And can good girls have a striptease?

It is possible and even necessary. Because it’s not like dancing in a nightclub in front of a large audience and with a pole. No, the pole could even be. For the entourage. We will talk about such a marvelous kind of fitness as strip plastic (strip dance or cardiostriptis). Incidentally, one lesson was tested on myself. 

I have been dreaming about strip plastic for a long time. I just did not know what kind of fruit it was and what kind of sauce it was served with. It is clear that undressing in fitness clubs is not practiced, but where does such an eloquent name come from? It turned out that from the striptease in this type of fitness – only smooth “teasing” movements. They will undoubtedly please your soulmate if you want to demonstrate what you have learned. And you personally, to the envy of your enemies (or rather, your enemies), will get a flexible back and strong legs – something that strip plastic is aimed at.  

Frankly, the beginning of classes did not make a proper impression on me. Warm-up exercises resembled physical education classes – no striptease! But here the instructor offers very characteristic movements – a wave of backs and swaying hips. What you need. Unlike callanetics or aerobics, by the middle of class I did not feel squeezed like a lemon and was ready for further exploits.  

And the exploits were not far off – the second part of the lesson involved learning a very interesting dance. You understand with what bias. I will not say that everything turned out absolutely, but the way the instructor did it was beautiful. If through the Nth number of lessons something remotely similar to the ideal comes out, efforts will not be in vain. Feline bends of the back (“waves”) are especially good. Add to everything else hand movements – and that’s it. No one can resist.  

The final part of the lesson consisted of stretching exercises familiar to everyone from school physical education – “bridge”, “birch”, “frog”. Elementary things. What do they have to do with strip plastic? The most immediate. The better the muscles are stretched, the easier it is for us to control our body. And this is exactly what we need. Considering the term “strip plastic”, I want to note that the second word is considered the main thing. Grace, flexibility – this is given to someone by nature. But not everyone!  

The essence of the exercises in this type of fitness is to perform difficult transitions from one position to another. Try to first gracefully drop to the floor, and then just as gracefully rise. And so, ten to twenty times. Only chur – do not hack! The calories from the bun eaten right before the workout (no more baking!) Will disappear.  

In addition, I would recommend it to beginners. Muscle loads are not as noticeable here as they are on aerobics or callanetics. At least the legs do not buzz, and the hands obey. And along the endless stairs of the sports complex, you can make your way to the exit yourself, without holding on to the wall. And the next day my legs ached only a little. At the same time, during training, I honestly tried not to hack. 

So from such activities the only benefit is to both the soul and the body. As I said, what you have learned can be shown to your dear. He will appreciate it. We , the girls, liked the chaste “birch” and “bridge” more.  

event_note January 19, 2020

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