A man in bed: what is the best size?

This woman’s face was swollen with tears. Eyes looked with a prayer: is it possible to at least do something? From the side it seemed: what happiness could she still wish for ?! When she first saw what her newly-made husband was starting her first love attack, her throat was dry from excitement: the size of his “spear” was more than impressive – a school 20-centimeter ruler that her third-grader son had forgotten on the table, seemed a miserable sliver.   

What then overwhelmed her more: admiration or expectation of pain – today she cannot say. She expected affection from him, and he decided to go ahead, it seemed to him that at the sight of this symbol of life she would lose consciousness from a burning desire. As a result, their first unity turned into a siege of the Kozelsk fortress, when the invaders with the help of a strong ram tried unsuccessfully to break into the gates of the fortress … 

About 15 years have passed since their first, by no means joyful, day. Enough time to “get used to” both the characters and the most intimate parts of their bodies. But she has tears in her eyes, and she can be understood: after almost every new “test” she has to go to the gynecologist – to sew up numerous gaps … 

This is one of the most common myths regarding men: the larger the size, the happier the woman whom the possessor of this wealth gives love.

He zealously promotes the porn industry, but is not true. And the actress can still suffer this torment for money. But living with such a man is unlikely to agree. 

This is not surprising: on average, the size of the vagina is from 6 to 10 cm. It can quite stretch, usually 3-5 cm, but not 8-12 cm. It should be borne in mind that when stretched, the wall thickness of this hollow tube sharply decreases and sometimes does not exceed tissue paper in thinness. And if in a fit of passion a man loses his head and rains blow after blow at his partner, trouble will not happen for long!   

By the way, French doctors have calculated that:

  • a manhood length of 10-14 cm is acceptable for every third woman;
  • if you add a couple of centimeters to the upper limit, about 80% of women will be able to adapt to this;
  • and if the “pride of a man” exceeds 19 cm, then no more than 15% of women can cope with it. 

This is the harsh truth of life.

Meanwhile, nature has provided almost everything.

It is estimated, for example, that 75% of men have quite acceptable sizes: from 13 to 19 cm, “dwarfs” – about 11%, and giants a little more – 14%.   

But the size for three out of four men is practically irrelevant, and only a quarter of the representatives of the stronger sex should “adapt” to the woman in sexual relations. 

This opinion of the French coincides with the conclusions of Dr. Richard Edward, who in 1998 conducted a study in Canada in which 3100 men took part.

But LifeStyles condom manufacturers are desperate to argue with this and claim that only 4% of adults have a “pleasure tool” of 17.8 cm or more. Or maybe they just feel sorry for latex ?! 

As an illustration, we can cite the following statistics: according to numerous studies, the average size varies significantly across countries. 

For example, according to data from Korea, the average size in this region is 9.6 cm, India is 10.2 cm, Brazil is 12.4 cm, Venezuela is 12.6 cm, Great Britain is 12.9 cm, Spain is 14 cm, Germany – 14.4 cm, Italy – 15 cm, France – 16 cm.                  

There are no data on Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians due to the fact that such studies are usually not carried out in our country . Americans can not be looked for in this list either – they are used to being the first in everything, but here they have no championship.    

Of course, the “dwarfs” (and they usually include representatives of East Asia, in particular, the Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Thais, so historically) have to compensate for the “small growth” by the sophisticated technique of sex. That is why increased attention has been paid to this since ancient times. So there appeared the “Tao of love”, and the “Kama Sutra”, and the “Peach branch”. The main goal of these treatises is to teach a man the art of “preparing a woman” in which she loses her head so much that she ceases to pay attention to size. Hence the variety of poses, of which there are several hundred. But this “school” is useful not only for “kids”, but also for all other men.     

Giants are much more difficult, of course, if they are sensitive to their beloved woman and do not want her to be in the hospital most of the time, bringing her shaky health to normal. Only delicacy, the study of special sexual techniques and positions that provide insufficient penetration can help here. And of course, the use of all kinds of rubber rings during intercourse so as not to injure the delicate female sphere …  

And regardless of size, you need to learn from the most skilled lovers – the same Indians, Chinese, Japanese. A woman is that great gift that has been revealed to us from above. And you need to relate to it accordingly: reverent and thrifty!   

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