private practice in Berlin. 

Two years later, Ernst became a celebrity because he invented the first pregnancy test, and immediately after the end of the First World War he decided to distract German women from the problems of finding suitors (how many of them burned in the fire of the war) by the fact that they can comfort themselves by massaging external and internal female charms. Thus, you can bring yourself to a state of nirvana without the participation of a man. From those wishing to practice in the clinic, Dr. Grafenberg had no end …

Having thus discovered one of the most wonderful methods of contraception, the gynecologist went even further. In the late 20s, he first thought of the fact that an intrauterine device could be used to protect against pregnancy. After the trials on commoners were found to be successful, respectable clients were drawn to Grafenberg, the Navy began to set themselves VIP ladies. By the mid-30s, many wives of the highest ranks of the Reich were considered “patients” of Ernst.

But the famous gynecologist had one small “flaw” – he was not a true Aryan. Moreover, he was a Jew, which was regarded in Nazi Germany as the “spot of the devil.” In addition , no contraceptive gives a 100% guarantee. And as soon as 2-3 senior ladies found signs of pregnancy, they blamed everything on the doctor’s flaw. Hitler’s bosses didn’t understand for long – Grafenberg was accused of smuggling jewelry from Germany and thrown into a concentration camp.   

In 1940, fellow gynecologists collected a fairly decent amount of money and bought a doctor. Moreover, he was helped to emigrate to the USA, where he spent the rest of his life. Of course, he did what he could do. He published an article in 1944 entitled “Fertilization Control Using a Plastic Uterine Cap,” and in 1950 an article entitled “The Role of the Urethra in a Female Orgasm,” which was recognized to revolutionize humanity’s perception of this role. But contrary to Grafenberg’s expectations, the Americans were not inclined to immediately , having abandoned all their affairs, set about searching for a “point of pleasure”. They were confused by the fact that the gynecologist compared point G with the male prostate.  

This “pea” Grafenberg advised to search at a depth of approximately 5 centimeters, on the front wall of the vagina. She, according to the gynecologist, has almost the highest erotic sensitivity, and her stimulation is able to prepare a woman for a bright discharge. And reusable. 

In order to somehow help women “feel” all this, a term such as “12 o’clock position” was even coined. Imagine that you have a small alarm clock inside. And when both of its arrows, small and large, converge, they point to point G. True, it sometimes happens that the point is located at around “eleven o’clock” or one “hour”.

Your humble servant has a certain relationship with obstetrics and gynecology. I can declare under oath that at the medical school in the late 70s we were not talking about point G. But maybe because there was no sex in the USSR?

If to summarize, I can say by contacting our readers. Dear ladies! Love yourself and your body. Study it. Treat him as a great gift. Whether or not you find point G is not so important. The lion’s part of humanity is not able to write articles and draw pictures. And how many men can make a chair? Or carry out complex repairs of electrical equipment? And nothing – live!   

So, if you do not find the “pleasure button”, do not rush to get upset. Perhaps Mother Nature has rewarded you with a great gift!